15 Thank You for the Birthday Flowers Wording Examples

Birthday flowers can be wonderful and fun to receive. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

This post will contain example wording to thank someone for birthday flowers. Flowers may be given to us by friends, coworkers, a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner.

If you received a birthday gift other than flowers, read Thank You for Birthday Gifts and Cards and Thank You for the Birthday Wishes.

How To Say Thank You for Birthday Flowers

When you receive birthday flowers, you can write a thank you message. You can customize the message depending on your relationship with the person. 

Here are some short thank you for the birthday flowers that can be used in most situations:

  1. Thank you for the birthday flowers! They made my day.
  2. Thank you for thinking of me on my birthday. The flowers are lovely. 
  3. The birthday flowers are beautiful. Thank you so much.
  4. I was happy to receive the birthday flowers. They added a splash of color and joy to my day. Thank you. 
  5. You’re a thoughtful friend. Thanks for the birthday flowers. 
  6. The daisies you sent for my birthday were perfect. Thank you for remembering they are my favorite flower. 
  7. Thanks for the birthday flowers. They are wonderful. 
  8. I just received the birthday flowers. Thank you very much!
  9. The birthday flowers were a wonderful surprise! Thank you for remembering my birthday. 
  10. Thank you for the beautiful birthday flowers. I love them. 

Below are examples of thanking specific people, coworkers, friends, and lovers. 

Thank You for the Birthday Flowers From Coworkers

Tip: I recommend writing a handwritten note if the flowers were from one coworker. The notecard can be placed on their desk or handed to them. If the flowers were from your team or multiple people, send an email so that they all get the thank-you note simultaneously.

#1 Thank you for the fantastic flowers! I was surprised that you remembered my birthday. I will keep the flowers on my desk for as long as they last.

#2 Thanks, team, for the birthday flowers! You are all wonderful for thinking of me and helping my day to feel special. The flowers made being at work on my birthday much more enjoyable.

#3 I enjoyed the purple carnations for my birthday! As the team knows, purple is my favorite color, and I appreciate that you remembered that. You are a wonderful team!

#4 I am excited that you thought of me on my birthday. The flowers will brighten up our dingy cube! I will take them home over the weekend. I am thankful that we have become friends while working together.

#5 You are a fun coworker! Thank you for surprising me with flowers on my birthday. The entire time can enjoy seeing them on my desk this week (and probably next week, too – as long as they last).

Thank You for the Birthday Flowers From a Friend

Tip: I recommend handwritten notes, but here are other ways to thank someone.

#1 Thank you for remembering me on my birthday! The flower delivery surprised me and made my day. I look forward to enjoying the flowers for the next week or so. Let’s get together soon for lunch.

#2 Wow! Thank you for the birthday flowers. I love them. The arrangement is beautiful. I have taken a picture of them to remember them forever. The note that came with the flowers was also nice.

#3 Having you as a friend is a blessing. I love how you do nice things for other people and me. The birthday flowers were touching and a wonderful reminder of our friendship.

#4 The birthday flowers are unique! Once again, you’ve blown me out of the water with this surprise. I hope we can get together soon as I love spending time with you.

#5 I am enjoying my birthday flowers. They look stunning in the morning when the sun is shining on them. The cat card with the flowers was perfect for this cat lady. And I appreciate that you took the time to order flowers cats are not allergic to.

Thank You for the Birthday Flowers From a Lover (Spouse, Boyfriend, Etc.)

Tip: If you have any special love phrases or names you use with each other, you can include them in your note. With someone you know intimately, the note can be much more personal.

#1 I love the roses you sent me at work for my birthday. Since I am at work more than I am at home during the week, having them sent there was very thoughtful. I will bring them home on the weekend. I love you!

#2 The birthday flowers were so lovely and unexpected. Getting flowers is definitely part of my love language. I will enjoy looking at them every day and think of you.

#3 The birthday flowers helped me to feel special on my birthday. I love that you know how to cheer me hope, and I will think of you whenever I smell the flowers.

#4 I am impressed that you did research with my family to find out that my favorite flowers are tulips! The yellow tulips are absolutely amazing! They look fabulous on my dining room table, which you will see when you come for dinner this weekend.

#5 Thank you for giving me birthday flowers! Many people think flowers are a waste of money, but I love how they symbolize love. I love you very much!

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