21 Thank You For Breakfast Messages

Regardless of your opinion on whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day, there may be times when you want to say thank you for breakfast. There are also some breakfast-related holidays throughout the year.

I love it when my husband makes bacon, eggs, and hash browns for our breakfast. 

Below, you will find example breakfast thank you messages that cover these breakfast scenarios: 

  • Someone makes you breakfast at home. 
  • Someone treats you for breakfast at a restaurant.
  • Breakfast gathering with a friend or friends. 
  • Work-related – networking, team breakfast, or breakfast with your boss

If you are thanking someone that lives in your home, you can give them a handwritten note and leave it somewhere as a surprise for them. Either hand them the notecard or leave it somewhere they will see it as a surprise. 

A thank you email is better at the workplace, so you do not need to ask your boss or coworkers for their home addresses. 

Breakfast Thank You Note template

[Person’s Name],

Thank you for breakfast. A sentence or two to recap something that was discussed. Or why you appreciated the breakfast. 

You may also want to compliment the person, the food, the restaurant choice, etc. 

Sincerely (or another closing – depending on who you are thanking),

[Your Name]

Note: You can learn more about the basics of a thank you note here

If you are feeling creative, you may be able to work a breakfast pun into your thank-you note.

Quick Breakfast Thank You Quotes

While I recommend writing a longer, more personal note that doesn’t sound generic, in some situations, a quick text thank you message is OK.

For example, a text message could be sent to someone you have breakfast with often, and then occasionally, you can write them a longer note. 

These short messages could also be used with a longer example below. 

  • Thanks for breakfast! I liked it a lot.
  • Breakfast was great. Thanks!
  • I enjoyed breakfast. Thanks for treating me!
  • Thank you for another great breakfast. I will treat you next time.
  • As always, thanks for the wonderful breakfast. 
  • I loved breakfast. Thank you for preparing it. 
  • You’re the best. Thanks for breakfast.

Breakfast At Home

#1 Thank you for making me another excellent breakfast today. I appreciate the time and effort you put into cooking a healthy meal every morning.

#2 I don’t always say it but thank you for breakfast every day. I have more energy and feel loved having a delicious meal together before I head to work. Also, the gluten-free breakfast casserole was wonderful on Tuesday.

#3 Thank you for my surprise breakfast in bed last week! The French toast was amazing, and I appreciate that you remember that I love to have fruit in the morning. The apple slices were a perfect touch. I felt very loved. You are the best!

#4 I want to let you know that I appreciate the breakfasts you make for me each day. I look forward to them and am thankful that you like to do the cooking. The new frittata recipe that you made last week was fantastic.

#5 Having breakfast with you every morning is the best part of my day. Thank you for planning out the meals and for making something different each day of the week. I love the variety. The biscuits and gravy were excellent on Wednesday.

#6 Thank you for the breakfast treat. It was kind of you to get coffee and donuts for us from [donut place] on Saturday. I appreciated a break from cooking. And the healthy fruit was good too! 

#7 I sincerely appreciate all the time you spend making our breakfasts. Starting the day with a healthy meal and with my sweetheart is incredible. I love you so much and try not to take for granted how much effort you put into making delicious meals. Thank you for being the best [husband/wife/partner]. 

Breakfast At a Restaurant 

#8 Thank you for meeting me for breakfast. I enjoyed talking about cats and your upcoming TNR projects. I hope everyone goes well. Please let me know when you need more newspapers for the traps.

#9 Breakfast last week with our old friends was wonderful. Thank you for planning it and contacting everyone. It was a delight to catch up, and I hope we can is if more often.

#10 Thank you for taking me out for breakfast last Tuesday. The dinner was terrific, and the farmer’s skillet was fantastic. Also, I enjoyed hearing about your life and the updates on your grandkids. It sounded like they were all doing well and having great adventures. 

#11 Thanks for the breakfast treat! Meeting at [restaurant name] was a great idea. I love their food [replace food with your favorite item]. I enjoyed our delightful conversation about [topic/hobby] as well. 

#12 You are a wonderful friend. Thank you for treating me to breakfast last week. I enjoyed trying out the biscuits with homemade sausage gravy. 

#13 Thank you for breakfast at Bob Evans last week. I am grateful that we could connect outside of [church/work/another place]. I like hearing about your cats [replace cats with another topic]. Let’s plan to meet again next month. 

#14 Breakfast last week was great! I love the large selection at Coney Island. Thank you for treating me. I enjoyed my meal and seeing you very much. Let me know if you want to meet for breakfast every other week. 

Work-Related or Team Breakfast

These notes could be written to a boss, networking contact, or a breakfast organizer. 

#15 I am so grateful for our routine of having breakfast together every Monday morning. It’s been a great way to start the week. Discussing our weekly goals has helped me stay on track and get so much more done each week. Your accountability is having a positive impact on my life.

#16 Thank you for organizing the breakfast meeting. Having the committee get-together for breakfast was perfect as everyone was able to attend early in the morning. And, thanks for surprising us and paying everyone’s bill!

#17 Thanks for meeting me last Sunday for breakfast. I’m so glad we met at [event name] as it turns out we have a lot in common. I feel like we will be able to learn from each other and support each other’s business ideas from now on. 

#18 Thank you for the breakfast meeting yesterday about [topic]. You have been a wonderful mentor, and I am grateful when we have the opportunity to discuss my business in person. I also enjoy hearing about your business and have learned much from our time together.

#19 Thank you for the team breakfast. Coming in early for the meeting was a little easier, knowing that breakfast would be waiting for us. 

#20 You are a thoughtful boss! The catered breakfast from [restaurant] was the perfect way to start the long day of meetings. I hope we can make this an annual tradition. 

#21 The team breakfast was amazing last Friday. Everyone seemed to enjoy the spread and the casual conversations before the agenda was started. Thank you for helping us relax and enjoy the morning a bit before starting the presentations. 

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