Get Ready to LOL With These 27 Funny Memes About Life

There are many life situations that most people can relate to. Some of them are represented in these funny life memes.

Here are some funny memes about life that may make you smile today.


Sleeping Through a Movie

Funny Memes About Life - sleeping through a movie like
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Sometimes, we can’t seem to stay awake even after promising that we would not sleep through the movie this time. If this isn’t you, it’s probably someone you know!

Everything’s Fine

Funny Memes About Life - Everything's Fine Dumpster Fire
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We are rarely honest when someone asks how we are.

Sometimes, life feels like a dumpster fire, but we pretend everything’s fine.

So Tired And Then Awake

Funny Memes About Life - Tired All Day, Awake in Bed
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When you’re yawning and feel tired most of the day, but then when you get in bed, you’re wide awake.

Your Own Bed

Funny Memes About Life - Sleeping in your own bed after vacation.
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There’s nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed after vacation.

Nothing to Wear

Funny Memes About Life - Nothing to wear
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I have plenty of clothes. Why can’t I find something to wear?

What Life Plans

Funny Memes About Life - Life Plans
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Only some people have mapped out their life plans in detail.

Difficult Times

Funny Memes About Life - stuck between rock and hard place
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When all the choices feel hard or impossible.

Housing Cost Comparison

Funny Memes About Life - big house vs small house.
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The starting salary for most college graduates is lower than they imagine when starting college.

They likely can’t afford a house similar to their parent’s home.

What’s For Dinner?

Funny Memes About Life - Deciding What's For Dinner.
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You know you’re an adult when you realize the struggle of deciding what to have for dinner daily.

If someone in your life is making your dinner without involving you in the planning or cooking, you are blessed!

Is the Food Here Yet?

Funny Memes About Life - Looking for Food Delivery
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When you’re starving and waiting for the delivery person.

I Spent How Much?

Funny Memes About Life - over spending
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When we decide, we will figure out the money later and go on a fun weekend shopping spree.

Is the Grass Greener?

Funny Memes About Life - the life you have vs the life you want.
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Sometimes, we spend time dreaming about a different life. The grass might not really be greener.

Pretending Not To See Someone

Funny Memes About Life - Pretending Not To See Someone
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That time when you are in the store, and you pretend not to see the friends or acquaintances you don’t want to talk to.

Waiting for Caffeine

Funny Memes About Life - Waiting for Caffeine
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When you need caffeine to get your day going.

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Failing To Deal with Problems

Life Meme - Dealing With Problems
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Dealing with life’s problems usually isn’t easy.

No Budgeting Skills

Funny Memes About Life - Budgeting not taught in high school.
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Many schools do not cover basic life skills like managing money.

Pushing a Pull Door

Funny Memes About Life - pushing a pull door.
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Sometimes, we don’t see the pull sign. Must Push Door!

Free Shipping!

Funny Memes About Life - Free Shipping
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A certain joy is found in getting free shipping, even if that means spending more.

The Dishwasher

Funny Memes About Life - The Dishwasher
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There comes a time when you gladly loud the dishwasher instead of explaining the proper way again to others in your home.

Not Quite Ready to Exercise

Funny Memes About Life - cat sleeping on treadmill.
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Good intentions do not lead to actual exercise. A nap is easier!

A Day Off

Funny Memes About Life - Remembering you have the day off.
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The great feeling when you realize it’s your day off.

Snacking After Dinner

Funny Memes About Life - No Snacks after dinner
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Habits are hard to change! That’s why they are called habits.

Say What?

Funny Memes About Life - Say What?
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Perhaps out of habit, some people say “What?” even though they heard what was said.

Crazy Story

Funny Memes About Life - crazy story
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So, when is this story going to end?

Another Humble Brag

Funny Memes About Life - The Humble Brag.
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Listening to humble brags from the same person gets old quickly!

When You Can’t Remember

Funny Memes About Life - Losing a Great Idea
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When you can’t remember the brilliant idea you just had in the shower.

What Happened?

Funny Memes About Life - Boring Movie with weird ending
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When the boring movie starts to have potential but has a puzzling ending.

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