48 Thank You Notes For Coworkers: Example Words of Appreciation

Writing a thank you note to a coworker can help your coworker feel valued and appreciated. 

Putting your words of appreciation into a thank you note is one way to say thank you to coworkers.

Good colleagues can make the difference between enjoying or dreading your workplace.

There are many situations where you may want to express gratitude to coworkers. We will cover:

What To Say in a Thank You Message to Coworkers

Like most thank-you notes, the message’s wording will depend on why you are thanking them. Also, you may want to include a compliment.

  • Did they give you a gift?
  • Have they helped with your training?
  • Did they do you a favor?
  • Do you want to send them a goodbye thank you message?
  • Did they provide food for lunch? Surprise the team with bagels?
  • Are they good coworkers you enjoy working with?

Words of Appreciation for Coworkers

While I recommend being as specific as possible, here are some short appreciation phrases for coworkers that could be used as a standalone message or as part of a longer thank-you email.

  1. You’re the best coworker.
  2. You’re a great colleague.
  3. I love working with you.
  4. I enjoy collaborating with you.
  5. Thank you for covering for me last week.
  6. Thank you for your ongoing support and mentorship.
  7. I appreciate the training you’ve given me.
  8. I appreciate the education and mentoring you’ve provided me.
  9. I am grateful for your support as we work together.
  10. Thanks for pitching in with the extra work this week.
  11. Thank you for helping me with [project/task].
  12. Thank you so much for your assistance with [project/task].
  13. Thank you for being a thoughtful colleague.
  14. I enjoy working with you.
  15. Working with you is great!
  16. It’s a pleasure to work with you.
  17. You’re the best teammates.

Below are full-length sample thank you note messages for coworkers in the following sections. The samples are only the message part of the note. I’ve included for you the full instructions on how to write a thank-you note here.

Review the farewell thank you messages if you or your coworker are leaving the job.

If you need to thank your coworkers after a funeral, please review the coworker section in the after the funeral example messages.

Coworker Thank-You Note Etiquette

Here are a few guidelines to follow when thanking coworkers.

Please don’t ask for their home address.

If you want to write a handwritten note, only do so if you can hand the person the notecard or leave it on their desk. You could, however, mail a thank you card to a different office location.

Sending a thank-you note via email to a coworker is the most common way to deliver the message at offices.

Spelling Their Name Correctly. 

Take care to spell the person’s name correctly. A colleague may feel disrespected if they see their name misspelled. 

Only Copy the Boss When Appropriate. 

And you may want to copy your coworker’s boss on the thank you email. However, this will depend on why you are thanking your coworker.

The boss doesn’t need to know about the gift they gave you for your wedding but may appreciate knowing about the help received from the coworker.

Use your best discretion.

Thank You Note Messages To Coworkers Examples

#1 Thank you for covering my work while I was out. I was glad to be able to turn over [project name] to you without worrying about it. I see you did an excellent job handling the details. The client is pleased!

#2 I appreciate your help figuring out the problem with my logic in the custom programming. I was stumped, and your solution was perfect. I am thankful that I can rely on you as a resource. You’re a great coworker.

#3 Thank you for taking me to lunch! That was a surprise. I enjoyed visiting with you and learning more about your kids. Also, [restaurant name] is one of my favorites!

#4 The magnet you give me is fantastic. I love that it is purple and also functional. You know how I feel about clutter! The magnet is also powerful enough to hold up the TPS report.

#5 Thanks for bringing in treats for the team every Friday. Your baked goods are delicious, and I look forward to them every week. They are the best part of Friday!

#6 I am grateful for your excellent process guide for my team. In addition, you detailed screenshots that should help clarify the process for new people. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into it.

#7 Thank you for being available whenever I need to discuss a problem. Talking with you helps us get to the solution faster. Your insights have saved me hours! I am grateful for your continued guidance, support, and encouragement.

#8 I am thankful that we are on the same team. I appreciate your help in explaining how the customers are set up. I am confident in learning the new material because of your help. Thank you for being patient with all of my questions!

#9 Thank you for explaining the aspects of your special project last week. My team should be able to adapt the process for another customer that wants something similar. Your time was well spent and will save us many hours of design time.

#10 I want to thank you for giving me a ride to pick up my car at the tire store when I had an unexpected flat tire. Unfortunately, the tire place was not on your way home, but I am thankful I didn’t have to ask someone else. I will treat you to lunch soon!

#11 Thank you for helping me choose team outing ideas to present to the team. We are going to have a fun, fantastic day together. 

Thank You Coworker for Working With Me or Together Examples

#1 Thank you for all your hard work when we work together. I appreciate the time and effort you put into mentoring me. I learn so much about [topic] when we work together.

#2 The time you spend working with me makes a massive difference in my understanding of [topic]. Thank you so much for being a great teammate. Soon, I will be able to work independently (most of the time!).

#3 I was so excited when I learned we would work together on [project name]. Finally, I was able to see your hard work in action. Your systems to speed up the workflow are great ideas I would not have thought of alone. I  am grateful for the time we have spent together. We will complete the project sooner, and I can also use the skills I learned from you on my next project.

#4 Thank you for working together as a team on the complicated customer. I am so thankful for everyone’s willingness to work hard and stay late a few nights this week. We make a great team, and I’m sure [boss’s name] will be impressed.

#5 Thank you for working with me last week. I was struggling, and your help and tips helped me meet the deadline. I am grateful to you for sharing your past experiences with me.

#6 You are the best coworker! I want to thank you again for working with me for the past two weeks. Your dedication to mentoring me will pay off as I gain confidence.

#7 Thank you for being a supportive colleague. I appreciate our teamwork when solving a problem regarding [topic]. Brainstorming with you has led to some creative solutions. Working with you is the best!

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How To Write a Thank You Note to a Group of Coworkers

Email will be the most straightforward option if you need to thank a group of coworkers. You can write one thank you message and email everyone simultaneously.

Thanking the group is appropriate for gifts from the entire team or a group of coworkers. You can also use a group email to thank your coworkers who worked together on something with you or helped you out somehow.

Group emails SHOULD NOT be used when receiving individual gifts or help from one coworker. In this case, write each coworker a note for the gift that they gave you.

Thank You Messages to a Group of Coworkers

Note: This section of examples is for notes written from a coworker to a group of coworkers, such as their team. There is another post for thank you notes to employees written by a boss.

As noted above, thanking a group of coworkers can be done by emailing them simultaneously (one email sent to all the recipients).

#1 I want to thank you for covering my work while I was on maternity leave. I appreciate the extra time you put in. My clients were all happy with their support and passed on their thanks. Please let me know whenever I can help you out.

#2 Teamwork makes the dream work! Thank you, my teammates, for helping with the reporting at the end of the quarter. I’ve let Boss’s Name know that you all contributed. Your help meant I didn’t have to work alone all weekend, which I appreciated.

#3 Thanks for your collaboration on the big project. At the start, it felt like a daunting task. However, working together as a team made it doable. Getting everyone’s input and deciding the best way forward helped us quickly achieve excellent results. Also, thank you for your continued support as the project ends.

#4 I enjoy working together with all of you. It makes [company name] a fun place to work. Thank you for helping me [task/project name] last week. I was grateful for the help and appreciated the excellent teamwork, and I consider all of you good friends.

#5 Thank you for helping ease my workload last week. The extra request from [client/for the project] felt overwhelming. I was grateful for all of your support when you heard what happened. This team continues to be the best!

#6 I am thankful for your teamwork and for being good colleagues. Working together on the project was more manageable when we worked hard together. The client was pleased with the presentation. Thank you all for your invaluable input.

#7 Thank you all for providing your wealth of experience when the new project was assigned to me. There were so many unknown details, and I am grateful for the suggestions on tackling them. Having senior colleagues that I can rely on for help has been amazing. I appreciate all of the support and assistance as I grow in the position.

Thank You Note to a Coworker for a Gift Messages

The messages below can help you say thank you to coworkers after they give you a gift. In addition, the following sections have examples specific to baby and wedding gifts.

#1 Thank you for the box of chocolates for my birthday. It was a pleasant surprise, and I enjoyed every bite. You’re a wonderful friend and coworker.

#2 Thanks for the gift card to [Name of place]. That was a surprise. I will enjoy spending it next weekend. It’s thought that you remembered that I would be visiting [location] soon. You help make this a fun place to work.

#3 You are an amazing coworker and friend. Thank you for making the cake for my birthday. I also appreciate the cat picture frame. It’s going to look great on my desk with a picture of my calicos in it.

#4 Thank you for the thoughtful gift. I’m glad we’ve become friends while working together on the team. The coffee smells delicious, and I am looking forward to enjoying a cup tomorrow morning.

#5 Thank you for surprising me with a birthday party at the office. Also, the cats are going to love the new cat toys. I am very impressed that the cake was cat-themed. We have some interesting people on the team, including me!

Thank You Note to a Coworker for Wedding Gifts

The messages below can help you write a thank you to your coworkers for wedding gifts.

#1 Thank you team, for the wedding gifts. The shower was a nice surprise. The kitchen utensils are lovely and will be helpful once we are married and cooking our own food. Our mothers have spoiled us!

#2 The gifts you choose for us are perfect. We will enjoy [list out the gifts here]. We appreciate your generosity as we start our life together!

#3 My husband and I thank you for the wedding money. We will use it for a dining room table set. We hope to see you all at the wedding!

#4 Thank you for the food processor and blender set. I am excited to use them for food prep and making the dressing. It was very nice of you all to contribute towards gifts for us!

#5 We thank you for the wedding shower and gifts. The cake was great, and we loved the flannel sheets. Also, thank you all for covering my work during our honeymoon!

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Thank You Note to a Coworker for Baby Gifts

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The messages below can help you write a thank you to your coworkers for baby gifts.

#1 I am excited to try out cloth diapers when the baby comes. I had no idea there were so many different brands. Thank you for providing a wide selection. I will try them all to see which ones Baby and I like best.

#2 Thank you for the Pack and Play. This will be wonderful to have when we visit family. I’m happy to work on such a great team! The little toys are cute too!

#3 The outfits for the twins are adorable! I love the colors and that you found cute stuff for boy/girl twins. Thank you so much!

#4 Thank you for the baby gifts. The toys are interactive, which seems like a good thing these days. Thank you for being so supportive as my husband and I begin a new chapter in life with our first baby!

#5 Wow! Thanks for the stroller. I plan to walk every day once the baby comes. Is that realistic? We can have baby chats once I return to work! Thanks again!

#6 Thank you for providing the travel swing. When we visit family, this will be useful. Also, the small toys are adorable! I’m thrilled to be a part of such a great team. Thank you for celebrating my new baby.

#7 Thank you for the cute cat-themed clothes for [Baby Name]. I hope she grows up to like cats as much as we do. I appreciate the diapers too!

A little gratitude in the workplace through words of appreciation can go a long way to encourage teamwork and friendships.

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