52 Thank You Note to Boss for Gift Messages

Thanking your boss for a gift is a thoughtful and polite way to show your gratitude.

There are many occasions when a boss may give you a gift, such as for your birthday, new baby, wedding, Christmas, or another holiday, welcoming you to the team, work anniversary, or to recognize you somehow, etc.

Note: Not all bosses are gift-givers, so don’t feel bad if your boss has never given you a gift.

How To Say Thank You To Your Boss for a Gift

You can thank your boss for a gift by writing them a thank you note. You can send them a thank-you email. Or if you work in the same office, you can give your boss a handwritten thank-you note.

  1.  To make your note better, be specific in your note. By this, I mean, in the note, say what you are thanking the boss for.
  2. If the gift was personalized, such as a mug, pen, stationery, etc., mention the personalization.
  3. Your note can include a compliment of your boss if you want to, but don’t go over the top. And don’t say it if you don’t mean it. So don’t say, “You’re a great boss,” if you don’t mean it. Flattery doesn’t belong in thank-you messages.
  4. The note’s tone can be funny if your boss appreciates the humor.
  5. For a money gift from the boss, your thank you wording will depend on why the boss gave it. Usually, when saying thank you for money, I recommend sharing what you did or plan to do with the money. However, in general, bosses don’t need to know your money plans.

If you want to print a thank you card to write a handwritten note, there are several free printable thank you cards for bosses.

Thank You Note to Your Boss for a Gift Template

Here is a template message for thanking your boss for a gift. What you say in your note will depend on the gift’s reason, so many examples follow the template. 

Dear Boss’s Name

Thank you for the [the gift] for [occasion]. The [item] is [compliment the gift or why you like it/find it useful]. Add another sentence or two with a team or boss compliment (Optional).

Thanks again (or another closing),

Your name

Short Thank You Messages for a Gift From Boss

Here are some short messages that can be used to thank a boss for a gift. They could be used as the start of a thank-you note as well. These messages are a little generic but could be used when thanking the boss immediately after getting the gift. 

  1. Thank you for the gift. I appreciate it. 
  2. Thank you for the flowers. They were a nice surprise. 
  3. Wow! Thanks for giving me a birthday gift. 
  4. You’re so thoughtful. Thanks for the gift. 
  5. Thank you for being an awesome boss. I love the gift.
  6. Thank you, boss, for the generous gift. 
  7. Thank you for the unexpected gift. It made my day. 

Thank Your Boss for Flowers

Here are some ways to say thank you for flowers from your boss. 

  1. Thank you for the beautiful flowers. They brighten up my cube. It was so nice of you to think of me recently while I was going through a difficult time.
  2. The vase full of [your favorite flower] made my day! They were a pleasant surprise for my birthday, especially since I decided not to take the day off. They will look great on my desk for weeks!
  3. I appreciate the fantastic flowers for winning the big contract! They smell great and will be a reminder of success! Thank you for recognizing my efforts.
  4. Thank you for the purple roses. It’s fun to have them on my desk when people come in, as purple is an unusual color for roses. They were a conversation piece when people were waiting for appointments. Thanks again!
  5. The flowers for when my sister-in-law passed away were lovely. I appreciate your thinking of my family and me while I was out. You are a thoughtful, kind, and generous boss. Also, thank you for the extra bereavement day.

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Thank Your Boss for Recognition or Award Gifts

Here are some examples of thanking  your boss for appreciation or recognition gifts. 

  1. Thank you for recognizing my fifth work anniversary with a gift to [restaurant name]. Having dinner there was a treat for my family. The kids loved the fancy steaks too.
  2. Thank you for monogrammed pen you gave me when I was named employee of the month. Writing with it is a delight. You are generous and thoughtful.
  3. You’re a great boss! I am so excited about the FitBit you gave me for my 10th anniversary. I’ve already used to track 10,000 steps and can see I walked more than you last week! Thank you for this fun gift.
  4. The $500 gift card to Amazon for the Employee of the Month award is fantastic! Thank you! I look forward to spending it on some stuff for me and my cats very soon. Thank you for nominating me for the award.
  5. The framed 20th-anniversary certificate was thoughtful. It looks nice on the wall in my office. I also appreciate the gift card to [your favorite store] and to [your favorite restaurant]. I will enjoy treating myself! Thank you!

Thank You to Boss for Administrative Professionals Day Gift

On Administrative Professional Day, some bosses give gifts to their admins. Here’s example thank you messages for admin day gifts. 

  1. Thank you for the admin’s day gift. The flowers are beautiful and I will enjoy spending the gift card soon. 
  2. You’re a thoughtful boss! Thank you for remembering administrative Professional’s day and giving me a gift. Also, I appreciated the compliments you wrote in the card. 
  3. Thanks for the gift today. You’re a wonderful boss. I appreciate you for remembering that Restaurant Name is my favorite place to take the kids. We will enjoy going there this weekend.
  4. Thank you for the gift card to the spa and for giving me Friday off to use it. I will enjoy every minute of it. 
  5. I appreciate the admin’s day gift. Thank you for the _____. You’re a great boss to work for. 

Thank Your Boss for Birthday Gifts

Note: examples to thank your boss for birthday wishes can be read in the list of birthday wishes examples.

  1. Thank you for the scratch-off lottery tickets! They were fun for my birthday. Unfortunately, I didn’t win big, so I’ll still be coming to work!
  2. I am excited to get a massage soon. Thank you for giving me a gift certificate for my birthday to [name of massage place]. I am looking forward to relaxing during it. What a thoughtful gift!
  3. Thank you for the personalized mug for my birthday! Having a picture of my cats on the mug is neat. I was surprised! I love it.
  4. I greatly appreciate the gift card to [favorite store]. As you know, I love shopping there and will redeem it very soon. Thank you for remembering my birthday.
  5. Working on your team is fun! You are very kind to remember everyone’s birthday and give us each a gift. Thank you for the box of candy this year!

Thank Your Boss for Welcoming You to the Team With a Gift

  1. The personalized stationery is excellent. Thank you for welcoming me to the team. I look forward to handwriting notes to new and current clients. I bet they will be surprised to get a note in the mail.
  2. I was astonished to find the pen with my name on it on my desk when I started. [Teammate name] told me you do this for all new people. Thank you for welcoming me to the team.
  3. Thank you for the team lunch on my first day! It helped me to meet people on the team. I look forward to working with you and everyone else.
  4. The fruit basket on my desk when I arrived on my first day was thoughtful. I can see you remembered from my interview that I love fresh fruit. You are off to a great start as my boss!
  5. Thank you for the warm welcome to your team. I appreciated the beautiful card and box of my favorite candy, which I bet [Name of the former boss] told you about my preferences. It made my day and the transition to your team a bit easier!

Thank Your Boss for Christmas and Other Holiday Gifts

Here are some example of how to say thank you to your boss for holiday gifts. In the examples, you can swap out the holiday as needed. 

For example, substitute Christmas with Easter, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Year’s, etc. 

  1. As you know, I love writing notes to people. Thank you for the Christmas gift of personalized stationery. It’s beautiful, and I look forward to using it to write many thank-you notes.
  2. The gift card to [favorite restaurant] for Christmas was beautiful. [Spouse name] and I enjoyed an unforgettable New Year’s Eve dinner. It was so lovely to have a night out.
  3. Thank you for the Christmas fruit basket. I am so happy that you remembered that I prefer fruit to candy. I hope you and your family have a fantastic vacation in Disneyland. See you next year at the office!
  4. The free day off before the holiday was very generous of you. My family appreciated that we could leave for our trip a day early, which helped us avoid some traffic. We had a fantastic week with my parents. Thank you for being a great boss!
  5. Thank you for the Christmas card. I was surprised to find money in it. The cash is greatly appreciated. 

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Thank Your Boss for Wedding Gifts

Here are some example thank you notes to a boss for a wedding gift. 

  1. Thank you for coming to my wedding! I enjoyed meeting your [wife/husband/partner]. The flannel sheets are soft, and we look forward to using them this winter.
  2. Ted and I are sorry you could not attend our wedding. Thank you for sending us a check in the mail. We are saving it towards a down payment on the house we plan to purchase. I will show you pictures when I am back in the office.
  3. Thank you for sharing our wedding day with us. Also, thank you for your generous gift to [store name]. We have yet to use it, but it will be beneficial once we settle into the new apartment.
  4. We appreciate your wedding gift! The amount you gave to us was very generous. [Spouse name] was so excited to meet you at the reception as I’ve been telling him how great of a boss you are.
  5. The gift card to the pet store was an amusing and unexpected wedding gift! Thank you for sending it to us. We had fun getting a new cat tower and toys for the cats.

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Thank Your Boss for Baby Gifts

Here are some ways you can write a thank you note for a baby gift from your boss.

  1. Thank you for the cute baby clothes for [baby’s name]. It was nice of you to think of me while I am on maternity leave. [Baby’s name] is growing so fast. See you in a few weeks when I return to work.
  2. My wife and I love the baby swing, and [baby’s name] likes it too. It helps him fall asleep. Thank you for the gift.
  3. We appreciate all the baby supplies from you and your wife! The card was touching too. We are becoming pros at changing diapers. And thank you for giving me two weeks off from work. That was very generous of you.
  4. Thank you for the baby blankets. They are very soft and comforting. The onesies with cat pictures are cute too. You are a great boss too!
  5. The gift card to [store name] was great! Thank you for the generous amount. We used it for diapers and formula. I look forward to sharing new baby stories with you when I return to the office.

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Thank Your Boss for a Gift Brought Back From Vacation

I had a French boss for a while; sometimes, he visited his family in France. When he returned, he often brought candy and treats to share with the team. The treats (at least back then) were unavailable in the United States. So it made the gifts feel fun. 

  1. I love the shirt from [vacation location] you got for me while on your vacation. Thank you for thinking of me. I enjoy working for you.
  2. The fudge from Mackinaw Island is the best! Thank you for bringing me some back from your recent trip. I will savor every bite!
  3. Thank you for the candy from your recent trip. It was a sweet treat. Thank you for thinking of me while you were away!
  4. The mug from [vacation location] looks great on my desk! The sunset is beautiful. I hope to visit a beach like that one someday. Thank you!
  5. The sweatshirt from Hawaii is so warm and cozy. I love it! I will wear it in the office when I feel cold. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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