45 Thank You for Your Time Messages for Various Situations

Everyone has the same amount of time in a day. You can’t buy more. So, when someone gives you their time, there are situations where their time can feel like a gift. 

How you say “thank you for your time” depends on the context. You’ll want to use different wording when thanking someone for their time after a job interview than when thanking someone for spending time with you. 

The ultimate goal is to express gratitude for the time someone gave you. 

We will cover common scenarios:

  • Short messages
  • Time and effort
  • Time and consideration after a job interview
  • Spending time with me
  • A good or great time
  • Volunteering Your Time

Quick Thank You For Your Time Quotes

Sometimes, you only need a quick, short thank you message to thank someone for their time. In these situations, you may be replying to a text, an instant message at work, or an email where the person you are thanking will know what you are referring to.

Here are other ways to say, “Thank you for your time.”

  1. I was grateful for your time today!
  2. I appreciate you for spending time with me.
  3. Thank you for helping me out. 
  4. You’re awesome. I appreciate the time you have given me.
  5. Thanks for your time. 
  6. I am happy we were able to share the afternoon together.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to visit with me.
  8. Thank you for your assistance.
  9. Many thanks for talking to me today. I appreciate your guidance.
  10. Thanks for today. I appreciate your time. 

Thank You Note Template To Say Thank You For Your Time

The following format can be used for handwritten thank-you notes, emails, or even text messages.  

The best thank-you notes are specific.  In your message, you can include why you are thankful for their time or how you benefited. 

It’s hard to fit all the possibilities into one template, so many examples will give you more ideas of what you can say.

Dear Person’s Name,

Thank you for your time today. I am grateful for your [knowledge/support/help]. Then, add something specific.


Your Name

The examples are only the “Thank You” part of the template. In handwritten cards or emails, include the greeting and closing, and sign your name. 

Thank You for Your Time and Effort Messages

Here are some examples specific to thanking someone for their time and effort. These examples could work well for a friend, coworker, employee, or boss who helped you with something. 

#1 Thank you for your time and effort today. I appreciate you going above and beyond. The reports look great and have been sent to the client. 

#2 Your exceptional effort is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for setting aside time to share your knowledge with the team. All of us will benefit from the trips and tricks we learned. 

#3 Thank you for your extra effort in helping me learn the new system. I appreciate you checking on my progress. I will be independent soon!

#4 I am thankful for the time you saved me today! Thank you for giving me some of your time to help me out when I was stuck. Please let me know whenever I can return the favor. 

#5 Thank you very much for writing the letter of recommendation. I appreciate the time and effort you spent on it. I am confident that it will help me to land a job soon!

#6 We sincerely value your outstanding effort. You are incredibly generous with your time and expertise. Thank you for leading the session about [Topic] today. 

#7  I appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule to mentor me. All the effort you’ve put in is paying off. I feel confident using the tools and following the process now.

Thank You for Your Time and Consideration Messages

Saying thank you for your time and consideration is most often done following a job interview. These messages could be included as part of an after-interview thank you email.  

Or, in some situations, you can be prepared to verbally thank you for your time and consideration at the end of the interview. 

I was part of an interviewing team in one of my previous jobs. The process for the interviewers can be long, so I always appreciated it when people thanked me for my time. 

Thanking someone for their time and consideration can also be done when sending a proposal or something you want them to review. 

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#1 Thank you for your time and consideration. Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide. 

#2 Thank you for setting aside time to meet with me. I appreciate your time and consideration. 

#3 Thank you for considering me for the position and for taking the time to interview me. 

#4 Please contact me if any further details are needed. Thank you for spending time reviewing my application. 

#5 Thank you for scheduling time to meet with me. I appreciate your consideration of my proposal. 

#6 Thank you for the detailed review of the new documentation. Your insights are valuable, and I’m grateful for all of the time you spent on it.  

#7 Thank you for agreeing to consider my new idea. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to your thoughts and appreciate your time reviewing it. 

Thank You for Spending Time With Me Messages

Here are some ways to thank someone for spending time with you. The example messages in the next section may also work for your situation.

The reason for thanking someone for spending time with you can vary greatly, so I’ve provided a mix in the example thank you messages. 

#1 Thank you for spending time with me yesterday. I am grateful for your support as I go through this difficult time. Your presence was comforting. 

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#2 I want to thank you for spending time with me recently. I’ve been so sad since my cat died. I appreciate you for cheering me up and watching movies with me. 

#3 Thanks for spending time with me last week. I enjoyed getting to know you better. 

#4 I appreciate you for our chat yesterday. As you know, I was upset about the situation at work. I appreciate your listening ear whenever I need to vent. 

#5 You’re a great friend! Thank you for spending time with me whenever I ask. I am thankful for our friendship

#6 I had a great time hanging out with you. Let’s plan to spend more time together next weekend. 

#7 Spending time with you always feels like a blessing! Thank you for coming over yesterday. I enjoyed our time. 

Thank You for a Great Time Messages

You may want to tell someone when you’ve had a great day, outing, or even with them. Here are a few example messages you can update to work for your situation.

Also, you can use synonyms for great, such as good, wonderful, terrific, lovely, and fabulous. 

#1 Thank you for the great time yesterday! I had a wonderful time shopping and having lunch together. 

#2 I had a good time with you on our date last night. The dinner and movie were excellent. Thank you for a wonderful evening. 

#3 Thanks for showing me a good time! I enjoyed seeing the attractions of your city. And the sunset at the park was the perfect ending to a fabulous weekend. 

#4 Thank you for treating me to the Broadway show. I appreciate your generosity and had a great time. 

#5 Our date last night was delightful. I had a fantastic meal and a fantastic movie. Many thanks for the lovely evening. 

#6 Thank you for lunch yesterday. I had a wonderful time chatting and catching up. 

#7 Thank you again for the great time last night. I had so much fun at the baseball game. I appreciate you for driving us as well. 

Thank You for Volunteering Your Time Messages

Please customize your message based on the volunteer event to make it specific, which will help it to feel more personal. 

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#1 Thank you for volunteering your time today. Volunteers like you make our mission possible.

#2 I am so thankful for you! Thank you for donating your time to the animal shelter. The cats enjoy it when people come in and play with them. And Fluffy is happy to be petted by anyone. 

#3 We appreciate you for choosing to spend your day volunteering. Thank you for everything! 

#4 Thank you for raking leaves at the homes of senior citizens. Their yards look great, and they are grateful for the help. 

#5 We are grateful for your time and effort in volunteering. We rely on volunteers like yourself to keep costs low and make the food bank program successful. 

#6 You’re an inspiration to all of us at [Volunteer Place]. You set the record this month for the amount of volunteer hours! We sincerely appreciate all that you do.

#7 Thank you for volunteering to help the children struggling with learning to read. Many of them are not getting the support they need at home. You are truly making a difference in their lives.  

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