Thank You For Inviting (Us or Me) For Dinner Guide with Examples

When you are invited to dinner, you may want to respond with a thank you message. This post is part of the Thank You for Inviting Message series.

Writing a thank-you note to the host is a great way to show your gratitude and acknowledge the dinner or dinner party invitation.

How you respond to an invitation to dinner will depend on when you are writing your thank you note. This post will focus on saying thank you for inviting us for dinner BEFORE the dinner occurs.

There will be examples for if you plan to attend the dinner or if you need to decline the invitation. If you are writing a thank you for dinner, AFTER attending the dinner, please review the thank you for dinner messages.

To see three thank you wording templates, please read the thank you for inviting templates. The examples below are only the thank you message part of a thank you note. If you are writing a handwritten note or email, be sure to include the greeting, closing, and end with signing your name.

Note: In most of the examples, “me or us” can be interchanged to work for your note. Also, you can add or remove “party” following dinner, as needed for your situation.

For a holiday dinner, you can adjust the wording by adding the holiday into your wording. So, for example, change thank you for me to dinner to thank you for inviting me to Christmas dinner.

For Thanksgiving dinner, please review the Thank You For Thanksgiving Dinner Messages.

Thank You For Inviting Me or Us For Dinner Messages – Attending

The examples in this section are when you are accepting a dinner invitation before the dinner. You can confirm the dinner’s date, time, location, and excitement.

#1 Thank you for inviting me to dinner. I am very excited to get together. I will meet you at [restaurant name] next Tuesday at 7:00 PM.

#2 I am looking forward to your dinner party. I appreciate the invitation. I will see you next Friday! Thank you so much for inviting me. I am eager to meet the other guests.

#3 Thank you for inviting me to your house for dinner. I love your homemade cooking and feel excited for whatever awesome meal you will be making for me. I will be over around 5:15 on Thursday.

#4 Thanks for inviting us for dinner. My kids enjoy spending time playing games with your kids. We will be over around 8:00 next Friday. It will be such a great time!

#5 Thank you for inviting me to dinner. I am excited to say that I will be there on Tuesday. I look forward to a great night of delicious food and conversation. Please let me know if you’d like me to bring a side dish.

#6 I appreciate you inviting me to dinner at your home. I love your homemade meals as you are a fantastic cook. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday at 7:00. I will bring dessert!

#7 We appreciate the invitation to the dinner party at your new house and look forward to a great evening. We will see you on Friday at 8:00 PM.

#8 Thank you for the dinner invite. I look forward to a wonderful dinner and socializing with others on the guest list. I will see you on Friday night!

#9 Thank you for hosting dinner on Wednesday night. I plan to be there at 7:300, and I am delighted to be included on the guest list. Good friends are a blessing!

#10 I am looking forward to a fantastic time on Saturday night. Thank you for inviting me to your dinner party. I’m sure it will be a wonderful evening. See you soon!

Thank You for Inviting Me or Us to Dinner Messages – Declining

The examples in this section are for when you are declining a dinner invitation before the dinner. You can show your appreciation while also expressing your regrets for not being able to attend. It’s up to you to decide if you want to share why you can’t make the dinner.

#1 Thank you for the invitation to dinner next week. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it as I am working that evening. However, I hope I can make it to your next dinner party.

#2 Thanks for inviting us to dinner. But we have another commitment next Friday. Can we please reschedule for a week from Friday?

#3 We received your invitation to dinner. We will be out of town that week on vacation, unfortunately. However, we love spending time with your family and hope we can get together soon.

#4 We appreciate you inviting us to supper on Sunday. I am sorry to say that we will not be able to make it. We will be spending the day at the baseball tournament for Johnny. I regret anytime we miss one of your dinner parties as your food is absolutely delicious.

#5 Thank you for inviting us to your dinner party. They are always so much fun. However, we will be at Bobby’s basketball game that Thursday night. Would you be able to come to our house for dinner on Sunday, May 15th? I hope we can spend time together soon.

#6 We regretfully decline your invitation for dinner on Sunday. Thank you for inviting us; however, we will be visiting Mary’s parents that day. I hope we can find another date that works for both of our families soon.

#7 I am sorry, but we will not be able to come for dinner next weekend. We already have plans to be out of town for a short weekend trip. Thank you for inviting us, and we hope we can reschedule for the following weekend if that works for you.

Thank You For Inviting Me to Dinner Summary

The simple gesture of writing a thank you for a dinner invitation is an easy way to show your gratitude. The dinner thank you note can also be used to let the host know if you can attend or if you need to decline.

The example thank-you message wording will help you with what to say when someone invites you to dinner.

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