Thank You For The Treat Guide with 27 Example Messages

When someone gives you a treat or treats you to a meal, it’s kind to say thank you!

This guide will help you express your gratitude and say thank you for the treat with a thank you message. A treat is usually when someone takes you out to eat at a restaurant, prepares a meal for you, gives you cookies, or another food treat or gift.

When I recently visited my brother out of state, he treated my parents and me to dinner at a wonderful local restaurant. During other visits, he took us to an ice cream stand for a delicious treat. So, treats can come in many different ways! Perhaps, someone treated you at the coffee shop.

You can quickly write a short note to say thank you for the treat by following the template and examples in the guide below.

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How to Say Thank You for the Treat

How you say thank you for the treat will depend on what the treat was. Therefore, you’ll want to customize your message to make it specific for the treat. For example, you can say thank you for the treat, followed by compliments.

Thank You for the Treat Template Message

Dear [Person’s Name]

Thank you for the [dinner] treat. I appreciate your generosity, and I enjoyed spending time with you. The [dish name] was fantastic as well. Thank you again for the delicious meal.


[Your Name]

Template Notes

Say thank you for the treat in 3 steps:

  1. Say thank you for the treat, specifically mentioning what the treat was (meal, gift, etc.).
  2. Add compliments about the meal or person.
  3. Then mention having a good time or that it was a nice surprise.

More notes:

  • Replace words in brackets as needed.
  • If the treat was for your birthday (or another event or holiday), you could easily add “birthday” to most of the examples. For example, add “birthday” before dinner or treat.
  • The template is for a handwritten note or note email. If you are sending a text message, it can be less formal, which means you don’t need the Dear (opening) or closing (sincerely) and probably don’t need to state your name (unless it’s the first time you’ve texted the person).
  • I like handwritten thank-you notes and enjoy picking out cards. There are plenty of note cards to choose from. I recommend Minted (fancy/better paper quality), Redbubble (unique), or Amazon (low-cost boxed sets). Or you can download a free printable PDF thank you card.
  • You can use a free tool like Grammarly to check your grammar and spelling.
  • You can also read more detailed information about how to write a thank you note.

There are examples below to help you with wording your thank you note. You can also read through more examples for common treat occasions in the posts listed below:

Thank You for the Treat Example Messages

Here are example thank you note messages to say thank you for a treat. Words like dinner can be changed to lunch as needed. And the dinner or lunch examples can be used to inspire your wording for a breakfast treat.

Thank you for the Dinner Treat Messages

#1 Thank you for the dinner treat. Having dinner together at [Restaurant Name] was a great time, and I was surprised when you picked up the tab. The [Dish Name] was absolutely delicious, and I’m glad we could catch up.

#2 Thanks for the dinner treat! Having dinner at your house was very much appreciated. Life has been busy, and I was glad to have a break from cooking. Also, you are an excellent cook. The meatloaf and mashed potatoes were fantastic.

#3 Thanks for the treat! The dinner you made for me was wonderful. I appreciate all the time you put into it. Your Brussel Sprouts recipe is my favorite. They are so delicious. I had such a great time visiting was as well.

#4 I was surprised by the birthday dinner treat! Thank you very much for taking me to [Favorite Restaurant Name]. You’re a good friend. Also, thank you for the birthday gifts and for making my day feel special. The meal was tasty, and I love the cat socks and mug.

#5 Thank you for the perfect birthday dinner. Having a meal of delicious snacks was fun. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed the fresh guacamole. You’re a great friend. Thank you for celebrating my birthday.

#6 Thank you for making me a delicious dinner last Saturday. Your cooking skill seems to improve every time you have me over. I feel lucky and blessed to be your taste tester and always love the dinner treat.

#7 Thank you for the dinner treat. You and your family are so much fun to spend time with. Thank you again for having me over. The BBQ ribs were tasty, and I loved the apple pie for dessert.

Thank You For The Dinner Treat - Man Eating Dinner

Thank you for the Lunch Treat Messages

#1 Thank you for the great meal for lunch last Tuesday. You’re a great cook, and I love your homemade chicken alfredo. It’s the best ever! I had a wonderful day and had a nice time with your family during the afternoon.

#2 Kudos to you for organizing a birthday lunch for me. It was a kind gesture. Having lunch with the team was a nice treat away from the office. And, I find that you are a very interesting person and love hearing about what all you’ve done with your life. I am grateful to be on a team with coworkers that I also consider to be friends.

#3 I had a fantastic time at lunch last week. Thank you for treating me! That was a wonderful surprise. I appreciated the lunch invitation. Next time, I will treat you!

#4 Thank you for making me feel special on my birthday. I am grateful to you for the birthday lunch at [Restaurant Name]. The salmon was cooked perfectly, and I enjoyed visiting with you.

#5 Thank you for lunch yesterday! It was a nice treat, and I always have a good time with my best friend. Your friendship means the world to me.

#6 Thank you for lunch today. I enjoyed the delicious food and appreciated the treat! The ice cream cake was a big surprise. I hope we can spend time together again soon.

#7 I am so grateful that you are in my life. Thank you so much for the birthday lunch treat at Red Lobster. Eating out with you was fun and put a huge smile on my face.

Thank you for the Sweet Treats Messages

#1 Thank you for surprising me with a box of delicious baked goods for my birthday. They were a thoughtful gift and the perfect birthday treat for my sweet teeth. I will enjoy eating every single yummy cookie and scone.

#2 I want to thank you for the ice cream treat. It was nice of you to treat me when we stopped at [Name of Ice Cream Place]. I love the taste of their chocolate soft serve, and it was the perfect end to our great day together.

#3 Wow, you are an amazing baker. Thank you so much for the delicious cookies for my birthday treat. The texture of them is perfect. And, thank you for remembering my birthday. I’m happy that we’ve become friends.

#4 Thanks for the birthday treat. You are a kind person, and the box of my favorite donuts was a lovely surprise. I am impressed that you remembered that glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme are my favorite. I also appreciated your kind words in the birthday card.

#5 Spending time with you last Saturday was delightful. I had a great time catching up. Thanks for the treat from the ice cream truck. Seeing the truck from our childhood was a fun surprise. I am grateful that we’ve stayed friends for so many years.

#6 The cookies you gave me last weekend were delicious. I’ve been bragging about them to everyone. Your baking skill is top-notch. Thank you for giving me some of your cookies as a treat!

#7 Stopping at the ice cream stand while we were out for a drive was a pleasant surprise. Thank you for the ice treat and foot-long hot good. We had a beautiful day together!

Thank you for the Treat – Gift or Experience Messages

This section provides example messages for when the treat was not food, such as a small gift or experience.

#1 Thank you for treating the kids and me to a visit to the waterpark. The kids had so much fun and were happy to spend the day there. There were some beautiful moments of all the kids together that I will never forget.

#2 Thank you so much for treating me to a massage. I had my appointment last Tuesday, and it was so wonderful. I felt relaxed afterward, and now I understand why you recommend them.

#3 The cut mug you gave me the other day is cute! The sunset with a cat is like owning a piece of art. Thanks for the treat! I am always impressed with the cat-themed items you find at second-hand stores.

#4 Thank you for the trip to the flower garden, my dear friend. A day photographing the flowers was the perfect treat for me!

#5 Thank you for the Yeti mug for a birthday treat! I love having it with me outside as bugs cannot get in. I appreciate you for thinking of me.

#6 Thanks for the treat! I love the deep red color of the mum you dropped off last night. It’s going to look great on my porch this fall.

Thank You for the Treat Summary

With a few sentences, you can express your appreciation for a treat by writing a thank you message. You can follow the thank you note template and examples in this post to help you say thank you for the treat.

Your friends, spouse, partner, family, coworkers, or boss will likely feel appreciated with a short thank you note. The thank you messages in the samples can be adjusted as needed for your treat! You can swap out dinner with lunch or vice versa. The examples are provided to inspire your thank you wording.

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