15 Thank You For Inviting Me To Your Birthday Party Messages

Birthday parties can be fun to attend. Over the years, I’ve been invited to many parties for nieces and nephews.

The last birthday party for an adult I went to was for a friend when he turned 55. It was a catered party in his backyard. We had fun celebrating his birthday.

Below you will find example messages to thank someone for inviting you to their birthday party or their kid’s birthday party.

This post is part of the thanks for the invite series, and you can see complete thank you note templates here. You may also want to read through the other birthday-related thank you posts for gifts, flowers, and birthday wishes.


  • Adjust example wording as needed to fit your situation (example: kid vs adult party).
  • The wording will vary depending on if you have attended the party already, will attend, or can’t attend.
  • This thank you message DOES NOT replace RSVP’ing in the requested way. You will still want to RSVP in the requested manner.
  • If you want to add a little more to your note, you can add a sincere compliment or check out my tips for better thank you notes.
  • If you want to handwrite a note, and need a quick printable card, you can browse my free cards here.

Will Attend the Birthday Party

#1 Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party. I am excited to celebrate with you and will see you on the 15th!

#2 Thanks for inviting us to your 50th birthday party. You are getting old. Just kidding! We are delighted that we can attend and will see you then. 

#3 We are excited about your birthday party! Thank you for the invitation. The kids and I are looking forward to it. 

#4 Thank you for inviting us to your son’s birthday party!  We are excited to celebrate his first birthday with your family. See you then.

#5 We will be able to attend the surprise birthday party for [Name]. Thanks for including us. We love spending time with your family. I hope no one leaks the surprise!

Will Not Attend the Birthday Party

#1 We appreciate being invited to your daughter’s birthday party. Unfortunately, we will be out of town that weekend and unable to attend. 

#2 Thank you for inviting us to your birthday party. I am sorry that we will not be able to make it. I hope you have fun celebrating!

#3 Thanks for inviting me to your son’s birthday party. However, we will not be able to come as [Kid’s Name] has an out-of-town softball tournament that weekend. We have a gift for [Name of the kid with birthday] which we will drop off before the party. 

#4 We were excited to get the invitation to your birthday party in the mail this week. However, we already have plans for that day and will not be attending. We wish you a happy birthday and hope to see you soon.

#5 Your birthday celebration sounds fun! Thank you for inviting us, but we can’t make it. We have tickets with the kids for [place/show/etc.] that day. We are sorry to miss out and hope you have a great time.

Already Attended the Birthday Party

#1 Your birthday party was so much fun! Thanks for including us. The cake and food were wonderful. I liked dipping treats into the fondue chocolate fountain. 

#2 I had a wonderful time at your birthday party. Thank you for inviting me. Watching others sing karaoke was so fun!

#3 The birthday party for your twins’ first birthday was fun. Watching them stuff cake into their little was cute. Thank you for including us in the celebration. We look forward to watching them grow up. 

#4 Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party! All the food from [name of catering place] was great, especially the spinach dip. I had a wonderful time celebrating with you and chatting with others at the party. Maybe I will have a party when I turn 50, as yours was a delight. 

#5 Thank you for inviting us to celebrate your birthday with you. We had a wonderful time. The food and company were delightful. The homemade cake your aunt made was the best!

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