Stuck Inside? Write Some Thank-you Notes! Here’s How

Are you stuck at home due to the coronavirus and looking for stuff to do?

A positive activity you can do is write thank-you notes. Expressing gratitude is good for you according to science.

If you are not sure what to write, this site is full of examples to explore. You can see the full list here. There will be some more tips below as well.

My recommendation is to write handwritten notes. Writing notes by hand will take more effort and can be a lasting memento that someone will keep for years!

However, if handwriting something is a no-go for you, you could also text or call someone to express your thanks to them. And calling someone may help with the loneliness that can come with social distancing (see point #1 here).

If you are looking for more things to while at home, check out this list.

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What you will need to handwrite notes

You’ll need stamps and cards. Once your notes are written and stamped, you can place them in your mailbox for your mail person to pick-up and they will take them to the post office for you (in the United States). You could even write a little note to your mailman.

Maybe you don’t have stamps and cards laying around like a do! I have a drawer full as I bought a 100 roll of forever Santa Stamps at Costco just before Christmas as the cashier said they were “slightly less” than the post office. So, I have probably 40 Santa stamps still.

The good news for you is that Amazon sells stamps and thank-you note cards and can be delivered to you. Minted is a good choice too, but the delivery time will likely be longer (but your cards may be of higher quality).

Also, you may want to take some time when choosing the design of your card. My 7 best tips for choosing cards are here.

A nice pen will make writing notes more enjoyable (this is tip #7 of my top 25 tips).

Of course, you will need people’s addresses too! You may have to ask people for their address or follow these other address finding tips. For co-workers, an email thank you or instant message may be more appropriate than asking for their home address.

Who should you be thanking?

The short answer is anyone that you want to thank. Maybe you’ve been very grateful for how someone has helped you lately and would like to tell them.

If you are behind on writing wedding thank you notes or for baby shower gifts, it’s not too late! Take advantage of your extra time at home to knock those notes out.

Making lists of what you are grateful can be a way to identify who you want to thank. Who keeps showing up in your list and needs to hear words of gratitude and appreciation from you?

What should you write in your thank-you note?

How you get started will depend on your thank-you note writing experience. Some of you will have years of experience, and all you needed was the suggestion to write notes while stuck inside.

If you are writing thank-you notes for the first time or need a refresher check out these posts:

What you write in your note, will depend on who you are thanking. There are hundreds of examples for you to browse on this site. The list of posts is here. Or if you prefer a printed book, my book, A Modern Guide to writing thank-you notes, is available on Amazon.

And kids can write thank-you notes too!


Writing thank you notes can be a positive way to pass the time when you are stuck inside. The information above can be used as a resource to help you get started with your thank-you notes.

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Heidi has been writing thank you notes for more than 30 years and is the author of A Modern Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes. Her goal is to help people write better thank-you notes by providing tips and examples.