71 Free Printable Thank You Cards (PDF Format)

The free PDF printable thank you cards can be printed from the convenience of your home.

All cards were designed by Heidi, who writes the content for this site.

These thank you cards can be printed as many times as desired. Each card is a PDF file.

The inside of the card is blank, and you will need to write a thank you message. The wording for what to say is usually the hardest part of writing a thank you note. If you are stuck on what to say, browse the examples (listed by topic) for inspiration.

The printable free thank you cards are a digital download of a PDF File with the card. You can download and then print as many times as you’d like.

Once each card is printed, it will need to be cut out and folded, making a card that is about 5 x 7 inches.

Example of what a page in the PDF will look like with the thank you note before it is printed.
Example of what the page in the PDF file will look like.

Notes about printing

The print quality will depend on your printer. A better printer results in a better card.

Also, the color may vary from what is shown below based on your printer ink and printer.

If you want the card to feel like a regular paper card, you’ll want to use card stock or a heavier paper weight than standard regular computer paper.


  1. Click on the image for the card to download the PDF file (it will open in a new tab and you can see a larger version of the card as well).
  2. Open the PDF file – you could use the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
  3. Print the thank you card.
    1. Print at 100% for a 5″ x 7″ card.
    2. If you want a smaller card, adjust the scale to be less than 100% when printing.
  4. Cut out the card using the black lines as a guide.
    • You can use scissors or for super straight edges, use a paper cutter.
  5. Fold the card in half. The inside of the card will be blank.
  6. Write a thank you message inside the card.
  7. Put it into an envelope, and then mail it or hand-deliver it. Envelopes are NOT included.

Flower Thank You Card Printables

Flower-themed thank you cards will work for most occasions.

If you want to thank someone for flowers, you can review the wording templates here.

Black And White Printables

The black and white printable PDF thank you cards in this section are perfect if you do not want to print cards in color. Or if you do not have access to a color printer.

Thank you card with Thank You in black text. Thank you is curved downward in the middle to make thank you in the shape of a smile.

Download Curved Text Thank You Card

Text Only in Various Colors

These cards are similar to those in the black and white section, only with the text being in a color other than black.

With the simple design, these cards will work for most situations. You can see more about choosing the design of a thank you card here.

Boss Thank You Card Printable

These cards are perfect for thanking your boss. Print out a card and write a thank you message to your boss.

If you need help with wording, you can see examples in these posts:

Thank you card with 3 people with speaking bubbles above their heads. The thought bubbles say Thank You Boss (with one word in each of the 3 bubbles).

Download Thank You Boss Card – Speech Bubbles

Love – Wedding and Hearts

The cards below can be used for weddings or other situations where love is involved! Perhaps for an anniversary.

Wedding thank you cards can be a bit fancier, for example, when they use gold or silver foil. You can see fancier cards on Amazon or Minted (affiliate links).

However, these cards will definitely work if you want to print your own cards.

For help wording your messages the posts with wedding thank you messages or Valentine messages may be helpful.

Baby or Baby Shower

For the baby shower thank you messages, you can review the examples here and other baby gifts here.

Image showing the front of a printable card with Thanks centered at the bottom in purple text. Above the4 text is a baby mobile with hearts and stars in varying colors.

Download Baby Mobile Thank You Card

Teacher and Bus Driver

This section of cards is for a teacher or bus driver. For the teacher, I’ve included a couple for Christmas.

Also, I realize that using an apple is cliché so there are a few other options as well.

For help wording your message, review the example messages for thanking a teacher.

Christmas Thank You Printable Cards

For the Christmas cards, if you need help with your thank you message, there are examples and tips here.

There are also a couple of Christmas cards in the teacher section above and in the coloring card section below.

Printable Coloring Thank You Cards

These cards can be printed and colored by kids or adults.

For the Christmas cards, if you need help with your thank you message, there are examples and tips here.

Thank You Card with text Thank You in the center. Thank is above you. This card can be printed and colored.

Download Colorable Thank You Card

Cat Printable Cards

I love cats, so I made a few cat-themed thank you cards. The card with paw prints could be used as a dog card as well.

There are a few cat-related posts on this site too:

Thank you for looking at my thank you PDF card printouts!

Reminder: Each card above is free and can be downloaded using the links below each card image (or by clicking on the image).

If you need wording help for the thank you message in the card, review the list of examples here.

Happy thank-you note writing!

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