How To Write A Thank you Note

Heidi Bender

Handwritten thank-you notes can be written in just five steps. The process is the same for thank-you emails.

Step 1 - The Greeting

Start your note with an appropriate salutation such as: Dear Violet, Hi Violet, Violet,

Step 2 - The Thank You

Say what you are thankful for. Thank you for the ________.

Step 3 - Include Why or A Compliment

Add another sentence about why you are grateful. Or add a compliment.

Step 4 - The Closing Step 5 - Sign Your Name

End your note with a closing, followed by your name. Love, Heidi Sincerely,  Jake

Example Thank You Note

Example Thank You Note

Dear Mom, Thank you for the birthday gift. The purple sweater is beautiful, and I will think of you when I wear it!  Love, Heidi

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