10 Mother’s Day Thank You Messages For Mom

Surprise Mom on Mother’s Day this year by showing her the appreciation she deserves.

Take time to write your mom a thoughtful thank you note or letter.  This can be done in addition to any other gifts you may have planned for her.

Your words may become a keepsake that she holds dear.

Write Mom A Handwritten Thank-You Note 

I suggest handwriting your thank you note. If you do, your mom can keep the message if she chooses.

You can also pick out a card design that she will like. Also, it will feel more personal and permanent than an email. 

If you are buying a Mother’s Day card, your note can be written inside the card or on a separate piece of paper or stationery.

Ideas of What To Thank Your Mom For

Here are a few suggestions of what to thank your mom for on Mother’s Day. 

Consider what you want to be thanked for if you are a mom. Then, if your mom also did those things, thank your mom for them. After all, you likely learned them from her!

Her Time. Thank her for all her time with you and possibly your children. Has she been the go-to last-minute babysitter in a pinch? Does she help you whenever you need it? Does she drop everything to help you with your kids when they are sick or in trouble? Does she give you a ride when you need it?

She brought you into this world. You would not be here without her!

She chose you. If you are adopted, you can thank her for choosing you. You were handpicked!

Being a good mom. Hopefully, your mom knows how to be a good mother. This was on my mom’s list when I asked what she would like to be thanked for by her children. The criteria for what makes a “good” mom will vary as we all have our perspectives. If you think your mom was a “good” mom, mention it.

Sick visits/help. Did she sit with you while you were in the ER? Did she drive hours to help you when your child was very sick? When you are sick, does she pick up your favorite beverage (got to stay hydrated!) and bring it over? Does she watch your kids when they are sick so that you do not have to take off work? Did she visit you when you, your spouse, or your child were hospitalized?

Heidi with her mom
Heidi with her mom

Food. Since I’ve taken up cooking and ditched almost all processed food, I’ve come to appreciate the amount of time, energy, and planning that goes into your home-cooked meals. Growing up, my mom was the primary preparer of our meals. We do not go out to eat very much, and Mom had dinner on the table when Dad came home from work. Food shared with others is a blessing. The hands that prepare it should be thanked. If your dad does most of the cooking, then be sure to thank him on Father’s Day!

Packing your lunch – My mom packed 99% of my lunches for school and work until I was 25. I admit that I was a little spoiled in this area. I didn’t appreciate the amount of time and planning to make lunches until I had to make my own! She also made lunch for all the other family members living at home. For a few years, that was up to seven lunches a day. That’s a lot of lunches. An effort that could be recognized even years later.

Being your friend – She’s not only my mom but my friend! So if you have a great relationship with your mom, thank her for it.

She takes an interest in your adult life. You are an adult now; she still wants to know what is happening in your life and her kids. I do not have any kids, but she often asks about my husband and our cats.

Unconditional Love – She loves you no matter what you’ve done. You’ve made mistakes. She’s helped you even if you went against her advice and things didn’t turn out well. She loved you even when you lied about where you were going (perhaps, when you were a teenager) and then you got caught.

Share what is in your heart. The ideas above are only suggestions.  You know your mom best and what you should be thanking her for.

Mother’s Day Thank-You Note Templates:

Dear [Insert Mom or however you refer to your mom],

Paragraph 1 can be something you are currently thankful for. Be as specific as possible.

Paragraph 2 can be something from growing up or as a teenager. Something that you probably that you took for granted and did appreciate at the time. Be as specific as possible.

Add a summary thank you like “Thanks for everything,” “Thanks for all you do,” “You are the best mom ever,” or “I could not have asked for a better mother.” Pick something that feels true and not cheesy.

Happy Mother’s Day!
[Insert Your Name]

You can modify the Thank You Mom messages by adding on Happy Mother’s Day.

A Shorter Message for Mom Template

If a long thank-you note feels too much, that’s fine too. Instead, focus on current events that you can thank her for. Or if your mom was not a “good” mom growing up but is now, focus on the present.

Dear [Insert Mom or however you refer to your mom],

Two or three sentences about something you are currently thankful for. Be as specific as possible.

Happy Mother’s Day!
[Insert Your Name]

Mother’s Day Thank-You Note for Mom Example

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day! I’ve been reflecting on all the things you’ve done for me during my life and want to thank you. Thank you for being a good mom. You were there for me when I was growing up and continue to support me in my adult life.

I also appreciate your unconditional love and support even when I made mistakes and you tried to warn me. Unfortunately, there are many times when I should have taken your advice.

I enjoy talking with you throughout the week. And I am thankful for the cooking tips and questions answered as I have tried out new recipes and cooking techniques.

Thanks for everything you do.

Mother’s Day Thank-You Messages for Mom

Here are some example messages to thank your mom on Mother’s Day.  Your notes can start or end with “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Dear Mom,

I want to thank you for all the food you have prepared for me since you brought me into this world. From finding the formula, I could digest as a baby to packing my lunch while I lived at home. And now, you continue to bless us with Sunday lunch. I am thankful for all the homemade meals and the time spent with family at the dinner table.

Also, thank you for all the times you have helped out when I’ve been sick. I didn’t think I would make it after I had my wisdom teeth out in high school. I felt like I was going to go crazy from the medicine. I am so grateful that you held me close and calmed me down. 

You are a wonderful mother not only to me but to my siblings and their kids as well. Thanks for all you do.

Happy Mother’s Day!

#2 Thank you for helping me out so much lately. I appreciate that you came to my aid when I needed a ride to pick up my car. I have been enjoying our monthly lunches at [insert restaurant name]. Happy Mother’s Day!

#3 I am so thankful that you are my mom. You are a wonderful mother. I am glad you chose to adopt me, and I feel like I could not have asked for a better mother. I love you very much and appreciate everything you have done for me.

#4 Thank you for coming to my baseball games. Unfortunately, the weather this year has been cold and rainy. Other moms have chosen to stay home, but you went to every home game regardless of the weather. I appreciate your support. And thanks for packing me pre-game snacks.

#5 I am happy that you are my mom. Thank you for everything that you do for me. I haven’t told you often enough how much I appreciate you. Happy Mother’s Day.

#6 Not being able to visit you this year is tough. However, we will get together as soon as possible to celebrate with the family. Thank you for being a wonderful mother to me. Our phone calls during social distancing mean a great deal to me. Your encouragement makes me feel better every day.

#7 Thank you for always supporting me. I know I have made some decisions that you have not agreed with. Life is hard sometimes, and you’ve been with me through the good and bad times.

#8 I am thankful for you! Let’s plan to spend some time together and celebrate Mother’s Day properly as soon as the family can get together. I miss you.

#9 The last few months have been a challenge having to stay away from each other. I want to let you know that you’ve always thought you were the best mom ever, even when my actions didn’t show it. Now that I’m an adult, I understand how much you (and Dad) sacrificed to put the family first over the years.

#10 Thank you for being so encouraging after I had baby Jane. I was not expecting this mom bod, and I appreciate your advice. Happy Mother’s Day!

Remember to keep thanking your mom all year. When she does nice things for you, send her a thank-you message or find another way to thank her. 

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