31 Thank You Note to Dentist Message Examples

National Dentist’s Day is celebrated every year on March 6th. However, I am sure your dentist would appreciate a “thank you” any time of the year!

The dentist is sometimes feared or even hated. Remember that “the dentist” is a natural person with real feelings! You may not like the pain associated with some dental visits, but you can still like and appreciate your dentist.

In October 2015, I lost two teeth to root resorption and decided to get dental implants to replace them. Having the teeth removed and implants put in (two separate procedures) was the most pain I’ve ever had. But, despite the pain, I was thankful for the outcomes: the bad teeth were removed, and a few months later, I had implants that allowed me to chew more normally.

Send a thank you note to the dentist after a dental visit or for National Dentist Day. You can also say thank you at the end of your appointment. The dentist and other staff will appreciate the kind words!

The office mailing address and email address are likely listed on their website. And a handwritten thank-you note can be put on display at the office. They may also use your note as a testimonial on the website for their office (hopefully, they will ask your permission first).

Thank You Dentist Template

Note: items in brackets [example] should be replaced as appropriate.

Dear Dr. [Dentist Last Name],

Thank you for the beautiful work on the fillings on my front teeth. The shade of white you used perfectly matches my other teeth. The filling is not noticeable at all. Also, the office staff is helpful when I schedule appointments or have billing questions.

See you in 6 months!

[Your name]

Note: In your message to the dentist, mention how they helped you and why you appreciate it. And you can also include a compliment. Being specific is one way to write a better thank you note.

Thank You Messages to Dentist Examples

Here are more example thank-you note messages to help you express gratitude to the dentist. When writing a handwritten thank you note or an email, please include the greeting, closing, and sign your name.

The first set of messages are longer examples that may help you say thank you for a specific dental situation. There are shorter examples in the next section.

#1 As you know, I had a bit of anxiety before getting my first crown. Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions about the procedure beforehand. The information helped me feel more comfortable with the procedure. I am pleased with the result. The crown looks great!

#2 I was impressed with your kindness and patience when I learned the bad news about my teeth. It was hard to hear that the two teeth needed to be pulled! Thank you for going over the X-rays in detail and explaining the problem. I also appreciate how quickly you connected me with the dental specialist.

#3 My teeth look fantastic! I am very grateful for the whitening process that you recommended. After only [# of months], I am getting compliments on how great my teeth look. My confidence in public is growing every day. Thank you for being a great dentist!

#4 My kids love having you as their dentist. All fears they had of “going to the dentist” have been removed. [Kid name] was scared when he found out that he needed a filling. But, afterward, he said it wasn’t so bad, and you are a nice guy!

#5 Thank you for pulling out my bad tooth during the night. I am grateful that you respond to emergency calls. The pain was more than I could bear. I am very thankful to have that tooth out and will be more diligent with self-dental care going forward.

#6 Thank you for taking such good care of my teeth! I love my brilliant smile. You are the best kind of dentist – gentle and thorough.

#7 My pearly whites are feeling fantastic! Thank you for your extra care and professional skill as I struggled with pain during my last appointment. It’s been a week, and I’m so grateful for the procedure and for being pain-free.

#8 Thank you for your professionalism when I had a breakdown at my last visit. Finding out that I needed a crown was distressing. I appreciate your understanding and will be in soon for the procedure.

#9 Thank you for solving the problem of my recent discomfort with my teeth. I was shocked when you found a popcorn kernel stuck in my gums. I really appreciate your office staff as well, as they were able to squeeze me when the pain was unbearable. I am so grateful for you as my dentist and for the care you provide to me and others in dental distress.

#10 Thank you for being the best dentist! I have much less fear of going to dental appointments since you’ve taken over my care. The level of care you provide is top-notch!

#11 Thank you for understanding my fear of coming to the dentist. You do an outstanding job, and I’m grateful for healthy teeth.

#12 You are a kind dentist. Thank you for helping me with all of my dental problems. I certainly didn’t hit the genetic jackpot with my teeth.

#13 Thank you for taking care of my teeth. You and your office staff are amazing. I have much less fear of coming to my appointments since finding you.

#14 I am thankful to have you as my dentist. Your care is above and beyond. I appreciate everything you’ve done to help get my teeth strong and healthy.

#15 Thank you for helping me when my tooth cracked at night. I will forever be grateful that you pulled the bad tooth outside your regular office hours. The pain relief was immediate once the tooth was out.

#16 Thank you for your professionalism and for making me feel comfortable during my visits. Your friendly demeanor helps me feel at ease when I’m scared of the pain of dental work. As a result, my dental health has significantly improved in the last few years because of you.

#17 I sincerely thank you for the wonderful care you’ve given me over the years. The tips you’ve given me have helped me not have any new cavities in the last year. I’m so grateful that my teeth are improving.

#18 Thank you for your outstanding job on my recent crown. Your skill and expertise made the process as painless as possible. I’m grateful that I didn’t have to lose the tooth.

#19 Your knowledge and expertise have greatly impacted my dental health for the better. Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions when I need to have the procedure done. Having all the information helps ease my fears and know that the procedure’s pain will ultimately be worth it.

#20 I’m grateful for the excellent care, dedication, and compassion. They make you an exceptional dentist, and I would recommend you to anyone! I’m no longer embarrassed to smile because of all your work to make my teeth look great.

Short Thank You Messages For Your Dentist

You can say thank you to your dentist with a one or two-sentence thank you.

  1. I appreciate all that you do! You’re a fantastic dentist.
  2. Thanks for being awesome. My teeth thank you as well.
  3. You’re the best dentist in town. Thank you for caring for my pearly whites.
  4. Thank you for being an outstanding dentist.
  5. I’m thankful to have you as my dentist. Your kind bedside manner is appreciated.
  6. I feel fortunate that you are my dentist. Keep up the good work!
  7. Thanks for the excellent dental care that you provide to my entire family.
  8. I appreciate your kindness. You’re an excellent dentist.
  9. Thank you for taking care of my dental health. Your expertise is greatly appreciated.
  10. Thank you for the exceptional care of my teeth. You’re a great dentist.
  11. I consider myself lucky to have you as my dentist. Thank you for everything.

When thanking your dentist on National Dentist’s Day, you can add “Happy National Dentist Day!” to the end of any of the example thank you messages. 

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