Valentine’s Day Thank You Messages Examples

Expressing your gratitude to another is a great way to show your Valentine and friends that they are appreciated. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity!

Note: If you are looking for how to write a thank you note for Valentine’s Day gifts read this post or this one to thank someone for Valentine’s day flowers.

Are you looking for a different Valentine’s Day Idea this year?

How about including a thank you in your Valentine’s cards? It can be as simple as including a sentence or two in their Valentine’s day card. Most Valentine’s cards come with a printed verse in them. You can write your message on the other side (if it is a folded card) or above or below the printed verse.

Why should you include a thank you message in your Valentine’s Day card?

♥ Adding “I love you” is easy and expected. Adding gratitude will be a  lovely surprise.

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♥ If you are giving a card to someone whose love language is “words of affirmation” (summary here, get the book here), including a thank you message is perfect for them!

♥ Flowers are expensive on Valentine’s Day. Your words are free and much more valuable. I am not saying that you shouldn’t give flowers. I am suggesting that your words of thanks could be more meaningful than the flowers!

♥ When sending to a friend, it’s a chance to let them know that you are glad they are in your life.

♥ How often do people tell their friends that their friendship is appreciated?

♥ If you are sending out Valentine postcards, adding a thank you is a way to say something along with Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Thank you messages for spouse/significant other

Choose a message that is appropriate for your relationship. Or use these as inspiration to come up with her own personal message.

♥ Thank you for all the ways you love me. You could also choose to be specific and name something that makes you feel loved.

♥ I love that you love me! Thank you for putting up with me when I’m crabby which can happen when I’m overtired.

♥ I look forward to our date nights when it’s just the two of us! Thank you for supporting the family so that I can stay home with the children.

♥ Thank you for showing me how much you love me. I appreciate things that appear to go unnoticed, like packing my lunch and having a meal ready when I come home from work.

♥ Thank you for supporting my new ideas.

♥ Thank you for being committed to date nights throughout the year. I love you.

♥ I am grateful that we are married and love spending time with you. Thank you for being my best friend.

Think about your relationship. Pick something that will be meaningful to your husband, wife, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. Looking at examples is fine to get an idea. For best results choose something that fits your relationship.

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Valentine Thank you messages for a friend

♥ I am so happy that we are friends! Thank you for being part of my life.

♥ Thanks for being my friend.

♥ Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve enjoyed all the lunches we have shared and look forward to many more!

♥ Thanks for being there for me whenever I need a friend.

♥ You are a wonderful friend! I just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated.

♥ Thank you for everything that you do for me. You have helped me out in many ways. I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!

♥ I’m glad we are friends that can celebrate Valentine’s day together. I look forward to our tradition all year.

Remember, whenever you are saying “thanks” the more specific it is the more memorable it will be.

Valentine Thank you message your boss and coworkers

If you are only giving a Valentine to your boss, you may be viewed as sucking up, so considered giving everyone on the team a valentine. It could be fun to pass on classroom Valentine’s at work! If you are your boss’s only employee than a Valentine to just him/her would be fine. Compliments are usually appreciated!

Again, like any thank you message, your thank you will depend on what kind of relationship you have with the person. “HappyValentine’s Day” can be added to the end of any of these messages to make it a Valentine’s day message.

♥ Thank you for making our team great!

♥ I’m am thankful that we are on the same team.

♥ I am grateful that we’ve become friends while working together.

♥ If you’ve finished a big project with their help – Thank you for helping me with the big project (replace “big” with the name of the project).

♥ You’re a wonderful boss! Thanks for bringing in the treats for Valentine’s Day.

Have you ever included a thank you message in a Valentine’s Day card? What impact did it have?

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About The Author
Heidi has been writing thank you notes for more thank 30 years and is the author of A Modern Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes. Her goal is to help people write better thank-you notes by providing tips and examples.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these great Valentine’s Day “thank you” expressions! You are such a thankful young woman and I appreciate your blog and all the ways you find to say thank you to others around you!

    I actually spent last Friday (while at a scrapbooking retreat that ran through Sun. evening) making Valentine’s Day cards for the ladies in the FMF Snail Mail group…oopps! Hope they don’t read this!!! It doesn’t take a lot of time to make them; and I usually leave them blank so I can just write something inside.

    I have soooooo many cards now and will be setting them up to “sell” for donations for a fund-raising scrapbook (and other crafts) retreat I’ll be attending in May. I am going to write one of my posts on the organization that sponsors it and share in that way.

    Always enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Aw, this was a very good post. Spending some time and actual effort to create a top notch article…
    but what can I say… I procrastinate a lot and never seem to get nearly anything done.

  3. All are nice Quotes. I want to add one.
    Friendship is a promise made in the heart. Silent. Unwritten. Unbreakable by distance. Unchangeable by time. It’s lovely to have u as one! Happy Valentine Day!

  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful quotes and messages. I appreciate your efforts for people on this Valentines Day. I just wanted to add this Poem of Love on the Valentines Occasion. Good Luck and Keep Rocking :)
    “I can’t get you off my psyche
    Also, I’m certain that each time
    I close my eyes your grin is the thing that I will see
    Since joyfully close by or in your arms is the place I need to be
    Astonishing is a single word that depicts you
    Interesting, CUTE, SMART, and SEDUCING are a few others that are valid
    Other than however, words that got me so into you it’s those eyes
    That truly got me entranced
    What’s more, that exquisite grin
    That makes me need to go the additional mile
    What’s more,
    despite the fact that we DON’T talk
    Each time I see you I get quite frail
    In any case, I need to let you know how I feel
    Since each time I see you,
    it’s my heart you take
    What’s more feeling frail, I feel frightened
    Since imagining a scenario where I let you know and for my emotions, you couldn’t care less.
    So until further notice, I’ll appreciate from a far distance
    Be that as it may, simply realize that it’s you I wish for when I see a meteorite
    Did I say my heart softens each time you look or come my direction”

    Thank you so much.

  5. wow, what a great post that you have been creating here. thanks, ma’am for providing this Valentine’s Day Thank You Messages and many of the other post that is helpful for all of us. finally, want to say that

    Happy Valentines day

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