How to Thank Someone for Money with 52 Examples for Various Occasions

After someone gives you money, it’s kind to thank them.  A thank-you note or message will show your gratitude and appreciation.

Finding the right words to say thank you for money can be challenging. The best wording for your thank-you note will depend on why you received it, who gave it, and what you plan to do with it.

The thank you note for money messages and tips below will help you learn how to say thank you for money. Then, can you write a handwritten note or an email thank-you message.

Please review the examples in the Thank you for the gift card post to say thank you for a gift card.

How Do You Thank Someone for Giving You Money?

When someone gives you money, you can thank them by writing them a thank you message. 

Before you write your thank you, you’ll need to make a decision. Do you want to share how you spent the money? 

Some givers will appreciate knowing what you did with the money or if you saved it. You may also decide you want to keep what you did with it private. 

Saying Thank You Note for Money Tips:

Here are my tips for saying thank you for the money in a thank you note card.

  • Compliments are good. Use words like thoughtful, generous, and kind.
  • Be honest. Don’t say, “I am saving the money for college,” if that isn’t true.
  • Add the occasion. If the money was for an event such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, Christmas, or wedding, put the event before the word gift or money. For example, write birthday money instead of only money.
  • Handwritten thank-you notes are a blessing to people who treasure handwritten cards. Boxed thank-you cards are usually the least expensive per card, or you could get a unique design on a site like Redbubble. For example, look at one of my cat-themed sunset cards.
  • Don’t state the amount. The giver will know how much they gave to you.
  • When you don’t want to say money. Instead of saying “money,” it is okay to say “gift” when thanking someone for a monetary gift. 
  • Include others in your sign-off. If the money was intended for you and your spouse (or partner), you can sign their name for them.

The example messages below are for the center section of your thank you note. If needed, review the complete layout of a thank-you note. You’ll want to include an opening and closing for handwritten notes and emails. 

The first set of examples could be used for many situations. Examples for birthdays, graduation, weddings, anniversaries, from your boss, and large sums of money will follow.

For Christmas money, please read through the examples here: Writing Thank You Messages for Christmas Gifts (Including Money)

Thank You Note for Money Examples

The appreciation messages below will help you to say thank you for the money gift. The gift of money can be a true blessing! 

Here are some short, quick messages to get you started. These will work best when you don’t want to share what you are doing with the money.

  1. Thank you for the [wedding/birthday/surprise] gift. We appreciate it. 
  2. I enjoyed seeing you at my [birthday party/wedding/baby shower]. Thank you for your monetary gift!
  3. Thanks for the money! It was a pleasant surprise for my birthday. 
  4. I am grateful for the money you gifted me. Thank you so much. 
  5. Thank you for the money. It was a delightful surprise.

Here are some longer examples:

#1 You are a treasure, and I am grateful for you [or both of you when thanking a couple]. Thank you so much for surprising me with the cash on Sunday. I used it to help pay for groceries. 

#2 I enjoyed seeing you at my [birthday party/wedding/baby shower]. You are a wonderful friend, and I appreciated the cash gift. I will put it to good use. 

#3 I appreciate the check you mailed. The timing was perfect, as I could pay the total gas bill. Your money will keep my heat on. God bless!

#4 Thank you for the money! I am saving for [item name], and your gift got me closer to the goal. It will be put to good use. I appreciate your generosity.

#5 I have received the check that you mailed. Thank you for your gift towards my mission trip. I will share all the details with you upon my return from [mission trip location]. Your support has helped make it possible for me to be able to go.

#6 I want you to know how much gratitude I feel towards you. When I think of you, I smile. You’ve been so generous with your monetary gifts to me. I will add it towards my savings goal or for a special dinner treat with my husband. I am still deciding and will let you know when I see you next.

#7 I was very surprised to receive your gift in the mail and appreciate your thoughtfulness. Also, the card was cute. I will pay this forward someday!

#8 What a blessing to have you in my life. Thank you for the check! I am unsure how it will be spent yet, but I appreciate it.


Thank You for the Birthday Money Messages

Getting money for your birthday can be fun, as you can choose what to spend it on.

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#1 Thank you for the birthday money. I had fun spending it on Amazon. I ordered a new cookbook and a few other books on my want list, including [book name]. I am looking forward to the hours of enjoyable reading.

#2 I was excited to receive your birthday card and gift in the mail today. I used it to splurge on dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant. I felt happy to be able to sit at the sushi bar and be able to order anything I wanted. Thank you very much for the generous gift of money!

#3 Thank you for giving me money for my birthday. I spent it all at [store name]. It’s my favorite place to shop. I picked out some new wool socks to keep me warm this winter.

#5 Thank you so much for the birthday money. I appreciate you thinking of me on my birthday. I will have fun spending it on new cat shirts!

#6 Thank you for the thoughtful gift. Your kind gesture was very generous. I will be putting the money towards items for my new apartment.

#7 Thank you for the birthday money! It was so kind of you to think of me. I was very surprised by the card in the mail. I will be using the money gift towards a fabulous dinner out.

#8 Thank you for the money for my birthday. I was excited that you came to my party too. I loved catching up with you. You are a great friend. For now, I will be saving the money for a rainy day.

#9 Thanks for the money for my birthday. Also, I’m glad you were there to help me celebrate my big day! Turning [say your age] was exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

#10 You are the best mom ever! Thank you for the birthday money. I will be using it for a message next week. I also enjoyed our phone call on my birthday. Hearing your voice was a blessing.

#11 Thank you for the surprise birthday gift! You are very generous, and the money will be put to good use.


Thank You for the Graduation Money Messages

Receiving money when graduating high school is a popular gift. You may want to let the giver know your plans for the money.

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#1 Thank you for the graduation gift. I plan to save money for future college-related expenses. I also enjoyed visiting with you at my graduation party.

#2 I would like to thank you for the money you sent for my graduation. I will use it immediately towards a used car, so my parents no longer need to drive me to work. Also, thank you for coming to the party!

#3 Thank you for coming to my graduation ceremony and party. I am grateful for the gift as well. I will be saving the money to buy things for my new apartment. 

Thank You for the Wedding Money Messages

Money is often given as wedding gift. You can also thank the person for attending your wedding. The recipient will know that they gave you money, so it’s okay to refer it to as a gift if you don’t want to say money in your message.

Also, if you received the wedding money in a card in the mail, it’s important to acknowledge it, as some senders will worry that the card was lost or stolen before making it to you. 

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#1 Thank you for the wedding gift. It’s already been helpful, and we appreciate your generosity. Thank you for celebrating our wedding with us!

#2 Thank you for the beautiful wedding card and the money that was in it. We will be saving it towards the down payment for a house. We hope you can come for a visit next summer. 

#3 We enjoyed visiting with you at our wedding reception. Thank you so much for attending and for the wedding money. You were very generous, and we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. 

#4 We were happy to see you at our wedding. Thank for your support. Also, thank you so much for the wedding cash. We used it towards a special dinner on our honeymoon.

#5 Thank you for the wedding money. We will use it for something useful once we move into the new house. Thank you very much for coming to the wedding as well. 

Thank You for the Wedding Anniversary Money Messages

My parents give me and my married siblings, money on our wedding anniversaries. I always follow up with a thank-you note.

#1 Thank you for sending us the wedding anniversary money. We used it for a wonderful dinner at [Restaurant Name] and to cover the cost of the baby sister. A night out was just what we needed.

#2 We appreciate the money you sent us. That was a lovely surprise when we opened the anniversary card. We are adding it to our envelope for replacement windows.

#3 Thank you for remembering us on our anniversary! We will use the money while on our anniversary cruise next month. 

Thank You Note for Money Received from Boss Messages

To thank your boss for money, you can write a thank you email (or handwrite a note if that could be handed to them).

These appreciation messages to your boss for giving you money is for when the money was NOT your raise. For a raise, please read through the thank your boss for a raise, thank you examples.

The examples below are more generic than I usually recommend. However, the shorter quotes are perfect for avoiding telling your boss what you did with the money.

#1 Thank you for the money. I appreciate the thoughtful gift and will do something fun with it!

#2 I appreciate you for remembering my work anniversary. The money in the card was a pleasant surprise. Thank you so much.

#3 You’re a wonderful boss! Thank you for the cash for my birthday. That was a pleasant surprise.

#4 Thank you for the money recognizing my contribution to the team. I will be spending it or saving it soon! I haven’t decided yet.

#5 What a great week we had with the tremendous increase in sales! I am grateful for the bonus money I received. Thank you for making sure our team got a portion of the profits.

How To Say Thank You For A Large Sum of Money

Knowing what to say when someone gives you a lot of money may feel challenging. However, the etiquette is the same.

You can write a handwritten thank you note to express your gratitude and share why you are thankful. You may also want to give them a thank you gift along with your thank you note.

A large sum of money will mean different amounts to different people. For example, it could be $100 or $50,000 or more.  And remember that sometimes smaller amounts given to you regularly, such as for help paying bills, can add up to a significant total over time.

Tip 1: Explain why/how the money helped you. Be specific. Now is not the time to be generic!

Tip 2: Include as much in your note as in your heart. This could be a longer letter than a typical three or four-word thank-you note.

Remember: This set of examples is for when the money was a gift, and no repayment is expected.

Thank You for the Money for the Mortgage Down Payment Note Examples

#1 Thank you for contributing to my mortgage down payment. Your generosity has changed my life. Because of your help, I was able to get a mortgage for 15 years instead of the typical 30. I appreciate your kindness. Thank you for sharing your money with me.

#2 We closed on the house last Friday! We thank you for your very generous gift to help with the down payment. We were able to become homeowners many years sooner than planned and are excited to start this new chapter of our lives. Thank you again for your benevolence. We would like to have you over for dinner as soon as we settle in.

#3 Thank you for giving us more money for the down payment on our house. We would not have been able to close without your extra amount. We appreciate how generous you have been in helping out our family.

Thank You for Large Gift of Money Message Examples

For large amounts of money, I encourage you to share how you benefited from the money.

#1 I am grateful for the large amount of money you gave me! As you know, it will be used for remodeling my bathroom. I will have you over for a visit once it’s complete. You are the best parents ever! Having an updated bathroom will help me feel more confident about having visitors. And since I use the bathroom every day, I will enjoy the improvements every day!

#2 I am very grateful for your help getting a used car. I couldn’t qualify for a loan since I don’t have a credit score. Much to my dismay, my old car gave out before I had saved enough for a replacement vehicle. Your altruism is beyond anything I have ever experienced. I can drive to work safely in the used [make or model of the car].

#3 Thank you for helping me with bills during the past year. I’ve struggled to get on top of things and seem to have a problem with self-sabotage. You’ll be happy to know I have a new money accountability partner. I am making every effort to change my money habits. You’ve been very gracious to me and your resources. It’s time for me to learn to be independent. Thank you for all of your kindness and patience. I am grateful that, due to your help, I could stay in my apartment during my season of money troubles.

#4 I was surprised you shared your inheritance from Aunt Sue’s estate with me. I loved her as if she were my Aunt but did not expect anything when she passed. You are a very kind and charitable person. I don’t know what to do with the money yet, but I am grateful to have received it. My heart is full.

Thank You Messages For A Loan

Tip 1: I assume you needed the loan for a specific reason. You can mention the reason in your note. For example, thank you for loaning me money for [enter reason].

Tip 2: You can thank them when you get the loan and again when it is paid in full. One note is fine if the loan is short-term (less than two weeks).

I borrowed money from coworkers twice when I was in a pinch.  I paid them back the next day, placing the owed money in a thank-you note card.

#1 Thank you for lending my cash yesterday for lunch. I was shocked when I got to work and realized I had left my wallet at home. I am grateful you helped me so I didn’t have to skip lunch. Thanks Again!

#2 I am very grateful to you for helping me with a loan to cover the cost of my car repairs. As we discussed, I will give you [agreed upon amount] every two weeks until it’s paid off. And then, once it’s paid off, I will put the same amount in an envelope every two weeks to build up savings for the next time my car has an issue. Thank you for trusting me.

#3 Thank you for the loan to help me purchase a used car. Since I don’t have a credit score, I couldn’t qualify for a loan for even a tiny amount. I promise to stick to the payment plan that we came up with. And it’s very nice of you not to charge me interest!

#4 I appreciate your kindness and letting me borrow money during this difficult time. Not being able to pay my bills on time is very stressful. However, I am looking forward to my new job that starts next week, which will help me be in a better financial position.

#5 Thank you for letting me borrow money for rent last month! I had so many unexpected expenses happen at the same time. Your kindness helped me save face with the landlord. I sold some items on eBay for more than expected and will repay you the total amount soon.

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