35 Thank You for Coming to My Birthday Party Example Messages

Birthday parties are fun! The tips and examples below will show you how to write a birthday thank-you note or message for those that attended your party.

There will also be simple examples if you’d like your kid to write thank-you notes if the party was for your child and they are old enough to write.

I am a big fan of handwritten thank you notes. But you could also send a text message, email, or call the person.  If you decide to write a handwritten thank-you note or email, review the thank-you note writing steps to see the format of a full thank-you note.

If you are looking for an example message for being invited to a birthday party, read these sample messages. And also, here are examples of saying thank you for birthday wishes.

The history of birthday parties is fascinating too. They go way back!

This post is part of the thank you for coming series.

To say thank you for coming to my party that wasn’t a birthday party, review the examples here.

Quick Tips:

  • I recommend specifically mentioning any gifts, but if you don’t know who gave what, being generic “thank you for the gift” is better than not recognizing the gifts at all.
  • For messages where you want to mention your age like 50th, 70th, etc. when using the examples below, you can insert the 70th before the word birthday.
  • The words “coming” and “attending” can be swapped out based on your preference.
  • If you came across this post looking to thank people for attending a party that wasn’t for a birthday, many of the samples below would still work by removing the word birthday.
  • The examples below are the message section of the note or can be used as-is if you are not handwriting or emailing the letter.
  • Words in [brackets] should be replaced with words that fit your situation.
  • And you can review the thank you for the birthday wishes memes.

Your birthday party

#1 [Spouse’s Name] and I were glad that you were able to celebrate my special day with us. I was surprised by the party. We enjoyed visiting and catching up with you. Thank you for helping make my 50th birthday a day I will never forget!

#2 Thank you for celebrating my birthday at the party! What a wonderful day it was to be among our friends and family at the park. Your dog was popular with the kids. Maybe next year I will ask for a dog for my birthday.

#3 I want to thank you for taking part in my birthday celebration. [Name] let me know that you helped to organize most of it. The decorations and food were terrific. I am glad that we are friends.

#4 My birthday party was so much fun! Thank you for being there and celebrating with me. I will remember this party for a long time!

#5 Thanks for coming to my birthday celebration! You making the trip down to be part of it meant a lot to me. Chatting with you in person was great, and I value our friendship. Also, thank you for the [whatever gift they brought].

#6 I was shocked that [Spouse Name] threw a surprise birthday party for me. Thank you for attending and taking part in the celebration. I feel blessed to have many friends and family.

#7 I am grateful that you are part of my life! Thank you for being at my birthday party. Celebrating with you and other friends was the best part of the day.

#8 Thank you for attending my birthday party. Having all my friends and family together was so much fun. Also, thank you for the [gift]. I will think of you when I use it.

#9 The people in my life are the best party of my life. Thank you for coming to my surprise birthday party. I was definitely surprised! I had so much fun hanging out with everyone and having a good time. Thank you again for being part of the celebration.

#10 I am thankful that you were able to attend my birthday party. Flying home to take part in the celebration was a huge surprise. You are a wonderful lifetime friend.

#11 Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me. The party was exciting with you there, helping to provide entertainment. I am so glad that you were able to come. Also, thank you for the  Amazon gift card.

adults at a birthday party with birthday lady about to be given a birthday cake with candles lit

Adult birthday party for a specific age

#12 Thank you for attending my 70th birthday party. I am starting to feel over the hill. I had a great day with my friends and family celebrating together.

#13 You have always been special to me, and I am thankful that you were able to attend my 50th birthday party. We’ve had a lot of fun over the years and last night’s party is another time I will not soon forget.

#14 The party last night was fun and a big surprise as I turned 60. The cake you made was excellent too. Thank you for being part of my special day. I am amazed that [Spouse/Partner] was able to keep the party a secret.

#15 I feel so blessed to have such great friends at the age of 75. The party felt very special as it’s been many years since I had a birthday party. Thank you for coming and enjoying the cake. It’s always nice to visit with you as well.

#16 Thank you for coming to my 30th birthday party! I feel like an adult now that I’m out of my twenties. The dinner at [Friend’s name] house was perfect.

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Your child’s birthday party

#17 We were so excited that your family was able to come to [Child’s Name]’s birthday party. We know the drive was long for you and appreciate that you made the trip up for the party. The party was so much fun, even if [Child’s Name] didn’t quite understand why so many people were watching him eat cake. Also, thank you for the [write what the gift was] you brought for [Child’s Name].

#18 Thanks for attending the birthday party for [Child’s Name] and for bringing him a gift. We always enjoy having you around as you are super fun. [Child’s Name] is still talking about the jokes you told him and trying hard to retell them to his friends. It’s adorable.

#19 Celebrating [Child’s Name]’s at the bowling alley was fun! Thank you for bringing your kids and for the gifts. We appreciate that your family took time out of your weekend to spend the afternoon with us.

#20 Thank you for coming to my daughter’s birthday party. [Child’s Name] was excited to meet you. Turning 5 was a big deal for her. She loved the outfit that you gave to her.

#21 We were delighted that you came to our son’s birthday party. We also appreciate the clothes and the new game for him. The gifts were thoughtful and will be put to use soon!

#22 Thank you for coming to celebrate [Child’s Name] birthday. The party was so much fun, and I enjoyed visiting with you while the kids played. Also, thanks for bringing the cake!

#23 The birthday party was a huge success! [Child’s Name] had a great time playing with your children. We were all happy that you were able to make it! Thanks for the gifts too!

#24 Thank you for coming to the birthday party for the twins. They had fun and also will enjoy playing the [game] you gave to them.

#25 My son was thrilled that [other kid’s name] was able to attend his party. They love playing video games together and thank you for giving him [Video game title]. I also enjoyed visiting with you while the kids played.

kids at a birthday party

Your child’s 1st birthday party

#26 Thank you for attending the birthday party for [Kid’s Name]and for the diapers. The pictures you took of him smashing the cake were excellent. They captured the scene very well and will be included in the scrapbook. We were also happy to have you there to share in the celebration.

#27 Thank you for celebrating [Kid’s Name]’s 1st birthday with us! We are grateful for the clothes and diapers you gave her too. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

#28 You are wonderful parents! I appreciate your help with [Kid’s Name]’s 1st birthday party. Everyone seemed to have a great time and enjoyed watching [Kid’s Name] playing with his birthday cake.

#29 I hope you had fun at [Kid’s Name]’s 1st birthday party! It is a party that I will always remember and will be able to tell [Kid’s Name] about it someday. Also, thank you for the gift card. We will likely buy more diapers with it.

#30 Thanks for coming to the birthday party for the twins. Celebrating their first year was special, and we made some lovely memories. Spending time with you is always a job, and I was delighted that you were able to attend.

Birthday party thank you messages written by your kid

Note: If you have twins and are having the kids handwrite the notes, you can use one thank you card that is blank on the inside. Have each kid write a message on opposite sides. I am a twin and this is how my mom had my brother and I write notes. And it’s best if the message isn’t identical. Depending on the age of the child, one or two short sentences may be sufficient.

#31 Thanks for coming to my party! I hope you had a nice time. The new board game will be fun to play with friends.

#32 I had fun at my party and hope that you did too. I appreciate the cash that was in the card and will do something wise with it.

#33 Thanks for the money for my birthday. I will have fun spending it.

#34 You give the best presents! Also, thank you for making the Batman cake for me. My whole day felt extra special.

#35 Thank you for the birthday gift.

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