47 Meaningful Thank You for the Birthday Gifts Messages

After celebrating your birthday, you may want to thank you for any birthday gifts or cards you received.

A thank you message is a great way to express appreciation and gratitude for any birthday gift. You can send a text, email, or handwritten thank-you note.

Thank You Note for the Birthday Gift Message Template

Here is a template that will show you how to say thank you for a birthday gift. The template is for a handwritten note or email. If you send a text message, you can remove the greeting, closing, and your name.

Dear [Person’s Name],

Thank you for the [wonderful/another adjective] birthday gift. I will [use/enjoy/read/listen/appropriate verb] [to] it soon. I was excited that you remembered how much I like [the subject matter of gift]. [I also thank you for coming to the party – include only if you had a party].

Thanks Again,

[Your Name]

Template Notes

  • Use a greeting (the salutation) appropriate for your situation. You could use Hello or only their name if Dear is too formal.
  • The examples below are the center section of a thank you note.
  • [Words in brackets] in the messages below should be replaced as it makes sense for your note.
  • You can use a closing other than Thanks Again, such as Sincerely, Kind Regards, Warm Wishes, Thanks a ton, or All The Best.
  • Your thank you note for the birthday gift will feel much more personal if you mention the gift. People like to know that you know what you got them.
  • You can use synonyms for words like amazing, wonderful, beautiful, best, perfect, and fantastic to describe the gift.
  • If you received many gifts at once (perhaps at a birthday party), didn’t use a gift tracker, and now do not know who gave you each gift, you can still write a thank you note. After all, the primary purpose is to express your gratitude. You may also want to review the tips in the generic thank you note wording post.

The example messages below are for birthday gifts. These posts can help you with wording for other birthday situations or for specific birthday gifts:  

If you’d like your young children to write thank you notes, consider filling-in-the-blank cards to help make it easier for them.

Short Thank You For the Birthday Gift Messages

Here are short messages for saying thank you after receiving a birthday gift. These messages could also start a longer birthday thank you message. These messages could work well when someone hands you a gift or opening gifts at a party. 

  1. Thank you for the birthday gift! 
  2. I greatly appreciate the gifts. 
  3. Thank You! Your gift made my day. 
  4. Thank you for the wonderful gift. 
  5. Thanks for remembering my birthday. I love the gift!
  6. You’re an awesome friend. Thanks for the gift.
  7. I am thankful for you and the birthday gifts. 
  8. Restaurant Name is my favorite. Thank you for the gift card.
  9. Thank you for thinking of me. The gift is excellent. 
  10. Thank you for the fantastic gift. I can’t wait to try it out. 

Birthday Gift Thank You Note Messages Examples

Here are some ways you can say thank you for a birthday gift. Remember to mention the gift when possible to make your note feel personal and meaningful. 

Also, I’m using actual possible gifts in the examples. You can replace the example birthday gift with whatever gift you are saying thank you for.

1. Thank you for [gift] for my birthday. I will [use/enjoy/read/listen/appropriate verb] [to] it soon. I was excited that you remembered how much I like [the subject matter of gift]. [I also thank you for coming to the party – include only if you had a party].

2. Thank you for the money for my birthday! I will be spending it on lunches out while at the office. I usually pack my life daily, so going out will be a real treat for me!

3. I enjoyed seeing you at my birthday party and appreciate that you found a wine bottle from the year I was born. I will save the bottle for the shelf after we drink the wine.

4. I love the cat coloring book you gave me for my birthday. I had no idea that adult coloring books existed. This book is perfect for me, given my love of cats! I am looking forward to coloring while I watch TV in the evenings. Thank you!

5. Thank you for sharing my birthday with me. I also appreciate the gift card to [restaurant name]. Your dad and I like to go there at least once a week.

6. I am thankful for our time together on my birthday! Dinner out at [restaurant name] was a surprise. I had fun and enjoyed our conversation. I will be sure to take you out on your birthday this year!

7. Thank you for the blanket you made for my birthday. The design is beautiful, and your sewing abilities are unique. I will treasure the blanket for years to come! [Family Member Name] has hinted that he would like one of your homemade blanks too!

8. The cat earrings you picked out for me are perfect. They are cute, and as you know, I don’t think all cat items are cute! I will wear these earrings often as they are adorable. They remind me of my cat, [cat name].

9. Thank you for coming to my 40th birthday party! You were a lot of fun, and everyone loved your jokes and storytelling. Thank you for making the party great. Also, thank you for the beautiful note cards. They were the perfect birthday gift.

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10. Thank you for spending the day with me on my birthday! I had fun at the zoo, and dinner afterward was also great. I enjoyed spending the day with you. Giving me the gift of your time was the best birthday gift ever.

11.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fantastic birthday gift. The trip to the spa is exactly what I need. You’ve you in my life is a blessing from God.

12.  Thank you for the fabulous birthday gifts. I was so surprised by the cat earrings and socks. The earrings are beautiful, and I will wear them on special occasions. The cat-themed socks will be added to my daily rotation.

13.  Thank you for the thoughtful gift for my birthday. The weighted blanket has helped calm my anxiety and is super cozy. I love snuggling it during the evenings when I watch TV.

14.  Thanks for the birthday gift! I appreciate that you thought of me. The mug is quite nice and perfect for my morning coffee. I hope to see you soon!

15.  Thank you for the wonderful gift on my special day. I love the lavender-scented candles and lotions. And I’m so glad that you are part of my life. I enjoy our friendship every day.

16. Thank you for my birthday gift. I appreciate that you thought of me. The journal is awesome, and I look forward to writing in it daily.

17. Thank you for the birthday gift. The tickets to the baseball game were very thoughtful. I love you so much! You are the best girlfriend ever. I will enjoy going to the game with my friends next weekend.

Thank You for the Birthday Gift Cards Messages

The example messages in this section will help you write thank-you notes for birthday cards. You can also review the Thank You for the Gift Card Messages.

Tip: If you’ve used the gift card before writing your note, you can say what you used it for. And you do not need to state the amount of the gift card as the giver knows since they gave it to you.

1. Thank you for the Amazon Gift Card for my birthday. I love having the freedom to buy whatever I choose and having so many choices. I am leaning towards a stack of new novels to read.

2. I am so thankful for the birthday gift card to [place]. It’s my favorite place to shop, and I look forward to a spending spree soon. Also, thanks for the lovely card.

3. You are a wonderful friend to bless me with a gift card to [local grocery store]. I love spending a little extra on expensive cheese. It was the perfect birthday treat for me!

4. Thanks for the Kohl’s gift card to celebrate my birthday. I will be using it for some new slippers and jeans. I appreciate that you thought of me again this year.

5. I am thankful for you and that you always remember my birthday. The gift card to Cabela’s is excellent as I’m saving them to buy [expensive product]. Also, thank you for making the chocolate birthday cake.

6. The gift card to [store] was a pleasant surprise for my birthday! I will think of you when I am there shopping. You are a wonderful aunt. I look forward to seeing you at the family Christmas party.

7. Thank you for the birthday gift card to Chewy.com. As you know, I use the site to purchase many things for the cats. It’s so convenient, and with the gift card, I will feel like next month’s kitty litter is free. Also, I will be getting the cats some new toys!

8.  I am thankful for you and appreciate the generous birthday gift card to [place]. I will have fun spending it, and thanks for the birthday wishes.

9.  Thank you for the Old Navy gift card for my birthday. I will use it towards new clothes for school this fall. I love shopping there, and it was the perfect gift for me. I know picking out clothes for me would be difficult, so I appreciate having the gift card.

10. I appreciate the Walmart gift card for my birthday. It was the ideal present for me because I enjoy shopping there. I will have fun browsing and getting whatever suits my fancy.

11. Thank you for the Chipotle gift card. I like stopping there on my way home from work to pick up a quick dinner. Also, thanks for the beautiful birthday card. The landscape painting on the front was lovely, and I have it on display in my kitchen.

Thank You for the Birthday Card Messages

Tip: Remember, if you were given a birthday gift (other than the card), you should also say thanks for that birthday gift. 

1. Thank you for sending me a birthday card. I enjoyed hearing from you, and the card was beautiful as well.

2. Thank you for my birthday card. You were thoughtful to remember me. I appreciate your sending me a card every year and look forward to receiving it. I noticed that you chose a cat-themed card which was perfect for me.

3. I was very surprised to receive a birthday card from you! Thank you very much for recognizing that I made another trip around the sun. The dogs on the front of the card were cute.

4. Receiving a birthday card from you help make my birthday feel special. You are a great friend, and I loved your note about our friendship. I love that we are friends too. Also, the “over the hill” card was hilarious. I am grateful that we met all those years ago.

5. Thank you for the birthday card! (While this simple message is short, you could send it as a text message to a friend or family member).

6. Sending me a birthday card was very nice of you. Thank you for thinking of me. The message on the card was fun, just like you! I had a good chuckle reading it.

7. Thank you for mailing me a birthday card. You are the only one that sent me a card this year. It was nice to have a bit of joy in the mailbox on my special day.

8. Thanks for the birthday card and fantastic gift. I love that the card was gift themed. And the gift card to [store name] will allow me to go on a shopping spree. I appreciate your generosity.

9. Receiving a birthday card from you was a delightful surprise. Thank you for thinking of me. The Bible verse on the inside of the card was inspiring too. See you at church next week.

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