30 Thank You Messages for Christmas Gifts

Writing a thank-you message for Christmas gifts is a fantastic way to express your gratitude for the gift.

If you received a present in the mail, your thank-you note could also acknowledge the gift.

If you send a handwritten thank you note, you can get Christmas or holiday-themed cards in boxed sets. A holiday theme will feel festive and fun. However, it’s not required! You can use any thank you note cards that you already have.

If you know that you will receive many Christmas gifts in advance, you can use a printable gift list tracker to list each item and who gave it to you as you open items.

Best Tips for Saying Thank You For a Christmas Gift

Here are my tips for writing a wonderful Christmas gift thank-you message.

  1. State the gift. Include what the gift was to let the gift giver (the recipient of your message) know that you know which Christmas gift they gave you.
  2. Money gifts. You do not need to state the amount if you receive cash or a gift card. They know how much they gave you. 
  3. Compliments. Add a compliment of the gift or person. For example, what a wonderful gift! Or, you’re a great friend.
  4. Be Prompt. Send your thank you notes within a week or two of receiving the Christmas gift. Then, you can wish the person a Happy New Year in your message.
  5. Be Kind. If you were given a gift you did not like or want, you could still say thank you and show your appreciation, as their intention was probably not to give you an unwanted Christmas present. They still spent time, money, and energy selecting your gift.

You can review the Christmas Thank You Note FAQ to see my responses to questions about Christmas thank-you notes.

Thank You for the Christmas Gift Note Template

Here is a template to help you write your thank you note for a Christmas gift. There will be many examples to help inspire your wording.

Dear [Person’s Name],

Thank you for the lovely Christmas gift. The [what the gift was] is [great/perfect/wonderful]. I will enjoy it [every day/often/another time period]. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Happy New Year!

[Kind regards/Sincerely/Thanks Again],

[Your Name]

Note: If you attended a Christmas party and the host gave you a gift, you can thank them for the party and the gift in the same message.

You can also read through the Thank You For the Christmas Party Messages.

Thank You for the Christmas Gift Messages

Use these example Christmas gift thank you messages to help you say thank you for your Christmas gifts.

Short Thanks for the Christmas Gift Messages

These messages will help you thank someone shortly after receiving the gift (same day or the next day) in a text. In this case, it’s okay not to mention what the gift was. These messages will also work if you receive many gifts and do not remember who gave you each gift. 

  1. Thank you for the Christmas present! I love it. 
  2. You’re wonderful. I appreciate the Christmas gift. 
  3. Thanks for the holiday gift. I will enjoy it! 
  4. Thanks for the gift for Christmas. I really like it.
  5. I am thankful for your geneourstiy. Thanks so much for the Christmas money.
  6. Thanks for the gift card to my favorite store. 
  7. You’re a great gift giver! Thanks for the thoughtful Christmas presents. 

Longer Thanks for the Christmas Gift Messages

These longer messages will mention a gift specifically and are examples of what you can say in a handwritten thank you card. 

#1 Thank you for the [Store Name] gift card for Christmas. It is an excellent gift. I love shopping there and will enjoy choosing [item that you like at this store]. Happy holidays to you and your family!

#2 Thank you for the thoughtful gift! The Christmas gift card to Starbucks is perfect. I will enjoy a cup of coffee every day next week. I wish you a prosperous New Year!

#3 Thank you for the [Restaurant] gift card for Christmas. We love the [favorite dish] there and are looking forward to a relaxing meal after the holidays. Also, thank you for hosting the Christmas dinner. The meal you prepared was amazing, especially the homemade stuffing.

#4 We appreciate the Christmas gift card to Olive Garden. The kids love their pasta and breadsticks, and going there always feels like a treat for them. We sincerely thank you for remembering us during the Christmas season.

#5 You gave the best gifts! Thank you for the cash and the cat-themed notecards for Christmas. As you know, cats are my favorite, and I will enjoy writing notes and mailing the cute cards to people.

#6 Thank you for hosting our family’s Christmas party this year. We enjoyed spending time with family and exchanging gifts. The pine tree candles were a lovely gift. I look forward to their wonderful smell. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year.

#7 I was astonished when the Christmas flowers were delivered today! The arrangement is stunning and will be a beautiful centerpiece during Christmas dinner. They were the perfect gift. I wish you a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year.

#8 Thank you for the wonderful holiday experience. Spending time with your family was the best Christmas gift. I’m so grateful for the two weeks at your home during my holiday break from school. All of the meals were delicious, and I enjoyed participating in your holiday traditions. I will always remember the lights at the zoo.

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Thank You for Christmas Money Messages

#1 I am so thankful for your generous Christmas gift. The money is very much appreciated. Next week, I will have fun going on a shopping spree with the kids. We feel blessed to have you in our lives. Happy New Year!

#2 Thank you for the Christmas money. I plan to buy a few new shirts and then use the rest towards bills. Being caught up on the bills will feel so good. Thank you for your generosity and for helping me get back on track.

#3 I hope you had a nice Christmas. Thank you for your Christmas card and money. It was a thoughtful gift as I can get myself whatever I want. I was surprised when I opened the mailbox to see a pretty envelope. You made my holiday season!

#4 Thank you so much for the Christmas money help. You’re very generous. I am happy to be able to give the kids a few presents because of your support. 

#5 With heartfelt gratitude, I want to thank you for the Christmas gifts for my family. The children are thrilled to have new shoes for school. And [Name] and I are thankful for the gift certificates to the [local grocery store]. We will always be thankful for the church and the support during this difficult time.

Thank You for Christmas Goodies Messages

My parents and their neighbors exchange plates of Christmas cookies and other baked goods.  And have a friend who surprises people by bringing them a plate of homemade cookies. 

#1 I was so excited when I opened the box of Christmas goodies you sent me. The cookies were delicious. Thank you for thinking of me! You’re an awesome friend.

#2 Thank you so much for the Christmas cookies. I appreciate that you remembered that Snickerdoodles are my favorite. Your recipe is the best! I slowly enjoyed every bite while watching Christmas movies with [Name].

#3 I was pleasantly surprised when you dropped off holiday cookies and other treats last week. The kids and I enjoyed them. The Christmas tree-shaped Rice Krispies treats were a favorite. 

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Thank You Message for Christmas Gift From Boss

These examples will help you thank your boss for a holiday gift. They are similar to the messages above but written in the context of the workplace. They could also be adjusted to work for a coworker by changing “boss” to “coworker” or “friend.”

Related: How To Thank Your Boss for A Gift (includes many examples that could be customized for a Christmas gift).

If you would like to write your boss a Christmas thank-you card to your boss, I recommend reading the thank-you note to the boss post and including a holiday thank-you message.

#1 Thank you for the Christmas gift card to [Location]. You’re a great boss!

#2 You are a fantastic boss. Thank you for thinking of me. The [gift] is a fantastic gift. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

#3 I’m so happy to be on your team. Thank you for the Christmas gift card to [Restaurant Name]. Also, thank you for your support and guidance all year. I hope you have a great holiday break!

#4 Thanks for the box of Christmas candy and cookies! I was surprised to find the plate on my desk this morning. I will enjoy every bite. Thank you for being a fun boss. I hope you have a great time away during the Christmas downtime.

#5 Thank you for giving us a day off before the holiday weekend. I am grateful for the extra time to finish Christmas shopping and a few hours to relax. Thank you for being an excellent boss. I’ll see you next year!

#6 Thank you for the Christmas gift basket. I love the variety of treats and the Visa gift card. You are a very thoughtful boss.

#7 Thanks for the Christmas gift! It was a pleasant surprise to receive a Christmas card with some cash. I had the biggest smile. Thank you for being a generous boss.

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