Writing Your Boss a Thank You Note for Lunch Overview

Your boss took you to lunch! That’s great.  Now it’s time to thank your boss.

I encourage you to write them a handwritten thank you note or email.

There are many possible reasons to write the boss a thank-you note following lunch.

If you are thanking someone other than your boss for lunch, check out the examples here.

When To Write Your Boss a Thank You Note for Lunch

If the boss takes you out to lunch individually, follow up with a thank-you note.

There are two exceptions:

  1. If the boss is having lunch with you to fire you or lay you off, then a thank you note is not recommended.
  2. The boss is also a close friend, and you go out often together. This would fall under the casual lunch situation.

If the lunch was a working lunch meeting, you can decide if a thank-you message is warranted.

Why To Write Your Boss a Thank You Note for Lunch

Perhaps you were the one on the team that he was able to take out individually.

Perhaps your boss took you out to recognize you for a promotion or reward. Maybe lunch is part of an award.

Even if the boss is spending company money to cover the lunch, you should still write a thank you. In this case, the lunch is more about the time spent with you than where the money came from to pay the bill.

The boss may have taken you out to give you some advice or to notify you of being promoted.

How to Write Your Boss a Thank You Note for Lunch

Handwrite the thank you note and then hand it to him. Or leave it on his desk. Or if your business/office has a mailbox system, leave it in his mailbox. Asking the boss for his home address is not professional.

When choosing the design, pick a theme that you know your boss will like. Or go with a simple classic thank you card that just says “Thank You” or “Thanks” on the front.

On the inside of the card write the note using a pen as pencil markings will fade over time. Also, write the note within a few days of having lunch together.

Thank the boss for the specific reason they had lunch with you and also for their time. If they shared something personal you can mention that as well.

Thank You for Lunch Message to Boss Example

Dear [insert boss name],

Thank you for taking me out to lunch at [insert restaurant name]. I enjoyed our visit and learning about your family. I appreciate the time you take out of your day. I enjoyed learning more about project [insert project name]. I am looking forward to working on it with you.

Thanks Again,


Tips For Writing Your Note:

Remember to not over think it.

  • Be genuine. And do not make up anything to sound impressive (you won’t)!
  • If its possible that others will see your thank you note (some bosses leave them on their desk or on display), do not include anything confidential. Do not include anything you would not want your fellow team members to see.
  • Make your note feel personal by including something specific from the lunch. This could be something from conversation or about the food.

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  1. I have been retired almost 6 years. When working it was rare for my boss to take anyone to lunch. Lunch time for nurses gets to be pretty quick sometimes or even no lunch. Now that I am retired my immediate supervisor and her husband have dinner with me and my husband every 2 or 3 weeks. She has been retired a year now. The husbands have become good friends.
    This is casual and each couple pay their own bill so no thank you. Always a fun time.

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