21 Thank You Messages for Mother’s Day Gifts

I hope you had a great Mother’s Day!

It is kind to say thank you to your kids, husband, and anyone else for the Mother’s Day Gifts that you received. An easy way to express gratitude is with a thank you message.

Flowers are one of the number one gifts received on Mother’s Day. Review Thank You For the Mother’s Day Flowers Message to see wording specific to saying for flowers.

Below are example thank-you messages for Mother’s Day Gifts and Wishes. You can use them in a handwritten thank you card, email, or text message.

If you are looking to write a thank you message to your mom, grandma, mother-in-law, etc., for Mother’s Day, browse the Mother’s Day Thank You Messages For Mom.

Thank You For The Mother’s Day Gift Message Template

Mentioning the gift will help you to write a meaningful thank-you note.

Dear [Person’s Name],

Thank you for the Mother’s Day gift. I appreciate the gift card to [Restaurant]. As you know, it’s my favorite place for dinner on Friday nights. Also, thank you for spending Mother’s Day afternoon noon with me.


Mom [Use your name when thanking someone that doesn’t call you Mom]

Sometimes the gift may be an activity, spending time with you, making you dinner, a cookout, a meal out, or other Mother’s Day ideas.

Do your best to express why you are thankful for the Mother’s Day gifts or compliment the gift or the gift giver.

Thank You For The Mother’s Day Gift Example Messages

Here are some examples using popular Mother’s Day gifts. You can customize the examples based on the gift you received. You can also combine different bits and pieces for the various examples.

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#1 Thank you for the lovely Mother’s Day card and Red Lobster gift card.  I had a great day with you on Mother’s Day. I enjoyed our visit very much.

#2 Spending Mother’s Day with you and the family filled me with joy. Thank you for organizing and hosting the family cookout this year. I had a wonderful day.

#3 Thank you for taking me to the movies and out for dinner on Mother’s Day. The movie was better than I expected, and of course, I loved the food at Taco Place.

#4 Brunch on Mother’s Day was fantastic. I also greatly appreciated having a break from cooking for the entire Mother’s Day weekend.  

#5 Thank you for making Mother’s Day special this year! I loved going to the spa with you on Saturday. My skin is still feeling great! And I was happy that you attended church with me. I’m so very grateful for you and the grandkids.

#6 Thank you for the Mother’s Day gift card to Clothing Store. I’m looking forward to a shopping spree there very soon. I also appreciate that you didn’t try to pick up clothes or shoes for me. Shopping is half the fun for me!

#7 The Mother’s Day gift basket full of my favorite things is incredible! I appreciate your creativity and making me feel like the best mom.

#8 Thank you for the Mother’s Day treat. I appreciate you for making me a delicious chocolate cake. I had a wonderful day with you and the family.

#9 Thank you for taking me to Special Outing Location on Mother’s Day. I had a wonderful time, and best of all, I got to spend the day with you.

#10 You are the mother-in-law ever! Thank you so much for understanding that I wanted some alone time for Mother’s Day this year. I greatly appreciate you inviting Jake and the kids to spend Mother’s Day at your home. Jake shared that he enjoyed grilling for the family.

#11 Thank you for the Mother’s Day gifts! The fruit basket and flowers were delivered on Saturday. The flowers look beautiful, and I will think of you as I enjoy the fruit over the next couple of weeks. The Asian pears are a treat!

#12 I had a great day at the lake on Mother’s Day. Thank you for organizing the picnic. The view was perfect, and I always enjoy spending time with my children and grandchildren. The photoshoot on the beach was fun!

#13 Thank you for the picture frame with new pictures of the kids on Mother’s Day. I will treasure it.  Lots of love to you and the family. I hope to see you soon.

#14 I had a fantastic Mother’s Day. Planning the day was a thoughtful gift. I am very grateful that I didn’t have to think about what the meals would be. It felt great to kick back and relax.

#15 Thank you for the cheese of the month subscription box for Mother’s Day! I look forward to trying new varieties and taking my charcuterie boards to the next level. I appreciate you for knowing my current favorite food.

#16 Thank you for the mother’s ring. The arrangement of the stones is beautiful, and I will wear the ring daily. My children are exceptional, and I love to brag about all of you.

#17 Thank you for taking me to dinner the Wednesday before Mother’s Day. I was delighted to be treated to dinner on a less busy day. And, of course, I enjoyed the company and visiting with you.

#18 Thank you for sending the box of goodies for Mother’s Day. I appreciate you for choosing items in my favorite color.  I will enjoy using the purple note cards and writing letters with the purple pens. Also, the sweatshirt is cozy.  I hope to see you and the children this summer.

#19 You’re the best mom! Thank you for giving me a Mother’s Day treat. As I’m only a cat mom, I wasn’t expecting anything. I will use the cash for something fun soon.

#20 Thank you for the Mother’s Day card and Happy Mother’s Day wishes. I was so happy to hear from you and appreciated your call.

#21 This was the best Mother’s Day yet! Thank you so much for planning everything and surprising me with a visit from the kids. It was great to have all of the family together for the day.

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