16 Thank You for the Valentine’s Gift Messages for Lovers, Friends, and Coworkers

After receiving a Valentine’s Day gift,  saying thank you is thoughtful. 

You can send a text message, email, or a handwritten thank-you card.

Remember that your wording will vary depending on who gave the gift. For example, my mom gives her kids and grandkids a $5 treat for Valentine’s Day. I will write her a different note than when I receive a romantic gift from my husband.

Examples are provided below for different relationships. 

Valentine’s Day Thank You Message Template:

Here is a template for writing a thank you message for Valentine’s Day gifts. Remember that the best thank you messages will mention the gift specifically. 

Dear [name of the person who gave the gift],

Thank you for the [insert gift] for Valentine’s Day. The [insert gift] is fantastic. When using it, I will think of you [and be reminded of your love – if appropriate]. Or you can share why you appreciated the gift. 

[insert closing*],

*The closing will need to be adjusted depending on who you are thanking. Love is okay for family members or significant others; For bosses, coworkers, teachers, and students, use Sincerely or Best Regards.

If you received flowers, read through the Thank You for the Valentine Flowers Messages. And for chocolates, the Thank You for the Chocolate Messages examples could be modified for Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine’s Day Thank You Messages for Gifts From Significant Other

Here are a few examples of saying thank you for a gift from a spouse or partner. Also, remember that Valentine’s dinner is a gift that you can say thank you for. 

These messages could be used for others by removing the “I love you” wording. 

  1. Thank you for the box of chocolate for Valentine’s Day. I love you.
  2. Thank you for the beautiful Valentine’s roses. They remind me of how much we love each other. Thank you for making my day feel special.
  3. I am so much in love with you. Thank you for taking me out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. I enjoyed the fancy restaurant meal and will think of you when admiring the perfect flowers you sent to my office for me. You’re the best!
  4. Thank you for the Valentine’s dinner and movie. I greatly appreciate you for organizing the babysitter and planning the entire evening. Spending time with just you was a tremendous blessing.
  5. Thank you for Valentine’s Day flowers and date night. I had a great time and love you so much. 

Valentine’s Day Thank You Messages for Gifts From Your Friends or Family

Here are short messages for thanking your friends or family for Valentine’s Day gifts. 

  1. Thanks for the Valentine’s Day gift! The chocolates are fabulous. 
  2. Thank you for the Valentine’s Day treat. Ted and I will have fun spending the money on something we enjoy soon. We also liked the stickers you used on the envelopes.
  3. Thank you for thinking of me on Valentine’s Day! I appreciate the yellow and white carnations. They were a wonderful surprise, and I am grateful for our friendship.
  4. You are kind for sending me a Valentine’s Day card. Thank you very much. I was delighted to find the card in today’s mail.
  5. Thank you for the Valentine’s Day treat. The picture of the kittens on the heart-shaped chocolate box was super adorable.
  6. Thanks for organizing the Valentine’s Day lunch for our friends. Celebrating our friendship was fun, and I enjoyed catching up with everyone.

Valentine’s Day Thank You Message For Gifts From Coworkers

When you receive Valentine’s gifts from a coworker, you can also mention that you enjoy working with them. The “gift” could be a treat shared with the team, like cupcakes or donuts. 

  1. Thank you for the little box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. My sweet tooth appreciates them. I am glad we are on the same team!
  2. I’m glad we are on the same team! You’re so fun. Thanks for the Valentine’s Day candy. 
  3. Thank you for treating me to lunch on Valentine’s Day. It made working feel fun today. 
  4. Thanks for bringing in the pink donuts today. They were fun for Valentine’s Day!
  5. You’re a wonderful and fun coworker. The Valentine’s Day team lunch was a great idea. I enjoyed the heart-shaped recipes. 

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