Heidi Bender

Heidi Bender is a writer and author who founded Tons of Thanks. She aims to help people write thank-you notes by providing examples and tips. .

Heidi has contributed articles to The Good Men Project, Wealth of Geeks, and Up Journey. She also has bylines on the AP News Wire.

She is also a cat lady who writes about cats on her website, The Joy of Cats.


Heidi Bender’s first book, A Modern Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes, was published in 2016.

The book is a reference guide to teach people how to write a thank-you note. The book provides guidance and examples for common situations, such as baby showers, weddings, and graduations.

Examples are also provided for other situations where people may want to express gratitude, such as to the pet groomer or to thank their boss for a raise.

  • Job Title: Writer
  • Competency: Thank You Notes
  • Languages: English
  • Alumni: Adrian College