10 Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate Mom Her Way This Mother’s Day

We love our mothers! This year on Mother’s Day, don’t disappoint Mom.

Here are nine thoughtful ideas to make sure Mom feels appreciated on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is always the second Sunday of May.

Ask Mom What She Wants

Mother's Day Ideas - Ask Mom
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The easiest way to give your mom, stepmom, grandma, or wife (aka mother of your children) a memorable Mother’s is by asking her how she wants to spend the day.

Does she want gifts or a special outing, or both? Is there something specific she has in mind?

However, some moms may not appreciate being asked. They want to be surprised. They expect you to know them well enough that you should not need to ask. However, this can sometimes result in a disappointing Mother’s Day for the mother.

Whether you ask or not, keep your mom’s interest in mind. Mother’s Day is about celebrating her.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Ideas - Gift ideas
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I suggest skipping the lists of “Best Mother’s Day Gifts.” The gifts your mom would like will likely depend on her stage of motherhood, age, and personality.

For example, I have a Silent Generation mom. She doesn’t want or need things anymore. Instead, she prefers restaurant gift cards and a simple Mother’s Day meal with family.

Some moms will appreciate traditional Mother’s Day gifts like flowers, while others would prefer an experience or a few hours alone to enjoy the peace and quiet while others attend to the children.

If you don’t want to ask Mom what she wants, think about what she likes. Giving her a basket full of her favorite things may be the best gift for her.

Keep the Focus on Mom

Mother's Day Ideas - Stay Focused On Mom
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When you choose a Mother’s Day activity, please Mother’s Day activity, keep your mom in mind.

For example, if you take Mom to the movies, choose a movie Mom to the movies, and select a movie she will enjoy. Don’t choose a movie you want to see that Mom isn’t interested in.

What sounds like fun to you may not be on your Mom’s fun list.

Respect Her Wishes If She Wants Alone Time

Mother's Day Ideas - Time Alone
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When moms are the primary caretakers of children, they may ask for some time alone.

Mom may want a break for a few hours (or the entire day!) to do whatever she wants.

Don’t Create Work For Mom

Mother's Day Ideas - No Work for Mom
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Family cookouts are popular on Mother’s Day weekends.

Make sure Mom doesn’t get stuck making side dishes or doing any clean-up afterward.

Other family members should take over the entire meal, not just the grilling!

You Plan the Family Activity

Mother's Day Ideas - You Plan
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If your mom enjoys doing family activities, someone other than mom should do ALL the planning for it.

Many moms do all the work of planning and preparing all the family activities throughout the year. However, on Mother’s Day, someone else in the family must do the work, including logistics, reservations, and getting children dressed and ready to go.

Go to Church With Her, if She Asks

Mother's Day Ideas - Church
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Mother’s Day is always on a Sunday. Many mothers enjoy having their kids and grandkids at church with them on special days.

While you may not share your mother’s religious beliefs, attending church with her may be how she wants you to spend Mother’s Day with her.

Alternate Day for a Meal Out

Mother's Day Ideas - Alternate Day
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Dining out is very popular on Mother’s Day, according to the National Restaurant Association.

Restaurants will be busy, which could lead to a less-than-satisfying meal out with potentially long wait times, understaffed restaurants, and a noisy atmosphere.

Consider another day near Mother’s Day, such as the weekend before or after, for a meal out, which may be more enjoyable.

If a meal out is on your agenda, ask Mom if she would prefer to go to a restaurant on a less crowded day.

Spend Time with Mom

Mother's Day Ideas - Time
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When Moms have adult children, they may want nothing more than to spend quality time with their children.

If you cannot visit your Mom on Mother’s Day, call her to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day!

Sometimes we can get caught up in the commercialization of Mother’s Day. Your mother may value spending time with the kids over any physical gift.

Greeting Cards with a Personalized Message

Mother's Day Ideas - Thank You Card
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Mother’s Day is the third-largest card-sending day, according to Hallmark.

Surprise your mom by including a handwritten “thank you, mom” message in the card.

Mothers are often underappreciated. Use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to acknowledge everything that she does.

For thank you message wording guidance, review the Mother’s Day Thank You Messages for Mom Guide.

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