Tons of Thanks aims to help people write the best thank-you message possible for any situation where a person wants to show appreciation in words. 

With modern technology, in addition to handwritten thank-you cards, thank-you messages can be sent in emails, text messages, and social media apps. 

Our Story

Tons of Thanks was founded in 2014 by Heidi Bender to help people write thank-you note messages. She realized many people were never taught how to write thank you cards

In adulthood, there are many reasons to express gratitude in words. Tons of Thanks understand that people need help wording thank-you messages or emails. 

Thousands of examples are provided for many situations as the wording will change depending on who and what you are saying thank you for. Thanking your boss for a raise requires different wording than thanking your grandma for a wedding gift. 

We’ve expanded to write about family and career topics and create safe-for-work funny memes

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