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When I first joined Twitter, I connected with Amy. Amy suggested that I try out Send Out Cards. She also sent me a “Send Out Cards” Card in the mail. I also had someone I met in the Internet Business Mastery Academy that was very passionate about the service. He sent me a card too.

I prefer and recommend handwritten cards so I decided to not sign up to be a sponsor. I believe that handwritten notes feel more personal and leave a longer impact on the recipient making the time to write them out worthwhile.

What is Send Out Cards?

Send Out Cards is a service to create cards online and have them printed and mailed to the recipients. They also have options to send out gifts such as brownies, cookies, and books.

Send Out Cards is also a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. This means you will need a sponsor to sign up. If you are interested in signing up please contact Send Out Cards.

Is Send Out Cards a Scam?

Simply, no. I was surprised by what I saw when I searched for Send Out Cards on Google. Many people had negative things to say and there were concerns that it is a scam. They are legitimate. I wonder if some think it is a scam because it is a MLM. Sure, someone makes money when you sign up, but people also make money when you buy just about anything, MLM or not.

How much does Send Out Cards cost?

Amy helped me to sign up and provided me with a code that came with some free points. Points are used to purchase everything except for postage. The number of points per card varies depending on the size of the card if you’ve added a photo, if it is a postcard, etc.

The cost to purchase points varies depending on what type of customer you are. The more you are willing to buy upfront the cheaper it is. I went with the Pay-As-You-Go Option for my trial (which is also the most expensive). The current range is 31 cents to 99 cents per point.

Getting started was a bit confusing

When I first visited the site, I had a bit of difficulty figuring out what to do. Most of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) seem to be directed towards those that are distributors (sponsors).

This made the site feel not so user-friendly and like it’s pushing people to become a distributor. I see they are revamping their site, so maybe the new version will make a better impression on those that just want to send out cards!

I also wondered why I had to buy points in advance instead of just paying for my cards as I sent them. Once I figured out their system, I was okay with it. Now that I think about it, it is probably the way to do it since points are cheaper if you pay more at one time.

Customization options are great!

Once you pick out a card, you can enter your own text. For thank-you notes, you can type your own message just as if you were handwriting it. There are many fonts to choose from including many that look like cursive handwriting.

For cards that have pre-printed messages on the inside (which cannot be removed) there is still plenty of room for your own personal message.

There is also an option to upload your own photo to be used on the card for additional points.

Another nice feature is the Contact Manager which allows you to save people’s addresses. This would be useful if you mail the same people cards often.

Send Out Cards – The thank you note cards

They have a large selection of thank you note cards. Some have words printed on the inside and others do not. I was impressed with the selection.

There were so many choices that it took me more time to pick out a card than it would have taken me to write a note on a paper card I already had.

My experiment with Send Out Cards

I sent 3 thank you cards. One to my mom, one of my sisters, and my brother. Their feedback was mostly positive. My mom would still prefer a handwritten card.

Send Out Cards is based in Utah. My mom, my sister, and I all live in the same city in Michigan. My brother lives in Pennsylvania. So, the delivery time was much longer than what I’m accustomed to. That is fine as that is just how delivery works with the United States Postal Service. It is just something to be aware of when you are used to the recipients getting cards the next day.

I choose different fonts for each card. When I saw the cards in person after they were received, I like the font that looked like handwriting more. I used Arial for one of them and it felt less personal.

Who is Send Out Cards for?

I would recommend Send Out Cards to people that refuse to write handwritten cards but would be willing to do something online.

While Send Out Cards is not handwritten, you can still type a note. A typed note is the second best to a handwritten note on paper. With this service at least the card is still sent via the mail and a physical card is received.

Send Out Cards may also be useful for businesses that want to send the same card to multiple recipients. I didn’t try out this feature, but it seemed like it could be an efficient way to manage cards. I would caution people away from sending the exact same thank you note to multiple people. This is when cards start to feel less personal and more commercialized.

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Heidi Bender is a writer and author who founded Tons of Thanks. She aims to help people write thank-you notes by providing examples and tips. She is the author of She is the author of A Modern Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes.

7 thoughts on “Send Out Cards Review”

  1. Yes, I still prefer to hand write my notes.
    This may be something to consider once arthritis takes over my thumb on my hand
    I write with.

    • Hi Mom,

      I had not consider people that are not able to write for one reason on another. This would be good service for someone that is able to type (even if it is hunt and peck) but unable to write with a pen. Great idea!


  2. My preference is to send and receive a real, handwritten card. For me, that says that someone intentionally took the time to sit down, without distraction to extend their thoughts.

  3. Thanks for the review and sharing the basics of SendoutCards! SendoutCards makes it easy to send a card and gift when you squeezed for time with buying a card, gifts, stamps, etc. Some folks like to store their contacts along with helpful reminders about their birthday, anniversary, children’s names, etc. An email reminder is sent when someone’s birthday is on the horizon to prompt you to create and send a card. My grandma likes receiving cards with our photos on the cover! You can attach a gift, such as cookies, brownies, gift cards, etc. I’ve been using it for about 1 year and love to send a card once in a while to friends and family when I otherwise wouldn’t if I had to buy cards, stamps, write it out, etc!

  4. I tried this company and it was a complete joke. Their website is NOT user friendly. The people I sent cards to from their site, didn’t even receive their card. Then to top it off, you have to purchase “points” to use a card, plus purchase postage. I had purchased points at the beginning thinking it would a great thing…but it turned out to be difficult to use and when I found out my people didn’t even get their cards, I was very unhappy. So I went to cancel the account and get my money back, they wouldn’t refund any of the money I used to purchase “points” – what a joke and what a scam.

    • Hi Sara,

      Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m sorry to hear that it was not a good one. I also had some frustrations with their website when I tried it.


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