35 Thank You Messages for Team Lunch to Boss

Following a team lunch outing, you may want to express your gratitude to your boss with a thank you message. 

There are many examples below to give you wording ideas for saying thank you for the team lunch. 

Check out the Thank You For Lunch Messages to Boss if your lunch was with only the boss.

How To Use the Examples:

Items in brackets, such as [restaurant name], should be replaced with the actual restaurant name or whatever is indicated within the bracket.

The examples include only the body of the thank-you note. When you write your handwritten thank-you note or a thank-you email, you will need to include an opening (Dear, Hello, etc.) and a closing (Sincerely, Thanks Again, Best Regards, etc.)

I encourage you to customize the message as appropriate so that it sounds like you wrote it. 

Team Lunch Thank You Messages Examples:

Thanks for taking the team out to lunch. Spending time together outside the office helps us bond as a team. It was an excellent opportunity to get to know the newer people better.

Wow! Lunch at [fancy restaurant name] was excellent. Working at a place with a budget for an expensive meal feels awesome. And the dessert was fantastic too. This is a great team! I’m so proud of what this team has been able to accomplish.

I had a great time at [restaurant name] with the team. Thank you for taking us out.  I enjoyed the team outing. It is an excellent memory for our team and helped us get to know each other better.

The team lunch this week was terrific. Thank you for taking us out, getting to know us better, and giving us a chance to get to know you. I was happy to learn that your family has two [animal type]!

I like this team! I look forward to the weekly team lunch every week. Thanks for ordering from [restaurant name] this week. It hit the spot, and I like trying new food.


It was very thought-provoking and should help us improve our productivity. Thank you for arranging the private room at [restaurant name], as it allowed us to hear whatever one was saying easily.

Celebrating the promotions on the team last week was fun. I like being on a team that recognizes accomplishments! Thanks for taking all of us out. Hopefully, we will have a reason to do it again soon.

Lunch was superb yesterday! The food and time spent with the team were both fantastic. I enjoyed interacting with you and the others. Thank you!

My stomach is still sore from laughing so much at lunch yesterday. Thank you for uniting the team with your humorous stories. This was a lunch we will never forget.

I was surprised you took us to [fancy restaurant name] for lunch. The environment made it feel like more than just another team lunch. Thank you for recognizing our efforts in making the sales deal with [customer name].

What an amazing lunch yesterday. Thank you for taking us to [restaurant name]. I like going there for team lunches as we can hear everyone at the table talking.

Thanks for the welcome lunch at [restaurant name]. I had a nice time and enjoyed getting to know the rest of the team better. I connected with [new coworker] as we watched some of the same TV programs. I made a friend because of the lunch, as so far, we’ve been too busy to socialize much in the office.

The team lunch was fun yesterday. I am thankful that we could all make it and that we went to [restaurant name], one of my favorite restaurants. I appreciate the company picking up the tab too! It feels good to be recognized for our hard work.

I enjoyed bonding with the team. I liked getting to know each other better by hearing everyone’s answers to your atypical icebreaker questions. You are very creative! Thanks again for lunch!

Let’s have team lunches more often! I had a great time with the team yesterday. [Coworker] is very funny outside of the office. Thanks for taking us out!

Thank you for the team lunch. Discussing [book name] with the team at lunch was an excellent idea. I got more out of the book by hearing what others learned.

I enjoyed the team lunch last week. Asking everyone to share their most memorable moment while working on [fun project name] was fun and gave us a chance to hear from everyone. Thank you for treating us to lunch at [restaurant name].

Having a team lunch on the picnic tables was a creative way to have a team lunch at no cost to the company. Thank you for organizing it and encouraging everyone to bring their lunch from home. The variety of lunch items was terrific and gave us much to discuss besides work. It turns out I am not the only food snob in the group!

Thank you for the two-hour team lunch! I am glad you arranged it when the whole team could go, and no one needed to feel rushed. The lunch helped to build my camaraderie with the others. I was excited to learn that [coworker name] volunteers at the humane society.

I had a great time at the team lunch. Thanks for treating us to [restaurant name]. Getting away from the office was a nice break, and the time was well spent on team bonding.

Thank you for arranging the team lunch. Free lunch on the company is an enjoyable treat. I liked visiting with you and the others and getting to know everyone better.

Thanks for the team lunch on [day of week]. I really enjoyed the [dish name]. It was delicious! I am grateful to have been introduced to [restaurant name], and spending time with the team was nice too.

Food can bring people together like nothing else. Thank you for taking the team out. I had a lovely time visiting with other team members and look forward to the next team lunch.

Lunch at [fancy restaurant name] felt extra special! I’m proud of our team for winning the teamwork award this quarter. Thank you for recognizing our accomplishment with an awesome lunch.

Having lunch with the other team was fun. I liked being able to get to know more people in the department. Thanks for making the lunch possible and for covering the cost as well. What a treat for all of us!

Last week’s lunch was the best team lunch so far! [name] is hilarious and keeps the conversation going. I am thankful that our company allows for quarterly team lunches. Maybe next time we can go to [restaurant name].

Short Team Lunch Quotes

Here are some short messages to say thank you for a team lunch. You could also use them as a part of a longer thank you email or handwritten note.

  1. Thank you for the team lunch. I enjoyed it. 
  2. Thanks for taking the entire team out for lunch.
  3. What a nice treat! Thank you for the team lunch yesterday. 
  4. I enjoyed the team lunch yesterday. Thank you for taking us out. 
  5. You’re a wonderful boss. Thank you for organizing the team lunch outing. 
  6. Thank you for taking us to lunch to recognize the team’s recent success. 
  7. Lunch with the team was great today. Thank you so much
  8. I enjoy our team. Thanks for taking us to lunch. You’re a great boss. 
  9. Thanks a bunch for the team lunch.
  10. I am thankful to work on such a great team. Thank you for the lunch last Friday. 

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