25 Baby Shower Thank You Wording Examples (For Gifts and The Host)

Baby showers are a blessing! Usually, friends and family members enjoy giving gifts at the shower. And the shower host probably spent a lot of time planning and setting up the shower. 

A handwritten thank you note can be written to each baby shower guest to show your gratitude and appreciation. In addition to thanking people for the gifts, remember to thank the hostess and people who brought food. You can also thank people for coming to your baby shower.

Following the tips, there are two sections of sample notes. First, thank you notes for baby shower gifts and then thank you notes for the baby shower host.

For baby gifts received not at a baby shower, or after the baby was born, you can read the after-baby thank you note examples, which are similar messages but do not mention a baby shower.

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Tips for Writing Baby Shower Thank You Notes:

  • Make a list. If you are reading this before your shower, I recommend downloading and printing a Gift List Tracker and taking it to the shower. Then, while you open the gifts, the host or a friend can record each gift and whom it was from.
Baby Shower Gift List Template with blue roses and blue text. There are three columns: Name, Gift, and Thank you note sent.
  • Really make a list. Even if your shower only has a handful of guests, don’t trust yourself to remember who gave each gift (do you remember what you had for lunch three days ago)?
  • Having a list is helpful to refer to when you have time to write the thank you notes. In addition, your messages will feel better and more personal when you include the specific gift the recipient gave you.
  • Be prompt when possible. Try to write the notes before the baby arrives, ideally within a week or two of the baby shower. If that didn’t happen, it’s okay if you take a while (months) to send out the thank-you notes. Most people understand that parents are extra busy and tired with a newborn at home.
  • Please don’t ask people to address their own thank you note envelope at the shower. However, if having people address envelopes is the only way you will follow through with writing the notes, you can proceed with this activity.
  • Send a handwritten thank you card. Emily Posts recommends acknowledging all baby shower gifts with a thank you note. There are many choices for note cards, and you may want to have your stationery chosen in advance. You can choose from fancier baby shower note cards on Minted or cute boxed card sets (less expensive) on Amazon.

Baby Shower Thank You Card Template

Here are some templates for wording baby shower thank you notes. There are many examples provided to give you more wording ideas.

Template #1: Baby Shower Gift Thank You Note

Dear [Person’s Name],

Thank you for coming to my baby shower. The [gift] is [compliment]. I enjoyed visiting with you.

Sincerely (or another closing),

Your Name

Template #2: Baby Shower Host Thank You Note

Dear [Gift Giver’s Name],

Thank you for hosting my baby shower. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into it. The decorations were beautiful, the baby shower games were fun, and the cake was delicious. [If they gave you a gift, say thank you for that as well.]

Sincerely (or another closing),

Your Name


Baby Shower Gift Thank You Note Examples

Here are some examples for saying thank you for baby shower gifts. You can modify them for the gifts you received. 

#1 Thank you for the cloth diapers and diaper bag. I am excited to give them a try with the third baby. I enjoyed seeing you at the shower.

#2 The cupcakes you brought to the shower were amazing! Thank you for taking the time to make them from scratch. They taste so much better that way. I also appreciate the warm jacket and slippers for the baby.

#3 Thank you for all of the baby supplies! The diaper “cake” was a fun game and a way to give diapers. The lotions and butt whips are also appreciated.

#4 I am excited to try out the glass bottles—another first for me with this baby. Thanks for coming to the baby shower!

#5 The homemade blanket for the baby is beautiful! The colors of it match the baby’s room too. And the yarn is so soft! This was the perfect gift! I also enjoyed visiting with you at the baby shower.

#6 The baby shower was fun! Thank you for coming and making the day special. Also, thank you for the hard-backed books and pink blankets! The blankets match the nursery.

#7 Thank you for attending the baby shower for my baby girl. The rattle and teething toys will be great for her. Also, the cute onesies were a thoughtful gift. I love that it says [what the saying is] on it. As close friends, you know me so well!

#8 Thanks for coming to my baby shower. It was nice to see you. Also, I appreciate the Target gift card. I am excited to shop in the baby section and pick up cute new outfits.

#9 The wall art looks great in the baby’s nursery. Thank you for the beautiful gift and for coming to the baby shower. I am looking forward to becoming a new mom. Please stop by soon to see the wall art. It’s perfect.

#10 Thank you for the huge basket of baby essentials at my baby shower. The new baby will be good to go for many months. I am grateful for your friendship and support as I am about to become a mom. I have so much to learn, and I appreciate your advice and guidance.

Saying Thank You For Baby Shower Money

You may receive cash as a baby shower gift. When writing your thank you notes for money, it’s okay not to state the amount. Instead, you can use words like “generous gift” and let the recipient know your plans for the money. And you can also thank the person for coming to your baby shower.

#1 I was so happy that you could come to my baby shower. Thank you for your generous gift. The money will be used when we need to restock diapers. Also, the message you wrote on the card was charming. I am excited to have a baby boy soon.

#2 Thank you for your thoughtful gift and generosity. I am also glad that you were in attendance at the baby shower for the celebration. The money will be added to the baby’s college fund. Also, thank you for including a Starbucks gift card as a treat for me.

#3 Thank you for your generous gift. We will be putting the money towards a new crib. Also, thank you for coming to the shower. I enjoyed catching up with you. I am grateful for your encouraging words as I become a mom.

#4 Thank you for coming to my baby shower. You’re a great friend. I appreciate the cash you included in your card. We will use it towards diapers or something else the baby needs. 

#5 Thank you for coming to my baby shower. I appreciate you for coming to celebrate my new baby. Also, I’m very grateful for your generous gift. We are blessed to have you in our lives. 

Baby Shower Host Gift Thank You Note Examples

This section of examples is for thank-you notes for the baby shower hostess. The baby shower host has many responsibilities.

You can thank the host for their time and planning, sending out invitations, the baby shower games, the cake, the food, recording the gifts as they are opened, and any gifts they may have given.

#1 The shower was fun! Those were some creative games you came up with. Thank you for hosting the baby shower at your home. I had a lovely time seeing the family. And I love the outfit for the baby.

#2 Thank you for hosting and providing all the food for my baby shower. I enjoyed the cake and the nachos. I had a wonderful time visiting and playing games. Thank you also for the cloth diapers and outfits.

#3 My baby shower was fantastic! Thank you for all the time and energy you spent planning it. I think everyone had a great time. I know I did. And the cake was one of the best cakes I’ve ever had. I am grateful that we could enjoy the light meal and not play any of the traditional baby shower games.

#4 You are a great baby shower organizer! The invitations were beautiful, and the food was excellent. I loved your creative baby shower ideas. The games that you came up with were fun too. I loved the “do you have this in your purse” game. My mom and her sisters have huge purses, so I was not surprised that my aunt won.

#5 Thank you for hosting my beautiful baby shower in your home. Your house is gorgeous and was perfect for the gathering. Everyone had a great time, and the gifts for my baby are a blessing. I am grateful that you were able to keep the games moving along. Also, the giraffe artwork you gave me will look wonderful on the nursery wall.

#6 Thank you for making my baby shower awesome. Everything went so well, and my friends and family enjoyed it. I am thankful for the baby gifts. Thank you again for organizing the shower.

#7 You were the best baby shower host ever! Thank you for everything and for being my best friend. Your choice of [Restaurant Name] for the catering was excellent. Everyone seemed to love the chicken and salad. Also, the chocolate cake was delicious. I also appreciate you for recording the gifts as I opened them. Thank you again for a beautiful day!

#8 Thank you for the lovely baby shower. The day was perfect. Since you blessed me by taking care of everything, I could relax and enjoy visiting with my friends and family. Also, the baby shower games you chose for us were fun. And the food was tasty.

#9 Thank you so much for the surprise baby shower! I was not expecting a shower for my third baby girl. I’m impressed that you could send out the baby shower invitations and keep the shower a secret. I had so much fun relaxing and sharing about the baby with my friends and family. The shower was an amazing gift.

#10 Thank you for hosting my baby shower and for organizing everything. I appreciate the support you’ve given me during this pregnancy. You always go the extra mile for me. The baby shower party was a wonderful afternoon. I feel so blessed by all my friends and family members.

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