33 Thank You for the Gift Basket Example Notes

Did you receive a gift basket and want to say thank you? Below are tips followed by example notes for saying thank you for the gift basket.

Gift baskets can be fun to receive. They can contain items such as chocolate, snack food, fruit, gift cards, flowers, or many other things.

Gift baskets are also given for many reasons, such as sympathy, birthdays, holidays, or client relationships. 

Tips for Saying Thank You for a Gift Basket

  • When you thank somebody for a gift basket, you may want to mention what type of basket or items in the basket, such as chocolate, nuts, lotions, etc.
  • If the gift basket was for a celebration or holiday, mention that in your note. For example, include Christmas or Birthday before the word basket.
  • If the basket was sent to you at the office as a thank-you for your business, sending a thank-you note also acknowledges that you received the basket.
  • If you are feeling funny and know the recipient likes puns. You can try adding a food pun from this list to your note.
  • Compliment the basket or the contents.

The examples below are the center part of a thank you note. If needed, review an example of a complete thank-you note.

Use the examples below for inspiration. If there isn’t an example of the type of basket you received, substitute words as needed.

Thank You for the Gift Basket Note Examples

#1 Thank you for the gift basket for [reason basket was given]. [I or We] liked it because [why you liked it]. The [item] was our favorite.

#2 The basket of goodies you sent was great! I was amazed! The homemade rolls and egg noodles were terrific. I love all of your homemade items. Perhaps I will return the basket for a refill!

#3 Thank you for the fruit basket. I love that you sent me something healthy. I enjoyed the variety of apples. Thank you for remembering me on my birthday.

#4 I was astonished that you sent me a basket of cat toys. That was perfect for my cat crew and me. I will enjoy watching the cats play with the toys. They love it when I play with them with the wand today. Thank you for the basket.

#5 The Christmas basket of goodies was delicious. The whole family enjoyed the variety of snacks. My favorite was the dark chocolate bar. Thank you, and happy new year!

#6 Thank you for the lovely gift basket of nuts. The variety and quality were exceptional. I love food gifts since they are consumed and do not add clutter to my home. And, of course, all the nuts tasted terrific.

#7 Thank you for the beautiful gift baskets of lotions and soaps. The lavender scent is my favorite. I appreciate that you remembered my birthday!

#8 We enjoyed the gift basket of meats, cheeses, and crackers for our anniversary. Your Dad and I had fun trying the variety of cheeses we had not had before.  The basket is beautiful too.

Thank You for Sympathy Gift Basket

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#1 Thank you for the gift basket following my mom’s funeral. We appreciate your sympathy and enjoyed the treats in the basket. 

#2 Thank you for your kindness and sympathy. The gift basket was thoughtful. The crackers and cheese were delicious. 

#3 I am grateful to have you in my life. Thank you for sending me a sympathy gift basket. You’re a blessing to me. 

#4 We were very surprised by the sympathy gift basket. Thank you for thinking of us during this difficult time. Your generosity is appreciated. 

#5 Thank you for the sympathy gift basket. Harry and David Moose Munch is one of my favorite treats. It helped to cheer me up. 

Thank You for the Fruit Basket

#1 Thank you for the fruit basket for my birthday. I enjoyed every piece! The pears were my favorite. 

#2 I was so surprised when the fruit basket was delivered. Thank you for sending it as my Christmas gift. It was delicious. 

#3 Thank you for the lovely fruit basket. It was beauty and tasty! I love that you remembered that I prefer fruit over chocolate. 

#4 Thanks for the fruit basket! It was delightful and I appreciate you for thinking of me. 

#5 You’re a wonderful friend. Thank you for the fruit basket. It was a nice surprise for my birthday. 

Thank You for the Flower Gift Basket

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#1 The gift basket of flowers celebrating my promotion is beautiful. The purple carnations are lovely and will last for weeks! I will reuse the basket once the flowers are no more.

#2 The basket of flowers made my day! You are a great friend. I will enjoy seeing the flowers on my kitchen table. They smell great too!

#3 Thank you for the basket of roses! I’m so happy you chose roses since they are non-toxic to my cats. Buster smelled them, but he didn’t try to eat any. I will text you a picture of him with the flowers. The flowers made my day.

#4 The basket of flowers for Christmas is beautiful! They will look lovely while on display during family holiday parties. Thank you for sending them early! We will enjoy them all season.

#5 Thank you for the flower gift basket. The colors and variety of flowers are pretty together. Thank you for remembering me on my birthday!

Basket Sent to Office or Team From Customer or Other Business Relationship

#1 Thank you for the gift basket. The whole team enjoyed it. Of course, the fantastic caramel corn was the first to go! We look forward to another year of working together with you.

#2 Thank you for the fruit basket. Since we are doing the Whole 30 as a team, we are very grateful for the fruit instead of chocolate and other snack foods that are not allowed. We appreciate that you listened to this detail during last month’s monthly call! We wish your team a Happy New Year!

#3 The gift basket celebrating our fifth year as your customer was delightful. We enjoy working with you and your team. We will indulge in the snacks and chocolate this afternoon. Thank you!

#4 Thank you for sending my team the Harry and David gift basket. We had fun splitting up the items. We look forward to our growing relationship with your team.

#5 My team appreciated the gift basket your team sent to use for Valentine’s Day. It was a pleasant surprise to get a basket other than at the end of the year. Thank you for thinking of us. We enjoyed the chocolate, nuts, and candy.

A Basket From the Team at Office Given to You as Their Teammate

Note: These examples could be sent to the entire team at the same time via email.

#1 You are all wonderful coworkers. Thank you for the gift basket for my birthday. I will enjoy the hot chocolate and coffee from Starbucks.

#2 I have the best team. Thank you for the fruit basket. I appreciate that you all remembered that I am not eating added sugar right now. This basket was perfect to celebrate my promotion.

#3 Thank you for the beautiful basket of chocolate! I read the little notes of encouragement from each of you on the dark chocolate bars. The basket cheered me up! I hope to be back to work soon.

#4 The gift basket welcoming me to the team and your city was incredible! Each person giving a gift card to your favorite restaurant was a neat way to help me learn a bit about each of you and the best places to eat out.

#5 The gift basket of cat items was a fun surprise! The foster cat loves catnip and playing with toys. He will have plenty to keep him busy for a while. The team pitching in to support my latest cat project is wonderful, and I thank you for your support.


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