21 Thank You For Sharing The Recipe Messages

When someone shares a recipe with you, you may want to thank them for sharing it.

They may have taken the time to write the recipe on a recipe card. My mom likes to handwrite recipes on recipe cards when she gives me a recipe. Sometimes, she will send me a text with a photo of her recipe card.

Or maybe they shared a secret family recipe with you. All good reasons to say thank you for the recipe! 

You can learn more about the layout of a thank you note here or go over the template below.

Thank You for the Recipe Template Message

You can customize the message to make it specific and personal.

Tip: If the recipe was shared on a recipe card, you could mention that too!

Dear [Name],

Thank you for sharing the [what the recipe was for] recipe with me. [I/We] love it (or another compliment)—[Or, including how it helped you]. 


[Your Name]

Thank You for the Recipe Example Messages

#1 Thank you for sharing your cookie recipe with me. They are my all-time favorite cookie, and I’ve made the recipe twice already. My family enjoys them too for a quick evening dessert. 

#2 Your meatloaf recipe was so good! Thank you for writing the recipe on a card and mailing it to me. Bob said it was the best meatloaf I ever made. It’s being added to our weekly meal plan. 

#3 Thank you for sharing the fun zucchini recipes with me on Facebook last week. We’ve tried three of them so far, as our garden is overflowing with zucchini. When I made the cheesy zucchini casserole, the kids didn’t even know they were eating zucchini. I am so thankful to have the recipes and have less zucchini to giveaway. 

#4 Sharing your mom’s chocolate cake recipe was kind of you. I feel like I have been let in on a family secret. Thank you very much! It’s the best chocolate cake ever. 

#5 Thanks for sharing your favorite gluten-free recipes with me. I felt overwhelmed when I was diagnosed with celiac disease. The recipes have been simple and tasty so far. 

#6 The recipe you shared for the honey BBQ sauce with me last week was delicious. I put the sauce on chicken wings over the weekend. I appreciate you for passing the recipe to me! 

#7 Thank you for putting your egg noodle recipe onto a recipe card for me. I like having the instructions on a card when making something new. The noodles are delicious and remind me of when my grandma made them when I was younger. I will serve them the next time you are over for dinner. 

#8 I immensely enjoyed the enchiladas you made last week for the potluck. Thank you for sharing the recipe on the recipe cards near the serving table. I have made the recipe twice this week, as my family loves it. 

#9 Thank you for sharing the recipe with me for the walnut-crusted pork chops. I will make them very soon and hope they turn out as well as when you make them. They are delicious!

#10 The chicken dishes you made last week for the potluck were fantastic! I want to thank you for providing recipe cards for each one. So far, the butter chicken is my favorite. And your handwriting is neat, which makes it easy to read the ingredients and the instructions. You’ve inspired me to do more cooking at home.

#11 Thank you for sharing your steak and peppers recipe with me. I am thankful to have it in my recipe collection. The taste was so good. I look forward to making it for the picky eaters in my family. I am sure they will love it!

#12 I made the apple cake recipe you shared with me last week. The nuts on top were excellent. Thank you for recommending this recipe. It’s already becoming a family favorite. 

#13 I love your simple recipe for twice-baked sweet potatoes. I appreciate you sharing it with me, and I will try it out for a family dinner soon. Also, the recipe card with barns on it is super cute! 

#14 Thank you very much for your detailed instructions on how to bake chocolate chip cookies. I could finally bake cookies that didn’t come out like super flat pancakes. My family was impressed too. Thanks so much for helping me

#15 You are such an excellent cook! Thank you for sharing your healthy recipes that do well in the freezer. I will try batch cooking next week and look forward to having a fantastic lunch every day. 

#16 Thanks for encouraging me to add veggies to at least one meal a day. The Brussels sprouts recipe that you shared with me was delicious. Cooking them in bacon is the best! 

#17 Thank you for the recipe for the banana bread. I made it for the family last week, and they loved it! I also appreciated your tips for greasing the loaf pan. They were perfect, as the bread didn’t get stuck in the pan. Also, thank you for inspiring and encouraging me to try baking at home.

#18 Thank you for sending me your recipe for apple pie. I feel special to have it as it’s the best pie ever! I will practice making it this weekend. Bob loves being my taste tester. We will see how many attempts it takes me to get the pie to come out as good as ours. Also, I love having the recipe in your handwriting. 

#19 Thanks for the chicken pot pie recipe. I will also try out making the crust from a simple recipe. My family is excited that I’m making delicious homemade food for them. Thank you for sharing your cooking knowledge with me. 

#20 Homemade whip cream is so good! Thanks for sharing your two-ingredient recipe with me. The maple syrup gives it a nice flavor without needing to add vanilla. I will look forward to receiving new recipes from you occasionally. 

#21 All the food you made for dinner last weekend was terrific. It was one of the best meals I have ever had. Thank you for sharing the recipe for your hot chocolate with me. It was so much better than a mix from the store. I am going to make it at home on chilly evenings.

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