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How To Write Thank-You Notes:

How to get started with writing thank you notes
How to write an awesome thank you note
How to write a thank you note in 5 easy steps
How to write a thank you note for money
How to write 100 thank you notes without feeling overwhelmed

Why Write Thank-You Notes:

Write a handwritten thank you note to show your gratitude
Write a thank you note because you were NOT entitled to the gift
3 more reasons to write a thank you note
Reasons to write thank you notes – 31 Dayers Round up

Thank-You Note Examples List

People to Thank:

Teacher, Author, Guest Post Host , Virtual Assistant
Dentist, Mailman, Customers, Financial Advisor
Personal Trainer, Farmer, Administrative Assistant
Coworkers, Boss on Boss's Day, Job Interviewer
On Sweetest Day, Pastor, Church Musicians
Church Volunteers, Funeral Director, After the funeral
Primary food provider, Wedding Guests, Baby Shower Guests
Pet Groomer, Feral Cat Caretaker, Veterinarian
Pet Sitter, Spouse, Doctor


Birthday gifts and wishes
High School or College Graduation
Write a thank you note for Valentine’s Day gifts in 5 minutes or less
Valentine’s Day Thank You Messages Examples
Write your dad a thank you note for Father’s Day
Write a mother’s day thank you note to your mom
Thanking the Thanksgiving Day Host with a thank you note
Writing Christmas thank you notes with examples, tips, and FAQ

Thank you note for gifts after baby with wording examples


Being grateful in a situation you do not like
Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone
We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives
Make someone’s day with a handwritten thank you note
Meaning to send a thank-you note but then not doing it…
Thanks in all circumstances
Encouraging Children To Write Thank You Notes (guest post on Jon Stolpe Streched)


This week in gratitude – what are you thankful for?
I am thankful for spring flowers Acrostic
The opportunities of life (Thank You Thursday series)
Introducing Thank You Thursday posts
Living out living life with gratitude
2014 Grateful list and my 2015 Motto and Goals
Thankful for a beautiful fall day
My First Thankful Thursday
Practice Gratitude – More inspiration from a Chinese restaurant


10 reasons to thank your cat on National Cat Day or any day!
Write a thank you note for kitten adoptions
Helping a stray mom cat with 5 kittens find homes!
Thank the Feral Cat Caretaker
Thank the Pet Sitter
Thank the Veterinarian

Thank-You Note Tips:

The #1 tip to writing a great thank you note
20+ thank you note writing tips
Wedding Thank You Note Tips
7 Tips for choosing the design of a thank you card
8 Tips for finding addresses for thank you notes
Defeat 9 excuses for not writing thank you notes
If you make a mistake in a thank you note should you start over?
Be yourself when writing thank you notes
Sentence completion exercises to write thank-you notes in own words
Do you write a thank you note for a card?
8 ways to send a thank-you note


Thank You for the flowers message templates
Thank you for the Valentine flowers message examples
Thank you for the birthday flowers wording examples
Thank you for the Mother's Day flowers wording examples

Thank-You Notes At Work:

How to thank the boss for raise or bonus (with examples!)
Writing your boss a thank you note for lunch
25 Thank-you note examples for lunch with boss
25 Thank-you note examples to thank boss for team lunch
Thank-you notes to coworkers examples
Thank you to employees
Writing thank you notes at work – personal stories

Food Related:

Write an AWESOME thank you note for dinner
Thank you note for post surgery/hospital stay meals (with examples)
Do you write a thank you note for lunch?


5 Reasons to try The Five Minute Journal
Read A Simple Act of Gratitude to be inspired to write thank-you notes
Send Out Cards Review (for those that won’t handwrite notes)
Minted Review – Cost, process, customization, and the ideal customer
Current Catalog Review


A very easy and simple way to make a homemade thank-you note
You borrowed a car, return it with a thank you note!
The Power of Being Thankful – Joyce Meyer
We can’t thank you enough – What???
Kicking off the 31 days of writing challenge
5 reasons to add stickers to your envelopes
Should you include a P.S. on the back of a thank-you note envelope?
Addressing your own thank you note card at a shower


Eating and family go together – a thank you note from Mom
Dear Sister, Thanks for the free yard work!
How a visioning exercise led to hot breakfast everyday
Why I stopped taking a gratitude photo every day
Thankful for Tradition – Sunday Lunch at Mom’s
Homemade Cards from Barbara
Making chicken pot pies when you should be writing a blog post
Eat Out Often Enjoy Life
The story of choosing Tons of Thanks
The predicament of the mini crock-pot
Awkward Blunder: Sending two thank you notes for the same gift

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