39 Thank You for Your Patience Messages for Many Situations

Saying “Thank you for your patience” is a polite way to acknowledge a situation. 

Perhaps customers or coworkers are frustrated by delays or other issues. 

Friends or family members are fed up that you’re running late again. Or they’ve been a great support while you’re working through a particular situation. 

There are many ways to say thank you for your patience. There are examples split into sections for various customer service, workplace, and personal scenarios. 

Short Ways To Say Thank You for Patience

We will start with short thank-you quotes. They could be used when only a quick reply is needed or as alternative ways to say “thank you for your patience.” 

Your wording will vary based on the situation. What you say to a customer will be different than a response to a friend. Please choose appropriately. 

  1. I/We appreciate your understanding. 
  2. We are looking into the issue. Thank you for your patience.
  3. Thank you for your patience as we look into the issues. 
  4. We appreciate your patience while we investigate the matter.
  5. Thank you for giving us grace as we research what happened. 
  6. We value your patience as we look into the situation.
  7. Thanks for being patient.
  8. You’re a great friend. Thank you for listening. 
  9. Thank you for your patience with me. 
  10. I’m grateful for our friendship. Thank you for your ongoing patience.

Thank You for Your Patience Messages For Clients or Customers

Here are some examples of how to thank customers for their patience. 

At one of my jobs where we worked with clients, we were instructed not to use the word problem. Using synonyms, such as issues or difficulties,  for problems may help your message feel less negative.  

#1 We apologize for the recent problems. I appreciate your patience as we research and find a solution. 

#2 Thank you for being a loyal customer. We apologize for the recent problems with your order. We’ve issued a refund. Your delivery should arrive next week [include tracking information, if available].

#3 Thank you for your patience as we send a replacement order to you. We’ve given the information you provided to the research team regarding the defective item. Please get in touch with our customer service representatives if you do not receive the shipment by Monday.

#4 We would like to inform you about the quarterly reports that are due on Friday. Due to the complexity of the new reports, we will only be able to deliver some of them this week. We apologize for the delay and are working hard to provide the complete set of reports by next Tuesday. I appreciate your understanding.

#5 We apologize for the long wait; we are short-staffed this evening. As a thank you for your loyal patronage, please accept this couple for 15% off your next order.

#6 We appreciate your flexibility while we dig into the information you provided. We are dedicating senior resources to investigate the issues [with the reports]. Thank you for bearing with us, and we will provide an update on Monday morning.

#7 Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve the issues. Your satisfaction is important to us; we are doing everything to provide a quick solution. We will update you again at the end of the day. 

#8 Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. We are doing everything we can to get to the root cause of the issue. 

Workplace Thank You for Your Patience Messages 

At the office, you will most likely be sending thank you emails. Sometimes, you want to thank your boss, coworker, or mentor for having patience with you.

They may be taking time out of their day to help you. Or you may recognize that you’ve needed extra time to learn something.

#1 Thank you for your patience with me as I learn [what skill/program you are learning]. I appreciate all of the time you have spent with me. I realize it takes me longer than others to understand everything. 

#2 Thanks for your patience and understanding while you teach me the new [program]. Your ability to repeat information in different ways is impressive. You’re the best trainer! 

#3 I am thankful that you are helping me out so much with [new thing]. You are the most patient person I’ve ever met. Thank you again for offering to teach me. I appreciate your patience and kindness.

#4 You are an excellent [friend/coworker]. Thank you for showing me how to [whatever they are showed you]. I will be glad when I can do it independently. Thank you for always being patient while I ask questions to clarify my understanding.

#5 I admire your patience while training me. Thank you for your time and support as I learn the new process. You are a great mentor. 

#6 Thank you so much for your time, expertise, and patience. I am grateful for all the effort you have put into teaching me [what they have been teaching you]. I will pay it forward when the next new person starts and show them how to do this.

#7 Thanks for being patient while I review the training material. I will be so happy and confident once I’ve learned everything. Allowing me to ask all the questions I want has been very helpful. 

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Thank You for Your Patience Messages For Personal Situations

You could send a text or write a handwritten thank you card to thank a friend or family member for their patience. 

#1 Thank you for patiently waiting for me to show up for lunch last week. Next time, I will plan better and not accept last-minute meeting requests. You are important to me, and I don’t like making you wait. 

#2 Things have been difficult for me lately. Thank you for your love and patience as I work on getting my life together. I am glad we could talk last week, and I felt more confident afterward. 

#3 I want you to know how much I look up to you. You seem to be patient and calm no matter what comes your way. Thank you for being an excellent example to the [team/family].

#4 Thank you for your patience as we work with the [lawyers/another party]. Of course, it’s taking much longer to resolve than we had hoped. We look forward to a solution soon and will let you know as the process progresses.

#5 I am thankful to you for being such a great friend. Your continued patience means a lot to me as I work through [whatever you are struggling with or working on]. Someday, this situation will be behind me! 

#6 Thank you for your patience and understanding while I’ve been attempting to decide on [topic]. I appreciate you for listening and only giving input when I ask for it. You are the best kind of friend. I know we will both be happy when I finally make a decision. 

#7 Thanks for your patience, love, and continued understanding as I changed my eating habits. The struggle to change my patterns has been difficult. Giving up some of my favorite foods is more challenging than expected, so I appreciate your support as I work on the changes and find new, healthier favorites.

Thank You for Your Patience and Understanding Messages

These messages are for when you want to thank you for your patience and understanding. 

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#1 Thank you for being patient. Your understanding is beyond measure. I am grateful for your help as I got through these difficult times. You’re a true friend.  

#2 Thanks for being patient. I’m sorry that I’m running late again. I appreciate your understanding! I need to better account for the time required to let the dogs out before I go somewhere. 

#3 Thank you for being patient with us. We are doing the best we can and are thankful for your understanding. We get better at [whatever you are struggling with] soon. We are getting a lot of practice this month. 

#4 I appreciate your patience and understanding as I learn my new role. You’re a great mentor; I’m learning so much from you. You know what they say: teamwork makes the dream work!

#5 Thank you for being so patient. You are the best mom ever. I appreciate your love, support, and understanding as I figure out what to do with my life. 

#6 Thanks again for your patience and understanding. The guidance you are giving me will help me get my finances in order. Learning money management skills is more complicated than I expected. Old habits are proving hard to break. 

#7 I want to say thanks for being patient. You’re a dear friend, and I appreciate your understanding during this difficult time. Thank you for everything you do for me

Thank You For Your Patience Letter Example

Here is an example of a letter that could sent to customers or posted at a location. Please modify it for your situation. 

Dear customers,

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we complete construction at the store on [Street Name]. 

Once the renovations are complete, the new floors, brighter lights, and layout will offer a better shopping experience. The pet department will be expanded to offer more items for cats. 

During the construction, you may encounter times when either the west or east doors are closed. We apologize for this inconvenience while work is done near the entrances. 

We expect the work to be completed by [Date]. 

If you have any questions, please contact [Contact Name, email, or phone number].


Buster Smith, Manager

Smith Enterprises, Inc.

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