Thank you to a church musician (organist, praise band member, etc.)

Thank you to a church musician (organist, praise band member, etc.)

Most church services include music. Take a moment to thank the musician. This post includes of examples of what you can say to them.Most church services include music. The musicians usually have spent a long time (years) practicing to be able to play for you. Depending on the arrangements, some of the musicians may be unpaid volunteers.

What if you don’t like your church’s current music? If you have decided to not change churches because of the music you can still thank them for their service. Also, remember that the music situation may be temporary. In the next year, the praise band could have a member switch up or the not so good organist may be replaced with an excellent organist.

Next service take a moment to thank them. If you want to stand out, hand them a thank-you note.  However, most musicians would be thrilled to hear your kind words without a note.

Church musician thank you examples:

β Thank you for playing for us each week. I enjoy your music.

β Your playing today inspired me to sing. Thank You.

β I appreciate how well you can play [instrument]. Your talent amazes me each week!

β I look forward to the hymns every Sunday when you are at the organ. You are a master!

β Your voice is wonderful. Thank you for blessing us each week.

β Thank you for singing in the choir each week. The choir helps me sing along with the hymns. You are doing great leading your section.

β The choir is amazing! I enjoy the programs you put together each week. The choir is lucky to have you as their director.

β Thank you for leading us in song each week. (this one sentence is good even if you don’t like the music – the person is still doing their position as expected).

β The choir’s performance during the [holiday name] service was impressive. Thank you for choosing such a great program! I love how you were able to integrate the organ.

β I enjoyed your trumpet solo! Thank you for taking the time to learn it as I know you are very busy with your day job.

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