Do you write a thank you note for a card?

Do you write a thank you note for a card?

You have received a birthday, for congratulations, a sympathy card, a holiday, your wedding, or other occasions. Should you send a thank you note for the card?

Receiving a card usually does not require a thank you note in return. Most people do not write thank you notes for cards but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

if you feel like you should or just want to, go ahead and send a thank you note card. Not sending a thank you note for a card is only a general guideline.

You might want to send a thank you for a card when:

♦ You are touched or otherwise impressed by the card. This could happen if you’ve received a birthday card for the first time as an adult.

Perhaps your own immediate family does not send birthday cards. Then you get married or start dating someone. There may be people in the significant other’s family that start sending you a birthday card each year.

If you are moved by this, by all means, send a thank you note card. This will also let the sender know that the card was appreciated and impacted you.

♦ You were surprised that you received the card from this particular person. Perhaps it is a new friend or business contact. Send a card to keep the relationship going.

♦ Someone sent you congratulations note when you started a new job. A follow-up thank-you note could be used a networking opportunity.

$$$ If there was money or a gift card with the card you DO need to send a thank-you note for the monetary gift. I’ve written a guide on how to write a thank you note for money with some examples which can help you get started.

♦ Someone came to your wedding and give you a card only – no other gift. You should still thank them for coming to your wedding. Even if a gift was not in their budget they still choose to spend their time at your wedding.

♦ Because you want to! If you really like sending cards, by all means, send a thank you for the card. But do not expect a thank you for your thank you note (that could turn into a never-ending cycle!).

♦ Another idea is to send a letter in return. You can mention the card in your letter, and then go on to write a letter.

♦ If you are in a situation where many people are giving you gifts and cards at the same time who have regular contact with each other, such as students, you might want to write a thank-you note to those that only give a card as well as to those that give a gift. This way if people talk to each other everyone will be able to say they got a thank-you note from you.

♦ If the card you received was handmade, you could recognize it with a note or an in-person thank-you. Hand made cards can take lots of time and the person may have made a card design that was with you in mind. For example, I love cats and would feel very touched if someone made me a handmade cat-themed card and then mailed it to me!

How to write a thank-you note:

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