What to say in thank you notes

Thank you notes are usually only a few sentences, but what should your say in your note?

My approach to writing thank you notes may require a bit more effort that you’ve seen elsewhere.

My goal is to help people write the best thank you notes that they can.

  • First, resist writing generic thank you notes when possible. The best thank you notes are sincere and sound like you wrote them.
  • Learn the basics of what to include.
  • The wording of the thank you message is the challenging part of writing thank-you notes.
  • You can review examples for inspiration by topic (your boss, wedding, dinner, etc.)
  • And then adjust or paraphrase so that the thank you message sounds like you wrote it.

Meet Heidi

Heidi Bender

My name is Heidi and I’ve been writing thank-you notes for more than 30 years.

My mom taught me to write notes as a child and I kept writing them as an adult. I created this site to share to help others write thank you notes.

I’m also the author of A Modern Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes, available on Amazon (affiliate link).

I enjoy spending time with my cats and husband in my free time. Since I like cats so much, in some of the posts with examples, I’ve included a cat related thank you.

Getting Started with Thank You Notes

Basic Template

See the five parts of a thank-you note. Knowing the basics will help make any note easier to write.

Your First Thank You

Never written a thank-you note before? Take these steps to get started and see what you need for a handwritten note.

Lots to write?

Tips for what to do when you have many thank you notes to write following events like weddings and graduations.

Tips and Examples

My Best Tips

25 thank you note writing tips. Learn a new tip today!

#1 Tip

If you are only going to read one tip, it should be this one.

Make it Better

9 tips to take your thank you notes to the next level.

List of examples

See the list of all posts by category and topic.