Gift List Tracker Printable Templates with Thank You Note Check Box

Gift trackers can help record who gave which gift when opening gifts for graduations, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, or other occasions.

With the printable tracker templates below, you can also check off when the thank you note for the gift as been written.

I’ve created a series of gift tracker templates that are available as a PDF download in my Etsy Shop.

So far, I have created PDF gift list trackers with the following themes (there are pictures below at the end of this post):

Each set of themed gift trackers is only 99 cents! Or you can get them all for $2.99.

There is also an option to get all 21 Gift Trackers (3 pages for each of the 7 events listed above) all in 1 PDF file.

Using the PDF Gift List Tracker Templates

Ideally, you will print the PDF gift list page before any gifts are opened. Then you or a hostess (or another person) can record the gift and then the name of who gave the gift.

The list can then be used when thank you notes are written. After writing the thank you note, check the box. If you have a large number of gifts, I recommend writing the notes in small batches (perhaps 5 to 7) and then taking a break.

If you need help with wording the thank you note message, these posts may be helpful:

You can also review the list of examples by topic here. There are hundreds of thank you note message examples on this site.

Printable Gift List Tracker Templates

Here are pictures of my PDF Gift Trackers. All of them include a box to check once the thank you note has been written. Clicking on an image will open the Etsy listing.

Baby Shower Gift List Tracker
Bridal Shower Gift List Tracker
Wedding Gift List Tracker
Christmas Gift Tracker
Graduation Gift List Tracker
Gift List Tracker
Birthday Gift List Tracker
Gift List Tracker Big Bundle