How to write a thank you note in 5 easy steps

How to write a thank you note in 5 easy steps

Follow these 5 steps to write thank-you notes with confidence. This is the basic outline to be used for most occasions. Details for each step follow the example. These instructions assume you have a thank you note card that is blank inside for your handwritten note. If you need some thank you notes, I recommend picking some up at your local store, Amazon, or ordering from the Current Catalog.

An example of a thank you note

This thank you note was written to my husband and me by my dad for the birthday presents we gave him. The gifts were a gift card to China Garden, his favorite Chinese restaurant, and some fun size Babe Ruth bars. His birthday was shortly before he left on a mission trip to Honduras.

Thank you note example

The note says:

Hi Heidi + Ted,
Thank you for the delicious meal at China Garden. A good time was had by all.   The Babe Ruths are my favorite candy bar. I will take some to Honduras.

The 5 Steps:

1. The Greeting.

The first step is to address the person. This can be done with Hi, Hello, Dear, or use their name only. In the example above, this was done with “Hi Heidi + Ted”.

2. The Thank You.

Next, write what you are thanking them for. If it was a gift be specific. Say with the gift was. If someone helped you with something mention what that was. This can be one sentence. In the example, my dad thanked us for the meal at China Garden and also the Babe Ruth bars.

3. The What or Why.

For the person to feel like you appreciated the gift, describe how you will use it, why you like it, or compliment it. If you have already used it, tell the person how you used it. If you are writing a thank you note for money, say how you spent the money or went you are saving it for. This section can be one or two sentences.  In the example, my dad complimented the China Garden experience – “a good time was had by all”. He also said what he would do with the Babe Ruth bars – “take some to Honduras”.

4. Closing.

This is where you say Love, Sincerely, or my personal favorite. “Thanks Again!”. There are other choices. The option that you choose will depend on your relationship with the person. My dad chose “Love”. This was appropriate since I am his daughter.

5. Signature.

Sign your name. Since I call my dad “Dad” he signed his name with Dad.

That is it! Follow these 5 steps, and you will have thank-you note writing success! As you write more thank you notes, your confidence will increase.

This site is filled with example wording. Check out the Topic List to find a post specific to your situation (baby shower, wedding, etc.).

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