Post Job Interview Thank You Note Examples and Tips

A thank you note following an interview is a way to make another connection with the interviewer.

In addition to thanking them for their time, you can remind them of your skills or include something you forgot to mention during the interview.

Job Interview Thank You Note Handwritten vs email:

Mailing a handwritten thank you note may make you stand out. According to Forbes, it depends on the industry as some would prefer an email thank-you.

If you have no confidence that a handwritten note would actually reach your interviewer in a timely manner then email the thank-you note. If you know someone already working there ask them how mail is handled to learn if emailing or mailing the thank-you would be better.

If are interviewing for a job that is not local it may be better to email the thank-you note. The goal is to have your thank-you note arrive before second round interviews or hiring decisions are made. Sometimes, this will not be possible even when mailing the thank-you note the same day as the interview.

A handwritten note will need to be shorter to fit on the note card. An email can be longer but if it’s too long the interviewer may not read it!

Job Interview thank you note DOs and DON’Ts:

DO send handwritten notes within a day of the interview.

DON’T send a thank you email from the parking immediately after the interview. Wait a few hours or until the next morning

DO thank everyone that interviewed you. If someone didn’t ask questions you can still thank them for your time.

DON’T uses Mrs. if you are not sure if the woman is married. Stick with Ms.

DO mention a topic from the interview. This will help them connect the note to you as they could be interviewing many other candidates.

DON’T say anything untrue. You want to look at as good as possible but lies are not good.

DO send a thank-you note even after you had the interview you no longer interested in the position. You can still thank them for their time and for explaining the position.

DON’T mention salary or money.

DO include when you will call them to follow up. This is a tip from 48 Days to the Work You Love.

DO double check your spelling and grammar. If sending a handwritten note, you can write it out in a program with spell check and then copy it to your note card. Grammarly (affiliate link) is an online tool that can be used to quickly check your grammar.

Grammarly Writing Support

DO start over if you make a mistake in a handwritten note.

Job Interview thank you note examples

Knowing what to say in a post interviewer thank you note can be a challenge. My template and some examples will help you get started. You can also check out this template on the Prepary which goes over in detail what to include in each sentence.

What to say is dependent on the position and context of the conversation.

Do not copy/paste examples from this site (or any other site!). Use the examples to help you generate your own words. If you start with an example update it to make it relevant to you, the interviewer, and the position.

Tons of Thanks Post Interview Template:

Dear [Interviewer name],

Thank you for interviewing me on [day of interview] for [position/job title]. I appreciate the opportunity and your interest in me.

[Sentence mentioning something from the interview]. [Sentence iterating your interest and skills].

[Say when you will follow up with a call to check on status of job]


Your Name

Dear [Interviewer name],

Thank you for meeting with me on Tuesday to discuss [position/job title]. I appreciate your time and explaining the position for me.

I feel that my skills in the game design will allow me to bring value to the game development time. I have over 5 years of experience with [game software company uses]. I was happy to hear that you are also a Tetris fan!

I also have spent time using [program not mentioned in the interview] and can share my knowledge with the team.

I will call you at 10:00 on Monday to check on the status of the position.

Your Name

Dear [Interviewer name],

Thank you for meeting with me on Tuesday to discuss [position/job title]. I am thankful for the opportunity and the time you spent explaining the position in detail.

After learning more about it, I am very interested in joining your team. My past work with problem-solving will make me an asset to [company name]. I found your “what would you do” scenarios intriguing!

I will plan to follow up with you at 10:00 on Monday to check on the status of the position.

Your Name

Note to the interviewer in a group interview that didn’t ask you many (if any) questions and is not your main follow-up contact:

Dear [Interviewer name],

I enjoyed meeting with you last Tuesday about [position/job title] in your department. I appreciate that you took time out of your day to meet with me.

It was a pleasure meeting you and learning more about the position. I would enjoy working on your team.

Your Name

Are you looking for more post job interview thank-you note examples?

The examples in this post and several more can be found in my book! More examples will help you come up with the wording that will work for your job interview thank-you note!

Use the examples, to make the best impression possible following your interview. Because the little things like thank-you notes matter to many!


About The Author
Heidi has been writing thank you notes for more thank 30 years and is the author of A Modern Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes. Her goal is to help people write better thank-you notes by providing tips and examples.

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