23 Thank You for the Chocolate Message Examples

June 28th is National Milk Chocolate Day! If someone gives you chocolate, be sure to say thank you. 

Receiving chocolate can be a delightful gift. Expressing your gratitude for the chocolate is an outstanding way to show your appreciation.

The thank you for the chocolate messages below will help you say thank you to the person who gave you the chocolate.

Send a thank you message in a text, write a handwritten note, or say thank you another way. The delivery method is up to you and may depend on your situation.

How to Say Thank You For A Chocolate Gift

Here are a few tips to help you write thank you for chocolate messages.

  • Say why you liked it. Include the reason why you liked the chocolate. This could be the taste, the choice of chocolates, it made your day, how it made you feel, or something else.
  • Be polite. If you didn’t like the chocolate, thank them for the gesture, and don’t say it was horrible or that you hated it.
  • Acknowledge the day. If the chocolate was for an event or holiday, like Chocolate Day, Valentine’s Day, your birthday, or Christmas, mention it in your note.
  • Recognition. If the chocolate gift was in honor of some accomplishment (perhaps at work) or given to you after a performance, you could acknowledge that in the message.
  • Love. If the chocolate was from a significant other, you could end your note or message with “I love you” or “Thank you for loving me.”

Thank You for the Chocolate Message Templates

There are two templates, as love isn’t always a reason that chocolate is given as a gift.

Note: Replace [words in brackets] as needed.

Note 2: It’s hard not to be generic in examples; Please make your note as specific as possible.

Template # 1 (with love)

Dear [Person’s Name],

Thank you for the chocolate for [special day, such as Valentine’s Day]. I felt special and loved that you thought of me.  And I was very impressed that you remembered that dark chocolate is my favorite.

I love you,

[Your Name]

Template # 2 (no love)

Dear [Person’s Name],

Thank you for the chocolate for [event or day]. Thank you for recognizing my accomplishment [in your note, say what the accomplishment was] with a gift. I was surprised and the chocolate was great. I shared the chocolate with nuts with my [husband] since he likes it too. It feels so good to be appreciated.

Thanks again,

[Your Name]

Thanks for the Chocolate Message Examples

The examples below are the center section of a thank you note. If you are writing a traditional thank-you note, include the opening and closing, and sign your name on your notecard.

For a special day or event

#1 Thank you for giving me chocolate when [list achievement or performance]. The recognition with a box of chocolates was terrific.

#2 I appreciate the box of chocolates for my birthday! I only allowed myself two pieces a day to help them last longer. They are such a sweet treat.

#3 I enjoyed the chocolate you gave to me for my birthday. That was a pleasant surprise! Thank you for thinking of me.

#4 Thank you for the delicious chocolates. I’m glad you drew my name for the Christmas gift exchange. You are great at picking out the kind of chocolate that I love. As you know, all chocolate isn’t the same!

#5 Wow! Those chocolates you gave me for Valentine’s day were delicious. You made the perfect choice for me this year. I can tell you have been listening to my chocolate preferences since last year. I love you!

#6 Thank you for coming to my show and the chocolate afterward. The chocolate bars you gave me are fantastic, and I appreciate that you came to my performance.

#7 The chocolate roses for Valentine’s Day were fabulous and so much better than real roses! I enjoyed the chocolate version much more than the flowers. Thanks for remembering that my love of chocolate is more significant than my love of flowers. Each bite felt indulgent, and I thought of you and our love for each other.

Just Because 

#8 I loved the 90% dark chocolate bar! You are a very thoughtful person to remember that I’m watching my sugar intake and no longer eat milk chocolate.

#9 The chocolate was perfect. I loved that you found some in the shape of cats. I smiled each time I had a piece. They are all gone now!

#10 Thank you for the chocolate! It was delicious and made my day.

#11 The chocolate you gave me was the best chocolate I have ever had! I want to know where you got it. Thank you for sharing this brand of chocolate with me.

#12 I love organic dark chocolate! Thank you for giving me a box when I was having a hard day at work. Your gesture cheered me up and helped me get through the rest of the day.

#13 The chocolate was great! Thank you for the extra big box. I shared it with the family. We had fun together matching the chocolate to the list of chocolates on the back of the box lid.

#14 The chocolate made my day! I was super excited to get them as a gift from you. I love you too!

Chocolate Was A Surprise (not on a special day of year)

#15 Thank you for the gift of chocolate. I feel loved whenever you surprise me with a box. They are the perfect treat, and I think of you and our love when I indulge in them.

#16 Thank you for the box of Turtles. They are one of my favorites and were a lovely surprise. You are a great friend, and thanks for remembering me!

#17 Thank you for sending me chocolate! That was a pleasant surprise to get in the mail. I love how fun our relationship is with sending each other surprises.

#18 Thank you for the thoughtful gift. I was surprised by the box of chocolates. Each piece was a delight. I look forward to seeing you soon.

#19 Thank you for the wonderful surprise box of chocolate bars. I enjoyed every delicious square. I appreciate your thoughtful gesture. Having you as a friend is incredible!

Chocolate At Work

Here are a few examples of how to saw thank you to your colleagues for chocolate.

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#20 The chocolate was great! I was happy to find the box on my desk. You are such a fun and thoughtful [co-worker or boss].

#21 I was surprised to find the box of chocolates on my desk yesterday! Thank you for thinking of me. The delicious chocolates brightened up my day.

#22 Thank you so much for the chocolates! I enjoyed eating them, and it was kind of you to give them to me to celebrate my 10th anniversary at this job. You are the best coworker!

#23 Thanks for the mini chocolate bars. I like to have them in at my desk for whoever my stop by. I am grateful that you contributed to the cause to restock my dish! Please stop by anytime for a piece.

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