8 Ways To Find an Address For Free

Finding a person’s address can feel painful. It can be time-consuming. It can be frustrating.

There are several strategies you can take to find addresses for free.

Ask Them For Their Address

The quickest way to get an address may be to ask for it. However, asking them may feel awkward. Of course, it’s less awkward if you have a reason for asking for it that you can share.

Here are some ways to ask for someone’s address:

  • Sign up for the free online address book at Postable.com. Then provide people with a link (using Facebook, email, etc.) to your address book, and then you can enter their mailing address.
  • Send them a text or message that says, “Can I please have your address?” and you can include why you are asking for it. For example, “I’d like to invite you to _____.”
    • May I please have your address? I’d like to invite you to my bridal shower. Thanks!
    • Hello! Can you please provide me with your address? We’ll be inviting you to our wedding. Thank you.
    • Tim’s graduation party is coming up soon. Can I have your address for the invitation?
  • Or, post on your Facebook page asking people to send you their addresses. For example, “I’ll be sending out Christmas cards this year. Please message me with your address if you want to get a card!”

Check Lists From Events

Check your invitation address list for weddings, graduations, baby showers, or other events where invitations were mailed.

Or, if you had had people sign a guest book at a funeral, the guest book may have included a column for an address.

Ask Your Mom or Other Relatives

Ask your Mom, another relative, or a friend if they have the address. Your relatives may have their addresses from an event they hosted.

Look In Your Address Book

Check your address book. Perhaps you already have it! When I moved out, my mom gave me an address book filled with addresses of relatives and friends.

Check the Phone Book

If you have an old phone book, the person may be listed in it if they used to have a landline. Of course, this approach will only work if you know they haven’t moved since the last time phone books were distributed.

Look Online

You can Google their name and city. Sometimes you can find an address for them that way. However, some sites may want you to pay to access the information.

Check Your Church Directory

Your church may have a directory with everyone’s address, although they are not as common as they once were.

Online Newsletters

If they have a blog, subscribe to their newsletter, as their address may be in it. Or their address may be available on the contact page of their website.

Once you determine their address, use a return address label when you mail something to them. This way that the recipient will have the opportunity to record your address in their address book.

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