7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Thank You Card

There are thousands of notecards available.

Follow these seven tips to find the perfect card for the recipient.

For any design, look for blank cards on the inside so you can write a personalized thank-you message.

The Classic “Thank You” on the Front of the Card

A Thank You Card
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These are cards with Thank You or Thanks written on the front of the card and nothing else. No other design. They may look basic, but they will convey “Thank You”.

They are an easy choice if you feel overwhelmed with the number of options or want to keep it simple and fast.

The “Thank You” words are available in many colors. Sometimes the card is colored, and the words will be in white. 

This plain style of thank you card is also ideal for professional situations. 

Pick a Theme That You Like

Heidi Bender Cat Art Example
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The cards may or may not have Thank You on the outside.

For example, I love cats. So, when I send thank you notes, I mostly use cat-themed thank you notes because I enjoy cats. 

I have also learned to paint landscapes with cats. I’ve had a local printer put my art onto cards, And my cat art is also available on greeting cards in my Redbubble shop

If you know, the recipient hates cats, don’t send them a cat-themed card. 

Or you could look for cards with the art of a famous painter

Pick a Theme That the Receiver Likes

Bird Themed Thank You
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My oldest sister loves birds, so sometimes I look for a nice set of boxed cards with birds on them. 

If you know the receiver well, go with something that you know they will like. 

If you only want 1 card of a particular design, some print-on-demand sites, like Redbubble, will allow you to purchase 1 card at a time.

Be Kind to the Color Blind

Color Blind Test Heart
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If you are sending a note to someone that you know is color blind, it is best to stick with a white card and dark colors for the lettering. This will guarantee that they will be able to read it!

I once sent my dad, who is color blind, a thank you note on a purple-colored note card. And to make it even harder for him, I used a dark blue pen. My mom had to read it to him as he couldn’t see my words on the purple paper.

There was not enough contrast between the color of the paper and the ink for him to see the words. Oops!

A Design That Will Become Associated With You

Thank You Unique to You
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Another option is to choose one design you like very much and use it for every thank you note you send.

If it has a distinctive envelope design, people will know it is from you as soon as they see it in their mailbox!

If you write thank you notes to your co-workers and they post them near their desks, others will know who the thank you note is from just by seeing it.

This option also works if you feel like there are too many choices. You can find one that you like and stick with it.

This eliminates the time and energy needed to review options in the future.

You could also choose a monogrammed or personalized card with your name on it.

A Card Themed for Your Event

Thank You for the Birthday Wishes Meme
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Getting married? Choose a wedding-themed thank-you note.

Are you having a baby shower? Go with a baby shower theme.

Are you graduating from high school or college? Pick a graduation theme or a card with your school logo.

You are getting the idea. 

Pick Your Favorite Color

Choose Your Favorite Color
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My favorite color is purple, so I like cards with purple-themed art, words, or designs. 

The purple could be the “Thank You” on a classic thank you card. Or the actual card might be purple.

If you choose your favorite color, you may want to look for white cards on the inside so that your message can be easily read.

Thank You Messages for Most Occasions

Writing A thank You Note - Thank You Note Wording Help
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Do you need some help wording your thank-you messages?

Reviewing example messages can help. 

Thank You Note Example List by Topic

Thank You Memes

Thank You Berry Much Meme
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For when you want a meme instead of a card.

17 Cute Thank You Memes

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