The #1 Tip to Writing a Great Thank You Note

The #1 tip for an excellent thank you note is to include at least one sentence with specific detail.

This detail could be why you are thanking the person or giving a compliment.  The details are what make your thank-you note great.

Your thank-you note will feel genuine instead of generic.

The detail will vary depending on what the thank you message is for.

The #1 tip for a great thank you note example

Which Thank You Note Message Would You Rather Receive? 

#1 Thank you for the gift card.  It’s great. 


Thank you for the gift card to [Location]. Remembering that’s my favorite place to shop was thoughtful of you. You are a great friend!

#2 Thank you for the help.


I really appreciated your help the other day. You saved me a lot of time and effort. And now I know how to do [task] better because of your tips and advice. Thank you very much!

#3 Thanks for being a great coworker. 


You’re an awesome coworker. I learn a lot from working alongside you. Thank you for always being willing to share your knowledge about [topic] with me.

#4 Thank you for the project management advice. 


I enjoyed working with you on [insert project name]. Thank you for giving me project management tips. Your way of doing [steps/process] is so efficient!

#5 Thank you for helping with our wedding


Thank you for being our wedding coordinator. We appreciate your efforts to ensure everything went smoothly on our special day. Everyone seemed to have a great time at the reception. The day was beautiful, and we will remember it forever. 

If you are thanking them for a specific service, remember to thank them for that specifically and let them know if they did anything extra special for you.

  • Thank you for performing our wedding ceremony. We were delighted with the message you included, and everything went smoothly.
  • Thank you for playing the organ for our wedding. The music you chose was perfect and memorable. I’m glad we trusted your choices.
  • The photos of our wedding are excellent! We love how you captured the emotion of the day. The picture of me with my mom is one of my favorites that I will treasure forever.

#6 If you are thanking a blogger (or online influencer), let them know which post or podcast help you and how it helped you. Instead of tweeting to them, “You’re great,” try one of these suggestions: 

  • Your post about [insert post topic] was excellent. I have implemented your advice. Thank you for sharing your ideas. 
  • Thank you for sharing so many leadership tips on your Instagram. I’ve become better and more confident in leading my team. The tip that has helped me the most so far is [insert tip].
  • Your recipes are fantastic! I want to thank you for the gluten-free recipe for the pie crust. My sister with celiac disease loves it.
  • I’ve been so inspired by your food pictures that I’ve taken up cooking! Your step-by-step guide on how to chop anything has sped up my prep time.
  • Thank you for sharing your money-saving advice. I’ve reduced my grocery bill by $30 each week.

I hope you understand how sharing something specific will make your thank-you note great—the more detailed, the better. The person will know that you are thankful and WHY you are grateful.

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