10 Motivational Posters Reminding You To Write Thank You Notes

Some people treat thank-you note writing like a lost art.

With advances in technology, such as email, text messages, and social media, fewer people write handwritten thank-you cards. While the methods may change, people are still writing thank you messages.

Here are some fun motivational posters encouraging people to write thank-you messages.


Motivational Poster - Motivation
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With a little motivation you can thank someone today. You can do it!


Motivational Poster - Courage
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The best thank-you notes include a personal message.

How To Say Thank You Meaningfully: 7 Tips for Making It Count


Motivational Poster - Focus
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Who is waiting to hear from you?


Motivational Poster - Imagination
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In general, people like recognition. So when someone receives a thank-you note, it may make their day.

Lead by Example

Motivational Poster - Lead
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Start a thank-you note writing trend or tradition with your family, friends, or coworkers.


Motivational Poster - Sacrifice
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Writing a thank-you note can be done in 10 minutes or less. I bet you can write and send a thank you text message in less than a minute!


Motivational Poster - Persistence
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Sometimes, the challenging part of a thank you message can be finding the right words.

Luckily, I’ve written hundreds of examples for many occasions (boss, gifts, parties, baby showers, etc.)

Thank You Note Examples by Topic


Motivational Poster - Optimism
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Thank you note writing may feel intimidating to those who have never written a thank you message. With a bit of practice, you’ll quickly be a master.

Writing Your First Thank You Note Ever


Motivational Poster - Discovery
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Discover how good expressing your gratitude in a thank-you message can feel!


Motivational Poster - Success
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Writing a thank-you note can give you a sense of accomplishment. So add it to your checklist today!

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