31 Thank You for the Cookies, Cake, or Pie Example Messages

Sweet treats, such as cookies, cake, or pie, can be fun to enjoy at a party or receive as a gift.

This post provides sample wording if you want to thank someone for cake, cookies, or pie. There is a separate post dedicated to thanking someone for the chocolate.

If you want to send a handwritten thank-you note, you can review the complete structure of thank-you notecard here. The examples are the center section of a note. Or you could use them in a text message or another way of sharing your gratitude with someone.

The example notes are split into sections for cake, cookies, and pie.  For donuts, read this post.

Tips to get the most out of the examples

  • The words cake, cookies, or pie can be substituted in most of the examples. For example, if you see a “thank you for the cake” note that you like, but wish it was for cookies. Simply change it to “thank you for the cookies” in your note.
  • Also, many types of other desserts are popular, such as cupcakes, lemon bars, and sheet cakes. Please feel free to substitute words in the examples as needed.
  • If the treats were received for a holiday or other occasion, you could add the word for the event before the type of treat—for example, Christmas Cookies, Mother’s Day apple pie, etc. Or add “for my birthday” following cookies (ex. Thank you for the yummy cookies for my birthday).
  • You can also remove an occasion from an example. So, if an example that inspires you has Christmas cookies in it, but the cookies were not for Christmas, remove the word Christmas.
  • Your note will be better if you include specific details. What type of cake or cookies? How did it make you feel to receive it?
  • Compliments are good! However, if you didn’t like the cake, cookie, or pie, you can still thank the person for thinking of you and their effort.
  • If the person shared the recipe with you, you can also thank them for sharing the recipe.

Thank you for the cookies messages

#1. Thank you for the delicious cookies. They were a pleasant surprise, and chocolate chip is my favorite. I ate them all in one day! Feel free to bless me with more cookies at any time.

#2. You are such a kind and caring person. The cutout cookies you dropped off made my day and helped to cheer me up. Thank you for thinking of me.

#3. The homemade cookies you made me for my birthday were fantastic. I delighted in every bite. And I appreciate that you remembered that I like walnuts in chocolate chip cookies.

#4. Thank you for the plate of holiday cookies. The kids look forward to them each year. They dip them into milk and have a very nice time together, enjoying them and discussing the details on the gingerbread house, and making up stories. Their imagination is fun to observe.

#5. Your Christmas cookies were amazing and so delicious again this year. Thank you for the beautiful platter as well. The cookies that were shaped like sheep were my favorite.

#6. You make the best cookies! Thank you for giving me another dozen. I am happy to be your taste tester.

#7. Thank you so much for the cookies. We have eaten them all and enjoyed all of them. Your sugar cookies are my favorite. Thank you for surprising me and recognizing my success.

#8. Thank you for the milk and cookies. They were a great treat that reminded me of my grandma. And of course, your peanut butter cookies are the best!

#9. I want to thank you for the milk and cookies last night. They are great comfort food and perfect to enjoy while watching Christmas movies. Let’s make having milk and cookies a tradition!

Thank you for the cake messages

#1. Thank you for making the cake for the event. Everyone in the office knows your cakes are fantastic and look forward to having a piece. I hope we have more reasons to celebrate soon so that we can have more of your delicious cakes.

#2. Leaving the office will be hard. Thank you for making a good-bye cake for my last day. I am going to miss all the friends I have made in the previous few years and hope we can stay in touch.

#3. Moving away is going to be tough. Thank you for making the good-bye cake for the party. The design of the cake was perfect. I sure am going to miss you!

#4. You are a very kind person to make me a cake. It was yummy, and my family enjoyed it with me. I feel blessed to have you in my life.

#5. Thank you for the surprise birthday cake. It was very thoughtful, and I appreciate all the effort you put into it. I was very impressed when I heard you also made the frosting. The cake helped my birthday to feel extra special this year.

#6. Thank you for the birthday cake. I was so thrilled to have a Costco cake for my birthday. The cake is just so good, and I like whatever they use for the filling between the layers.

#7. The pumpkin cake for my birthday was delicious. I know pumpkin isn’t traditional for a birthday or in the summer, but it’s my favorite. The flavor of it is just so good. Thank you for making it for me.

#8. The surprise birthday cake was lovely. The fondant flowers were so intricate and reminded me of the flower garden in my yard. It was almost too beautiful to eat! But I’m glad we did as it was the best tasting cake I have ever had.

#9. Thanks for baking the cake. It was both beautiful and delicious. It was so sweet of you to offer to make it. The entire family enjoyed it.

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Thank you for the pie messages

#1. Thank you for the Dutch apple pie. It’s my favorite pie of all time, and I appreciate you for making it for me. I will savor every slice!

#2. I want to thank you for the apple pie. It was delicious, and the entire book club enjoyed it. Maybe someday you can teach me how to make one.

#3. Thanks for the pie. Your homemade crust makes the pie stand out from others. The pie was the perfect gift for my birthday.

#4. The pumpkin pies you made for Thanksgiving dinner were fantastic. Thank you for bringing them to our family gathering. I noticed many people have more than one piece, which shows just how awesome they were.

#5. Thank you for bringing the pecan pie to Thanksgiving. It was enjoyed by many, and I appreciate the time you spent making it. Your pecan pie is one of my favorite holiday traditions.

#6. The pie you brought to the office was awesome! I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it as chocolate mouse pie is my favorite. The texture was so creamy and delicious. And it was awesome topped with a bit of whipped cream. It made my day!

#7. Your blueberry and peach pie was so wonderful. Thank you for making it for my birthday, as you know I prefer pie to cake. The crust was delicious too. And having warm just out of the oven made it feel extra special and comforting.

When you didn’t like the treat

Note: Depending on your relationship, you may or may not want to say that you didn’t like the treat. Either way, you can still appreciate the effort.

#1. Thank you for the cookies. I look forward to seeing you soon!

#2. The amount of effort you put into the cookies was amazing. The detail work with the frosting and fondant is impressive. They were each a little piece of art.

#3. Thank you for the cake and for thinking of me. I appreciate that you spent your afternoon making a cake. Let’s get together for a visit soon.

#4. Thank you for making the pie for the family party. Catching up with you at the party was fun too. I enjoyed our visit.

#5. The chocolate cake you make for my mom’s birthday looked terrific. Unfortunately, chocolate isn’t my favorite, but I could see how much others (including Mom) enjoyed it. Thank you for bringing it to the party.

#6. The cookies you make for the team lunch looked awesome! I appreciate the time and effort you spent making them. The strong taste of the bourbon in them was too much for me.

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