The #1 tip to writing a great thank you note

The #1 tip to writing a great thank you note

Last week when writing the post about thanking someone after they have you over for dinner, I had a revelation.

The #1 tip for a great thank you note is: Include at least one sentence with a specific detail.

This detail should be why you are thanking the person. This detail will be what makes your thank you note great. The detail will give your thank you note a genuine feeling. The person will know why you are thanking them. The note will not feel generic or like an example copied from the Internet.

The detail is will vary depending on what the thank you note is for.

If the note is for a physical gift, such as a book, add something about it. If you read the book within a few days of receiving the book, include why you liked the book in the the thank-you note.

The #1 tip for writing a great thank you note

If you are thanking them for help, let them know why you appreciated their help:

You saved me a lot of time.

I learned a lot from working alongside you.

I enjoyed working with you on [insert project name]

If you are thanking them for a specific service remember to thank them for that specifically:

Thank you for performing our wedding ceremony.

Thank you for playing the organ for our wedding. The music you choose was perfect and memorable.

The photos of our wedding are excellent! We love you captured the emotion of the day.

 If you are thanking a blogger:

Your post about [insert post topic] was great. I have implemented your advice.

Thank you for sharing so many leadership tips. I’ve become a better leader. The tip that has helped me the most so far is [insert tip]

Your recipes are amazing! I want to thank you for the gluten-free recipe for the pie crust. My sister with celiac disease loves it.

I’ve been so inspired by your food pictures, that I’ve taken up cooking!

Thank you for sharing your money-saving advice. I’ve been able to reduce my grocery bill by $30 days a week.

I hope you are getting the idea of how sharing something specific will make your thank you note great. The more specific the better. The person will know that you are thankful and WHY you are thankful.

Another example can be found in Write an AWESOME thank you note for dinner.

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