Wedding Thank You Note Examples

Congratulations on your wedding!

Now it’s time to thank your wedding guests for the gifts.

Below the tips, you will find sample thank you messages to help get you started if you are not sure what to say.

Remember to include what the gift was in your note!

The focus of this post will be thank you notes. If you decide to give someone a gift (such as your parents or people in the wedding party), you can still write a thank you note to do along with the gift.

Tips for writing wedding thank you notes

  • Be organized when opening your gifts. Make a list of who gave you each gift. Use a printable gift list tracker. I’ve been married since 2002 and still do not know who gave us the mini-crockpot due to my disorganization.
  • Keep your address list from when you wrote out the invitations. This should help make it easier to address the envelopes. Here are 8 tips for finding addresses.
  • Do not try to write all the notes at one time if you have a lot (more than 10) to write. Try to get them all done within one week. Some families may notice if one person got a thank-you and the other didn’t.
  • Be specific in your note and name the gift otherwise people will think you do not know what you gave to them. If you don’t remember still write the note, thanking them for the “gift”. That is better than no note at all. See some generic thank you note wording examples in this post.
  • For money gifts, you do not need to mention the amount.
  • Write the notes as soon as you can after the wedding and honeymoon. It’s better to write them and get them done than to let the task linger for months.
  • If you do not write notes promptly some people will begin to think you are lazy or ungrateful or both.
  • Decide to make it fun. Pick out cute thank you cards or make a custom card using a photo from the wedding. Or order thank you note cards that match your invitations. Or use a free printable card.
  • Read this post about how to write 100 notes without feeling overwhelmed.
  • If a person came to the wedding but did not give a gift you do not need to thank them for coming with a note. However, you can if you want to. Or you may want to if they came from a considerable distance to attend.
  • Both husband and wife can write the notes. Regardless of who writes the note, sign both of your names.

Wedding thank you note example messages

Examples to thank the pastor that officiated the wedding can be found here.

#1 Thank you for coming to our wedding. Also, we appreciate the crystal vase. Fresh flowers will look beautiful in it.

#2 We were surprised to get the gift card to the pet store! We will be enjoying using it towards a new climbing tower for the cats. Thanks for sharing our big day with us!

#3 We were delighted that you were able to come to the wedding. Thank you for your generous gift. We will use it towards a new couch. We will have you over for a visit once we have it.

Wedding thank you note example
Handwritten Wedding thank you note example

#4 We were very happy to see you at the wedding! We appreciate the distance you traveled to be able to attend. The new cookware will be put to good use. Thank You!

#5 Thank you for attending our wedding. We enjoyed visiting with you at the reception. We are looking forward to reading the Dave Ramsey book and learning how to get our finances in order.

#6 The picture frame is beautiful. Thank you for sending it. We are sorry to hear that you are unable to make it to the wedding. Our wedding photo is going to look great in that frame!

#7 The steak knives that you gave us for our wedding are wonderful. We love to grill steak on the weekends. We will have you over to use the knives this summer! Thank you for coming to the wedding.

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Heidi has been writing thank you notes for more than 30 years and is the author of A Modern Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes. Her goal is to help people write better thank-you notes by providing tips and examples.