LOL: These Are The 28 Funniest Work Memes You’ll See Today

These funny work memes will help you to laugh, or at least smile, about workplace situations.

Perhaps you can relate to them.

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Decision Making

Funny Work Meme - no one making a decision
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Sometimes, no one wants to make a decision, and everyone sits there.

Too Much Working

Funny Work Meme - Dog says you work to much
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Sometimes, we work a little too much, and the dog wants your attention too.

Too Soon to Leave Early?

Funny Work Meme - wanting to leave early
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Can I leave without anyone noticing yet?

Too Long Personal Story

Funny Work Meme
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Not all bosses are self-aware enough to realize their personal story is too long.

Another Long Meeting

Funny Work Meme - Email that should have been a meeting
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An email could have perfectly conveyed the information from the hour-long meeting.

You Tried to Tell Them!

Funny Work Meme - Manager Didn't Listen
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Despite your best efforts to inform management about a problem, they ignored it until a client brought it to their attention. And then they panicked.

Texts on Vacation Like

Funny Work Meme - Getting Texts on Vacation
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Some coworkers seem to need to learn the meaning of vacation.

Fish Reheated in the Microwave

Funny Work Memes - Fish in Microwave
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The smell of fish can be overwhelming and linger in the office for hours.

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When Others Take Credit

Funny Work Memes - Stealing The Credit
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Sometimes, someone else takes credit for your unique ideas.

Meeting About The Meeting

Funny Work Memes - Meeting about the meeting
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Sometimes a meeting about the meeting takes place beforehand, sometimes after, and sometimes both!

Giving 100% Effort

Funny Work Meme - Giving 100% Effort
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When your efforts throughout the week add up to 100%

The Dreaded Reply All

Funny Work Memes - Reply All
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When you return to your desk and find twenty emails of people scolding others for using reply all.

A Break Reminder

Funny Work Memes - take a break
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Sometimes, we can use a reminder to take a break.

Urgent Emails

Funny Work Memes - Not Urgent Email
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When every email is sent as urgent, they don’t feel urgent.

Leaving on Friday Like

Funny Work Memes - Leaving on Friday Like
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Sprinting to get out of there!

Overused Sayings

Funny Work Memes - Overused sayings
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You’ve heard it before: “Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork.”

Fake Working

Funny Work Memes - Fake Working
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Checking your messages and emails from your phone just enough that your team thinks you’re working.

The Work From Home Life

Funny Work Meme WFH
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Who needs pants when working from home?

So Bored, I Worked

Funny Work Meme - So Bored I worked
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When you are so bored at work that you begin working.

Please Turn Your Camera On

Funny Work Memes - Turn on the camera please
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When you aren’t prepared for a call with the camera on.

Perfect Job Venn Diagram

Funny Work Memes - No Perfect Job
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Does the perfect job exist?

When They Both Need To Be Right

Funny Work Memes
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When you have coworkers or bosses, that will keep the discussion going because they know their position is right.

Good Leaders Are Awesome

Funny Work Meme - Group Work Stinks
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Group work can sometimes end with one person doing the majority of the work.

Not Really Late, Right?

Funny Work Meme - Not ate when you bring the donuts
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When you know you’re going to be late to work, swing by the donut shop. Then, your coworkers might think you were not late because you were getting donuts for everyone.

Can I Retiree Yet?

Funny Work Meme - need a vacation
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When you’re ready to retire early but haven’t saved enough money yet.

No Way Your Coworker is Working

Funny Work Memes - smiling coworker
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When you’ve worked with someone long enough, you know the signs that they are not actually working.

Good Job, Here’s More

Funny Work Memes - Good Work Means More Work
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You’re awesome, and you get your work done. So, your boss gives you even more work to do.

Best Days of the Week

Funny Work Memes - weekends are best
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The weekend is the best part of the work week.

When You’re Bored At Work

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There are things you can actually do when feeling bored at work.

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