25 Thank-note Examples for Lunch With Only You and the Boss

Below are 25 thank-you note examples will help inspire you to write your boss a thank-you note for taking you to lunch! I encourage you to customize them as appropriate so that they sound like they come from you!

For more information on the when and why to thank your boss for lunch check out this post (there are tips too!).

If your lunch was with the team, read these examples.

Remember that a handwritten thank-you note will usually make you stand out!

How to use the examples:

Items in brackets, such as [restaurant name] should be replaced with the actual restaurant name or whatever is indicated within the bracket.

The examples include only the body of the thank-you note. When writing your thank-you note, you will need to include an opening and closing.

Lunch with only you and the boss examples:

Thank you for taking me out to lunch. I enjoyed visiting with you. As you know [restaurant name], is my favorite. I know it is not your favorite so I appreciate you taking me there even more!

I enjoyed our lunch last week. I appreciate that you took time out of your day to have lunch with me. I liked learning about the [project name] that is coming up and am thankful for the advance notice.

Thanks so much for lunch. I feel recognized and appreciated for my portion of the work on [project name]. I am looking forward to being the leader of the next project.

Having lunch with you outside of the office was awesome. Thank you for taking me out! I enjoyed hearing more about your family, especially how the kids keep you busy with hockey.

Thanks for lunch yesterday! It was an unexpected and welcome surprise. I was having a terrible day and lunch out cheered me up. I’m glad I can count on you to be a good friend when I need one.

The lunch with you and learning more about [customer name] was enlightening. I feel more informed about [customer name] which will help me support them better. Thanks for the meal too!

Thank you for taking me out for lunch for Administrative Assistant’s day! I feel appreciated and grateful for having you as my boss. I’m am glad you were able to fit me into your schedule.

Thank you for lunch yesterday. I liked getting to know you a bit better outside the office. The stories you shared about your family were funny. It sounds like you have a great relationship with your children.

The stories you shared at lunch yesterday were amazing. You’ve had quite an interesting life leading up to working at [company name]. I was impressed with how you overcame [challenge that was shared]. Thank you for taking me to lunch and sharing so much about your background. I am grateful to have you as my boss.

Lunch was wonderful yesterday! Thank you for taking me out to celebrate my promotion. I am happy to be on your team and appreciate both lunch and the promotion. I also enjoyed our conversation and learning about your kids.

Thanks for picking up the tab at lunch on [day of week]. That was a pleasant surprise. We should go to lunch more often. I didn’t realize we shared the same passion for [sport]. I could talk about [sport] for hours! It was also nice to talk about something other than work projects.

Last week’s lunch was fantastic–I am thrilled with the promotion. Thank you for taking me out and surprising me. It feels good to be recognized and I look forward to my new responsibilities.

I am happy that I won the contest to have lunch with you. Thanks for letting me choose the restaurant. I enjoyed the time outside of the office. Thank you for sharing your wisdom on how to succeed with me in this position.

I was very excited to learn that you have two rescue cats at lunch this week. Thank you for taking me out and talking about non-work stuff for a bit. I had a nice time visiting with you and hope we can do it again sometime soon.

Thank you for lunch. I was very pleased to learn more about [project] and that you have selected me to be the lead on it. I am very excited about this opportunity. I enjoy working on your team.

I enjoyed discussing [book name] with you over lunch yesterday. Hearing your views on [subject from book] was interesting as they were not things I had considered. Thanks again for lunch!

Lunch was great last week! I was surprised by how much we had in common. I could talk about [subject in common] all day! I enjoyed the food too. Thanks for taking me out.

I’m glad you decided to take each team member out to lunch with you. Team lunches are great but sometimes we only are able to talk to whoever is seated next to us. I enjoyed hearing more about your background and how you [insert something boss shared]. Thanks for the lunch.

Thank you for lunch yesterday. I am excited to be promoted. Lunch at [restaurant name] was the perfect way to celebrate. I look forward to the new opportunities that lie ahead in my new position.

I appreciate the lunch at [restaurant name]. I also enjoyed your funny stories about your kids. They sound like delightful children. Thanks again for taking me out.

Getting to know you and more about your family during lunch yesterday was interesting. Thank you for the lunch at [restaurant name]. The food was great and I also enjoyed our conversation about [subject].

Thank you for lunch at [restaurant name]. I appreciate that you are taking the time to have lunch with each team member individually. I am grateful for your insight as to how the reorganization will effect me. This information will make the transition easier. Lunch was great too!

Thank you for ordering in lunch for our meeting yesterday to discuss my progress on [project name]. I appreciate your insights on how I can make it better. Thanks for agreeing to it.

How was [kid’s name’s] band concert? I was excited to learn that we both have children that play instruments! Thank you for sharing about your [kid name] when we had lunch yesterday. And thank you for taking me to [restaurant name].

I had a fantastic time and liked hearing your stories about [shared interest] at lunch yesterday. Perhaps, we can go out again to talk more about it. Next time lunch is on me!

I hope you found these examples helpful! 

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Heidi has been writing thank you notes for more than 30 years and is the author of A Modern Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes. Her goal is to help people write better thank-you notes by providing tips and examples.