Thank You Note Examples, Messages and Tips

Writing a thank you note is a a great way to to express your gratitude for a gift, help, or other situation.

Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to say thank you. In addition to the traditional handwritten notecards, thank you messages can be shared in emails, texts, and on social media.

Thank you notes are usually only a few sentences, but what should you say in your note?

The most challenging part of writing a thank you note is the wording. We’ve written hundreds, perhaps thousands, of example thank you messages for many situations to give you inspiration.

We’ve have you covered for thanking your boss, wedding gifts, baby shower, birthday wishes, and much more. All the occasions we’ve written examples for can be found on our list of Thank You Message Topics.

Writing Thank You Messages

Here are some posts that will help you get started with thank you notes or give you tips to improve your messages.

Also, if you’d like to give a gift along with your thank you note, you can view the list of thank you gift ideas.

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