15 Thank You For the Mother’s Day Flowers Wording Examples

Flowers are a popular Mother’s Day gift. Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in the United States.

If you received flowers for Mother’s Day and want to send a thank-you note, there are some examples below the tips. Also, there are two templates to thank someone for any type of flowers.

I cannot recall a Mother’s Day when my mom did not receive flowers from my dad! He likes to give her carnations, hanging baskets, and other flowers that he can plant outside for her.

Flowers that could be planted outside are an option with the warmer May weather. Some children make a tradition of planting flowers on Mother’s Day for their mom.


  • It’s up to you if you send a handwritten note or tell the person to thank you in another way. My mom (who taught me about thank-you note writing) tells my dad in person.
  • If the flowers were delivered, you could opt to send the note in the mail.
  • The note can emphasize why you liked the flowers (color, beauty, etc.), how they made you feel (remembered, valued, appreciated, loved, etc.), or both.
  • You can customize the notes as needed based on who the gift was from type and color of the flowers.  Also, you can take bits from different examples to use in your note. Or come up with your own personal wording!
  • If you received another gift (dinner, another meal, chocolate, candy, etc.) with the flowers, you could thank the person using the same note. Related: Thank You Messages for Mother’s Day Gifts

The examples below only include the middle section of the thank-you note (if you are handwriting or emailing the note). Your note will need to look like this:

Dear Recipients’ Name,

Example from below customized for your situation.

Thanks again! or Sincerely,

Your Name

For more information, review the five steps to writing a thank-you note.

Thank You Note Wording for Mother’s Day flowers examples

#1 Thank you for the flowers for Mother’s Day. The geraniums are my favorite color. I already have an idea of where to put them in the yard and I look forward to seeing them bloom each year.

#2 I am thankful for the flowers you sent for Mother’s Day. You are very thoughtful to remember me. The arrangement is beautiful. I will think of you when I see them.

#3 I was very surprised to see flowers on Mother’s Day weekend. I will enjoy the beautiful carnations for several weeks! You are a wonderful son/daughter. Call me when you can!

#4 You and your children are the best! I appreciate that you not only brought me flowers but planted them too. All that work will be enjoyed for years to come as the flowers bloom each year.

#5 What fulfilling Mother’s Day was this year! You are a blessing in my life. The flowers made me feel loved. I look forward to seeing you soon.

#6 Thank you for the artificial flowers! You are so thoughtful for remembering that many flowers are poisonous to cats. I am happy to have more artificial flowers to rotate during the year. And these purple flowers are beautiful!

#7 Mother’s Day flowers are my favorite! I felt happy when planting them outside. The varying shades of purple petunias bring joy to my heart. I will remember you when I look at them. I am grateful to have such a wonderful sister like you.

#8 The roses for Mother’s Day are beautiful! The roses smell great too! Thank you for remembering me.

#9 I love the Mother’s Day flowers. The arrangement and colors are fantastic. I feel special and loved.

#10 Thank you for surprising me with Mother’s Day flowers! I will have your dad plant them outside soon. They will look lovely in the yard.

#11 The hanging baskets of flowers for Mother’s Day are beautiful. They will look fantastic hanging off of the deck and will be easy to water. The neighbors have already complimented them.

#12 Being remembered on Mother’s Day felt great! Thank you for the flowers and for taking me out to dinner. I enjoyed spending time with the grandchildren too. I hope to see you all again soon. Thanks again for making the day special.

#13 The Mother’s Day flowers made my day! I was not expecting anything on Mother’s day from a friend. You are very thoughtful. Let’s meet for lunch soon.

#14 I love your creativity! Your flower arrangements make the flowers seem even more beautiful. I am thankful for you and how much time you spent choosing and arranging the flowers. They look beautiful on the table.

#15 Thank you for thinking of me on Mother’s Day. I appreciate the beautiful flowers in the hanging basket. You are a wonderful daughter and I love the time we are able to spend together.

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