25 Delightful Thank You for the Donuts Messages

Donuts are a delicious treat enjoyed by many. Donuts are a common treat shared at office kitchens or brought meetings.  I’ve also attended churches where donuts are available before each service.

Whatever the occasion, it’s polite to say, “Thank you for the donuts.”

Did you know that more than 10 million donuts are made annually in the United States? And there are several National Days dedicated to donuts:

  • National Donut Day – First Friday in June
  • National Donut Day – November 5
  • National Cream-Filled Donut Day – September 14

Quick Donut Notes: 

  • Is it doughnuts or donuts? You can read the history here, as either spelling is acceptable. I’ve chosen to use the more modern spelling of “donut,” as that is how I would typically write it. If you prefer “doughnut,” you can spell it that way in your thank you message.
  • If you feel like adding a funny donut joke or pun to your note, check out the list here.
  • Remember that a simple, one-line thanks message may also be sufficient as donuts are, in many situations, shared with a group and not given as a gift to one person.

Thank You for the Donuts Messages

#1 Thanks for the donuts. They were delicious.

#2 Donuts from [Donut Place Name] are my new favorite! Thanks for bringing them in today. 

#3 Thanks for the donuts. They were the best donuts ever!

#4 Thank you so much for the donuts at the meeting this morning. It’s easier to socialize while eating them.

#5 What a nice treat to start the day! Thank you for thinking of me by getting me a donut this morning. I love an occasional donut with my coffee.

#6 I enjoyed the cream filled with chocolate frosting the most.

#7 Having donuts on National Donut Day was fun! Thank you for providing such an incredible variety. 

#8 Thank you for the donuts. They are always a welcome surprise.

#9 You’re an excellent baker. I was very impressed with your homemade donuts earlier this week. Thank you for sharing them with us! 

#10 Thank you for the donuts. I liked them a lot, and starting the day with a fun team meeting felt good.

#11 Thanks for the donuts. They were a delicious treat at the project meeting.

#12 Thanks for the donuts and coffee at the team meeting on Monday. They were a pleasant surprise and treat and helped the team feel relaxed.

#13 Thank you for meeting me at the donut shop. I enjoyed catching up with you! 

#14 You made my day with the donuts. Thank you for remembering that cream filled donuts with nuts are top are my favorite. You’re a great friend!

#15 Thank you for the donuts! They were awesome and very much appreciated.

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Thank You for the Donuts – Recognition

Here are some messages for when the donuts were part of a celebration. 

#1 I appreciate the sweet treat recognizing the team’s hard work. The donuts were great. 

#2 Thanks for bringing in donuts today. They were a fun way to celebrate my anniversary with the team.

#3 You’re a fun boss! Thanks for bringing donuts in for the team meeting this morning. 

#4 You’re wonderful for remembering my birthday. The donuts were a thoughtful treat, as they are my favorite dessert. 

#5 Thank you for the birthday donuts! They made it fun to be at work on my birthday. 

Thank You for the Donuts – At Church or Anywhere Donuts Are Routinely Provided

#1 I look forward to the treat each Sunday [change day as needed]. Thanks for providing the donuts!

#2 Thank you for the donuts. Having the donuts helps make it easier to chat with visitors. 

#3 The kids love having a donut every Sunday. Thanks for making them available. 

#4 Thank you for the donuts every week. They are a delicious treat that I look forward to all week.

#5 Thanks so much for the Friday donuts. I love having one with my coffee. It’s a great weekly tradition! 

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