Easy Guide for Bridal Shower Thank You Messages [29 Examples]

After a bridal shower, it’s time to say thank you for each bridal shower gift to express your gratitude and appreciation. The etiquette, tips, and examples below will help you write your bridal shower thank-you notes.

You should thank:

  • Anyone that gave you a gift (even if they were unable to attend)
  • Anyone that attended but didn’t give a gift
  • The bridal shower hostess and anyone that helped them

Note: Since a wedding shower is similar to a bridal shower, this guide can be used for both occasions.  According to TheKnot, A bridal shower is for the bride, and a wedding shower is for the couple.

When possible, you should write and mail the bridal shower thank you cards before the wedding. Aim to send the cards within a week or two after the shower. 

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What You Need to Write Bridal Shower Thank You Cards

Getting organized before you start writing your bridal shower thank you notes can help you write them faster.

Gift List

At many bridal showers, someone will record each gift as the bride opens them. The list makes it much easier than remembering who gave each gift. 

If you are the host and are reading this guide before the bridal shower, write the giver’s name and the gift in a notebook. Then the bride can mark when the thank you note for the gift has been written. 

You could use a printable PDF bridal shower gift tracker. 

Address List

If invitations were mailed for the bridal shower, you would already have an address list, hopefully for all quests. If you still need an address, the easiest solution is to ask for their address. However, you can also find addresses in other ways.

At some bridal showers, people are asked to put their name and address on an envelope, saving the bride lots of time. However, asking guests to address an envelope may be controversial. 

Thank You Cards

You’ll need some note cards and envelopes. The choices are vast. You can get large quantity inexpensive boxed sets on Amazon or choose cards from sites like Minted

Remember that you will also need thank you cards for writing wedding gift thank you notes after the wedding. So, choose similarly themed cards that you can use for both the shower and wedding notes. 

Dedicated Time

Writhing handwritten thank you notes will take a bit of time. For example, you may spend five minutes writing the note, addressing the envelope, and placing the stamp and return address label.

Spreading the thank-you note writing into 30-minute sessions will reduce fatigue and help keep your thank-you messages meaningful.

What to Write in a Bridal Shower Thank You Card

There are five steps to writing a good thank you note for bridal shower gifts or wedding shower gifts. 

  1. Greet the person by name. Start your note with Hi, Hello, or Dear followed by their name. For example, Hi Heidi, Dear Mrs. Jones, or use only their name. 
  2. Mention the gift. Being specific lets the person know that you know what they gave you. If you do not know because no one made a list, please still write them a thank-you note. There are example messages for when you don’t know what gift someone gave you. 
  3. Say More. Say something nice about the gift or person, share how you will use it, thank them for coming to your shower, or reference your conversation at the shower. 
  4. Use an appropriate closing. For example, Sincerely, Best Regards, Thanks Again, Yours Truly, Love, Kind Regards, etc. You can choose a closing based on your relationship with the recipient. For example, don’t use Love for your boss. 
  5. Sign your name. For wedding showers, where the bride and groom are both at the shower and receiving the gifts, you can write the name of the bride and the groom. 

Here are a couple of bridal shower thank-you note examples using all five steps above. In the following section, the samples will not include steps 1, 4, and 5. Also, you can switch up the order of steps 2 and 3 in your notes.  

And the context of the thank you message (steps 2 and 3) will vary based on your relationship with the person. So, for example, what you say to your grandma will be different than how you word a thank you note to your mom’s friend who attended whom you don’t know well.  

Quick Tip: You do not need to state the amount in the thank you note when saying thank you for a money gift

Bridal Shower Thank You Example #1 

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for coming to my bridal shower and the gift card to [Store].  I’m so glad that you were part of the celebration. We will decide how to spend the gift card after the honeymoon.

Thanks Again,


Bridal Shower Thank You Example #2

Dear Mrs. Jones,

I was happy to see you at my bridal shower. Thank you for the cutting board. [Spouse name] and I love cooking at home so it will be used often. We appreciate the wonderful, practical gift.



Bridal Shower Thank You Note Message Examples

Here are examples of what you can say when you know who gave you the gift. 

For wedding shower notes, adjust the pronouns to we/us as needed in the examples as appropriate. 

#1 Thank you for attending my bridal shower last weekend and for the steak knives.  We will use them often!

#2 You’re a great friend! Thank you for being at my bridal shower and the delightful wall art. It’s going to look beautiful on our living room wall. 

#3 Thank you for attending my bridal shower. I greatly appreciate the kitchen utensils. They will be used every day when we cook at home. I will never forget this special day and the laughter that was shared.

#4 I enjoyed visiting with you at my bridal shower. Thank you so much for your generous monetary gift. We are saving all the money towards a down payment on our first house.

#5 Thank you for coming to my bridal shower. I appreciate your support, and I love the frames you gave. My wedding pictures are going to look so good in them! I’ll see you at the wedding. 

#6 Thank you for the subscription to the cheese of the month club! You know my love for cheese well. However, I was amazed to receive this thoughtful gift at my bridal shower. I’ll have you over soon for a charcuterie board night. 

Messages for when you do not remember what gift they gave you

Hopefully, you are not in the situation of not knowing who gave you each bridal shower gift. However, even with the best intentions, you may not know who gave you each gift. 

I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you want to admit in your note that you don’t know what they gave you. 

#1 Thank you for attending my bridal shower. I am grateful that you were able to be there. I am sorry that I lost the list of who gave each gift. If you brought a gift, thank you very much! 

#2 The bridal shower was so much fun. Thank you for being part of it. I was looking forward to married life and enjoyed hearing the funny tips for those already married. Thank you for the lovely gift!

#3 Thank you for the wonderful gift at my bridal shower. I am glad we had a few minutes to catch up as well. It sounds like your family is doing well. I hope to see you at the wedding!

#4 Thank you for coming to my bridal shower. I was truly surprised by the number of items in your purse during the purse scavenger hunt game. Although, maybe you were prepared for it. I appreciate the thoughtful gift as well!

#5 We’ve come a long way since meeting in high school. I’m thankful for our friendship and was so happy that you could come home for my bridal shower, the first step in my new journey into married life. Thank you also for the gift. 

image for bridal shower thank you messages

Messages for those that attended the bridal shower but didn’t give a gift

Sometimes, you may have people that take part in the bridal or wedding shower celebration that didn’t bring a gift. 

#1 Thank you for coming to my bridal shower. I appreciate your support and hope you had a fun day. 

#2 Thank you for attending our wedding shower. We were delighted that you could celebrate our upcoming wedding with us. We had fun playing the games and hanging out with you. 

#3 Thank you for being at my bridal shower. Your presence was a blessing. You are a great friend, and I look forward to seeing you at the wedding. 

#4 I was happy to see you at my bridal shower. Thank you for helping the day feel special by being there! I am grateful for our friendship and will see you on the big day!

 #5 I had a wonderful time visiting with you at my bridal shower. Thank you for coming and taking part in the celebration. See you soon!

Messages for those that gave a give a gift but didn’t attend the bridal shower

These thank-you note messages will help you with your card wording for those who declined the bridal shower invitation but gave you a gift. 

#1 Thank you for the beautiful greeting card and [Store Name] gift card. It will be put to good use, and we appreciate your generosity! I was sorry that you couldn’t make it to the bridal shower. I hope to see you at the wedding. 

#2 Thank you for the pretty daisy dish towels. They will match our kitchen perfectly in our new home. While

#3 Thank you for thinking of me even though you could not attend the bridal shower. The wine glasses are beautiful. We will use them when we have a toast at the wedding reception. They were a very thoughtful gift! 

#4 I was excited to receive a box from you after you mentioned that you couldn’t come to the bridal shower. The bath towels feel luxurious, and I look forward to using them after the wedding. They are also the perfect color. 

#5 Thank you for your generous gift. I’ll save the cash to see what we still need after our wedding. We were sorry that you could not be at the wedding shower. You are so much fun at gatherings! We hope you will be able to make it to the wedding and the reception. 

Bridal Shower Hostess Thank You Note Message Examples

The bridal shower hostess has many responsibilities, so you will want to write them a special thank you note. Also, consider giving them a bridal shower hostess gift along with your note.

If they gave you a gift, thank them for it too. There are also a few examples of thanking those that helped the hostess. 

#1 Thank you for throwing a beautiful bridal shower for me! You are the best at organizing significant events. The games were fun, and the cake was delicious. Everyone seemed to have a great time. I’ll see you on my wedding day!

#2 My bridal shower brunch was fabulous. Thank you for hosting such a fantastic event. I will also remember how special you made everything. It was the perfect day. Also, thank you for recording the gifts as they were opened. The list helped immensely when writing out the thank you note cards.

#3 What an amazing bridal shower! I will remember it for the rest of my life. The gesture of organizing and hosting the bridal shower was the best gift! I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to manage everything. 

#4 We had a great time at the wedding shower. Thank you for hosting and doing so much work to make it a fantastic event. Also, thank you for addressing, stamping, and mailing out all of the invitations. Your love for us is evident in how much time and care you put into the shower. We love you and look forward to seeing you at the wedding. 

#5 Thank you for helping my mom with my bridal shower. I have much appreciation for how you helped out with everything. It was a beautiful day, and all the shower guests enjoyed the games, food, and cake.

#6 Thank you for being part of the bridal shower crew. I appreciate your efforts to organize the day and to make the cake. It was beautiful and delicious. 

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